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Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Content Delivery Engine
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Product Description

The CDE465-K9 Cisco features a 2.3 GHz Intel Haswell CPU with two processors and 16 GB RAM, optimized for high-performance computing tasks. It includes two Copper Gigabit Ethernet onboard NICs and two Intel 10G SFP+ Dual-Port Ethernet Adapter Cards, ensuring versatile connectivity options. This model supports up to 36 3.5 in. SAS drives with a capacity of 6 TB each, includes two hot-swappable power supplies for continuous operation, and is designed for an operating temperature range of 10 °C to 35 °C.

FAQs for the CDE465-K9

  • Q: How many CPUs does this system support?
    A: The system supports 2 CPUs.
  • Q: What type of CPU is used in this system?
    A: The system uses Intel Haswell 2.3 GHz CPUs.
  • Q: How many onboard NICs are available?
    A: There are 2 onboard NICs.
  • Q: What type of NICs are included?
    A: The NICs are Copper Gigabit Ethernet type.
  • Q: What is the number of power supplies in this system?
    A: The system includes 2 power supplies.
  • Q: Are the power supplies hot-swappable?
    A: Yes, the power supplies support hot-swap.
  • Q: What is the total RAM capacity?
    A: The system has 16 GB RAM.
  • Q: How many Ethernet adapter cards can be found in this system?
    A: There are 2 Ethernet adapter cards.
  • Q: What type of Ethernet adapter cards are used?
    A: The Ethernet adapter cards are Intel 10G SFP+ Dual-Port.
  • Q: How many SAS drives are supported by the system?
    A: The system supports 36 3.5 in. SAS drives.

Product Review

The CISCO CDE465-K9 is equipped with dual Intel Haswell 2.3 GHz CPUs and 16 GB RAM, providing substantial processing power and memory for demanding network applications. It supports a high-density setup with 36 3.5 in. SAS drives at 6 TB each, alongside dual Intel 10G SFP+ Ethernet adapter cards, offering significant storage capacity and fast network connectivity. However, its operational temperature range of 10 °C to 35 °C may limit deployment in environments with extreme temperatures, potentially affecting versatility in varied operational conditions.


The CISCO CDE465-K9 is a high-performance, dual CPU server optimized for networking environments. It features two Intel Haswell CPUs, each running at 2.3 GHz, ensuring efficient processing capabilities for demanding network applications. With 16 GB of RAM, this server is equipped to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without compromising on speed or efficiency. For connectivity, the CDE465-K9 boasts two onboard Copper Gigabit Ethernet NICs, providing reliable and fast network connections. Additionally, it includes two Ethernet Adapter Cards, each an Intel 10G SFP+ Dual-Port, which significantly enhances data transfer rates, making it ideal for high-speed networking requirements. Storage solutions on this server are robust, with 36 3.5-inch SAS drives, each offering a capacity of 6 TB. This provides a vast storage space for network data, applications, or backups. The server supports both integrated and inserted MegaRaid SAS3 Disk Controllers, with one integrated and two inserted, enhancing data redundancy and performance. The hardware is designed with redundancy and reliability in mind, featuring two power supplies that support both AC and DC power inputs. These power supplies are hot-swappable, ensuring uninterrupted operation during maintenance or in the event of a power supply failure. The server operates efficiently within a power range of 1280 WAC or 1010 WDC and supports a wide range of operating temperatures from 10 °C to 35 °C, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. Installation and maintenance of the CISCO CDE465-K9 are straightforward, requiring standard tools such as flat-blade and Phillips screwdrivers, an antistatic mat, and a grounded ESD-preventive device. This makes setup and upgrades easy for IT professionals. The server's connectivity options are rounded off with I/O connectors that include Ethernet, Serial, Video, and Audio, providing flexibility for different networking setups. Its physical dimensions are 7.0 x 17.5 x 28 inches, making it a substantial unit capable of fitting into standard server racks. Key specifications include: -
  • Two Intel Haswell 2.3 GHz CPUs
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Two Intel 10G SFP+ Dual-Port Ethernet Adapter Cards
For power, the unit accepts an AC voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC and a DC voltage of -48 VDC. It features a Molex DC connector type, ensuring compatibility with various power supply systems. The designed operating relative humidity range is from 8% to 90% (Non-condensing), with a non-operating range from 5% to 95%, ensuring the server's resilience in diverse environmental conditions. In summary, the CISCO CDE465-K9 is a versatile and powerful server solution for networking environments, offering excellent processing power, ample storage, and high-speed connectivity, all designed to meet the demands of modern network applications and data centers.


ModelCISCO CDE465-K9
CPU Count2
CPU SpecificationIntel Haswell, 2.3 GHz
Integrated Network Interfaces2
Network Interface SpecificationGigabit Ethernet, Copper-based
Power Supply Units2
Type of Power SupplyAC/DC Compatible
Hot-Swap CapabilitySupported for Power Supplies
Memory Capacity16 GB
Ethernet Expansion Cards2
Expansion Card SpecificationIntel 10G SFP+ with Dual Ports
External MegaRaid SAS3 Controllers2
Built-in MegaRaid SAS3 Controllers1
Total SAS Hard Drives36, 3.5-inch format
Capacity per SAS Drive6 TB
Required Tools for SetupFlat-Blade Screwdrivers (1/4-Inch, 3/16-Inch), Phillips Screwdriver (2), Antistatic Mat, ESD Wrist Strap
Available I/O PortsEthernet, Serial, Video, Audio
Input AC Voltage Range100V - 240V AC
DC Input-48V DC
Power Output1280W (AC) / 1010W (DC)
DC Connection TypeMolex Connector
Operational Temperature Range10°C to 35°C
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to 70°C
Humidity during Operation8% to 90%, non-condensing
Humidity during Storage5% to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (H x W x D)7.0 x 17.5 x 28 inches

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