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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The CHAS-MX104-S-A Juniper features a compact design with dimensions of 11.00 inches in height, 14.5 inches in width, and 24.00 inches in depth, allowing for efficient use of space in network setups. It has a total weight of 22.00 pounds, facilitating easier installation and maintenance. This hardware is designed to meet the needs of high-density networking environments.

FAQs for the CHAS-MX104-S-A

  • What is the weight of the networking hardware?
    The hardware weighs 22.00 pounds.
  • Can you provide the dimensions of part XYZ123?
    Yes, the dimensions are Height: 11.00 inches, Width: 14.5 inches, and Depth: 24.00 inches.
  • How tall is the device?
    The device stands at 11.00 inches tall.
  • What are the width and depth measurements for part XYZ123?
    The width is 14.5 inches and the depth is 24.00 inches.
  • Is the hardware easy to fit in tight spaces?
    Given its dimensions (Height: 11.00 inches, Width: 14.5 inches, Depth: 24.00 inches), it can fit in relatively spacious areas.
  • How much space do I need to accommodate part XYZ123?
    You'll need a space that can accommodate its dimensions: Height: 11.00 inches, Width: 14.5 inches, and Depth: 24.00 inches.
  • What’s the importance of the hardware’s weight?
    The weight of 22.00 pounds impacts its portability and the type of mounting or shelving needed.
  • Do the dimensions of part XYZ123 include any protruding parts?
    Yes, the given dimensions include all parts of the device, ensuring you have the total size for space planning.
  • Can the hardware be placed on standard office shelves?
    With a depth of 24.00 inches and a weight of 22.00 pounds, it's important to check the shelf's capacity and depth before placement.
  • Is additional space needed for ventilation around part XYZ123?
    Yes, it's advisable to leave space around the device for proper ventilation to prevent overheating.

Product Review

The Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A offers a compact design, suitable for space-constrained environments, measuring 11 inches in height, 14.5 inches in width, and 24 inches in depth, with a weight of 22 pounds. Despite its small footprint, the device delivers high performance for mid-sized network infrastructure but may face limitations in scalability for larger, more demanding applications. Its construction and design ensure ease of installation and maintenance, though the initial cost and potential need for additional modules for expansion could be drawbacks for some deployments.


The Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A is a compact, high-performance router designed for space and power-constrained environments. This product stands out for its efficiency and scalability, providing advanced routing capabilities in a small form factor. With dimensions of 22.00 pounds in weight, 11.00 inches in height, 14.5 inches in width, and 24.00 inches in depth, it is engineered to fit into various installations, including small data centers, remote offices, and pop-up retail locations. At the heart of the Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A is its robust processing power, capable of handling complex networks and traffic loads with ease. This capability ensures that businesses can rely on this router for critical applications and services, without compromising on speed or reliability. The hardware specifications of the Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A include several key features that contribute to its performance and versatility:
  • Support for Junos OS, Juniper's powerful and flexible operating system, which offers advanced routing features, security, and automation capabilities.
  • Modular interface card slots that allow for customization and scalability. Users can select from a wide range of interface options to meet their specific connectivity requirements.
  • Integrated services capabilities, enabling the router to deliver not just routing but also security, NAT, and QoS services, among others. This integration reduces the need for multiple devices, simplifying network architecture and management.
The device's design emphasizes not just performance but also durability and reliability. Engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions, it can operate in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, making it suitable for deployment in a variety of geographic locations. Additionally, its energy efficiency is a key consideration for organizations looking to reduce their operational costs and environmental impact. Connectivity is a major focus of the Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A. It supports a comprehensive range of network interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and others, providing flexibility in connecting to different types of networks and devices. This ensures that businesses can adapt to changing technology and network requirements without needing to replace their core networking infrastructure. Security features are embedded within the Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A, offering protection against a broad spectrum of threats. Its integrated security services include firewall, IPSec VPN, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities. These features are critical for businesses in safeguarding their data and communications in an era of increasing cyber threats. In summary, the Juniper CHAS-MX104-S-A is a versatile, high-performance router that is well-suited for a wide range of applications. Its compact size, combined with its powerful features and scalability, make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to build or upgrade their network infrastructure. Whether for a small office or a larger data center, this router offers a reliable, efficient, and secure networking solution.


Part Number CHAS-MX104-S-A
Manufacturer Juniper
Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 11"H x 14.5"W x 24"D

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