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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series Series
Product Type: Chassis
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Product Description

The CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S Juniper features a rack-mountable form factor compatible with a 48U rack and includes 14 total expansion slots. It supports a redundant power supply with 2x PWR-MX960-4100-AC-S power supplies and has a high-capacity per slot of 480 Gbps, enabling up to 440 1GbE, 440 10GbE, 132 40GbE, and 44 100GbE connections. The system is designed for environmental sustainability, holding RoHS certification, and includes essential components such as 2x fans, 1x craft panel, 1x cable manager, and 1x filter for efficient operation.

FAQs for the CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S

  • What is the form factor of this networking hardware?
    The form factor is rack-mountable.
  • How many total expansion slots does the MX960 have?
    It has 14 total expansion slots.
  • Is this device environmentally friendly and does it have any environmental certifications?
    Yes, it is environmentally friendly and has RoHS certification.
  • Can the power supply in the MX960 be redundant?
    Yes, redundant power supply is supported.
  • What components are included with this model?
    Included are 2x power supplies (PWR-MX960-4100-AC-S), 2x fans (FFANTRAY-MX960-HC), 1x craft panel (CRAFT-MX960-S), 1x cable manager (ECM-MX960), 1x filter (FFILTER-MX960-HC-S), 1x rack mount kit (BP3-MX960-RMK), and 2x power cords.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the MX960?
    The dimensions are 36.5" in height, 17.4" in width, and 29" in depth.
  • Does the MX960 support Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
    No, it does not have a PoE (RJ-45) port.
  • What is the maximum per slot capacity?
    The maximum per slot capacity is 480 Gbps.
  • How many systems can be placed per rack?
    Up to 3 systems can be placed per rack.
  • What are the maximum Ethernet capacities for 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE?
    The maximum capacities are 440 for 1GbE, 440 for 10GbE, 132 for 40GbE, and 44 for 100GbE.

Product Review

The Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S offers a high-capacity platform, supporting up to 440 10GbE ports, making it suitable for dense network environments. Its 14 expansion slots and dual power supplies ensure redundancy and scalability, addressing the needs of growing networks. However, the absence of PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports limits its utility in deployments requiring power to devices over Ethernet cables.


The Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S is a sophisticated piece of networking hardware designed for high-capacity, high-performance environments. This rack-mountable unit is compatible with 48U racks, ensuring it fits seamlessly into existing data center infrastructure. With its comprehensive set of components, including two power supplies, two fans, a craft panel, a cable manager, one filter, and a rack mount kit, this chassis is equipped for immediate deployment and long-term operational stability. At the core of the Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S are its 14 total expansion slots, enabling a broad range of configuration options to meet diverse networking requirements. Each slot is capable of supporting a per slot capacity of up to 480 Gbps, highlighting the chassis's ability to handle intensive data traffic. The unit's dimensions, standing at 36.5 inches in height, 17.4 inches in width, and 29 inches in depth, ensure it occupies minimal space while delivering maximum performance. Key hardware specifications include: - Two PWR-MX960-4100-AC-S power supplies and support for redundant power supply configurations, ensuring uninterrupted operation. - High-capacity cooling facilitated by two FFANTRAY-MX960-HC fans, maintaining optimal operating temperatures even under heavy loads. - A CRAFT-MX960-S craft panel and ECM-MX960 cable manager for streamlined management and maintenance of the chassis. In connectivity and performance, the Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S does not include a PoE (RJ-45) port but makes up for this with its impressive capacity for Ethernet connections. It supports up to 440 maximum 1GbE and 10GbE ports, 132 maximum 40GbE ports, and 44 maximum 100GbE ports, making it a versatile solution for networks of varying scales and bandwidth requirements. Environmental responsibility is also a key feature of the Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S. It is environmentally friendly and carries an RoHS environmental certification, reflecting Juniper's commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of their products. Furthermore, the chassis's design allows for up to three systems per rack, optimizing space usage and enabling high-density network configurations. This is particularly beneficial for data centers and large enterprise environments where space efficiency is paramount. In summary, the Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S stands out as a high-performance, scalable, and environmentally conscious networking chassis. Its comprehensive feature set, including high-capacity expansion slots, robust cooling systems, and extensive support for Ethernet connectivity, make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to build or expand their network infrastructure with a focus on reliability and efficiency.


Part NumberJuniper CHAS-BP3-MX960-ECM-S
Mounting TypeRack-mountable
Rack Compatibility48U
Total Expansion Bays14
Power Supply Units Included2 (PWR-MX960-4100-AC-S)
Included Fan Modules2 (FFANTRAY-MX960-HC)
Operator Interface Panel1 (CRAFT-MX960-S)
Cable Management Accessories1 (ECM-MX960)
Air Filter Unit1 (FFILTER-MX960-HC-S)
Mounting Hardware Kit1 (BP3-MX960-RMK)
Power Cables Included2
Height36.5 inches
Width17.4 inches
Depth29 inches
Eco-friendly DesignYes
Eco CertificationRoHS
Power over Ethernet SupportNo
Support for Redundant Power SupplyYes
Maximum Units per Rack3
Modular Port Concentrators per Chassis11 MPCs
Throughput per Slot480 Gbps
Max 1GbE Ports440
Max 10GbE Ports440
Max 40GbE Ports132
Max 100GbE Ports44

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