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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco 15454 Series
Product Type: Patchcord
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Product Description

The 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 is a 24-Fiber patch cord designed for high-density fiber connections. It features an MPO to MPO connection, facilitating streamlined network setups. With a 2 m length, it offers flexibility in connecting devices within a network infrastructure.

Key Feature for the 15454-24MPO-MPO-2

  • What is the length of the 24-Fiber MPO to MPO Patch Cord?
    The length of the patch cord is 2 meters.
  • Can the 24-Fiber patch cord be used for connecting different network devices?
    Yes, the 24-Fiber MPO to MPO Patch Cord is designed for connecting various network devices that support MPO interfaces.
  • What type of connection does the patch cord support?
    The patch cord supports an MPO to MPO connection.
  • Is the patch cord suitable for high-density applications?
    Yes, with its 24-Fiber configuration, it is ideal for high-density networking environments.
  • What is the primary function of the patch cord?
    The primary function of the patch cord is to serve as a patch cord in network setups.
  • Can the patch cord be used in data centers?
    Yes, the 24-Fiber MPO to MPO Patch Cord is well-suited for data center use, facilitating efficient cable management and connectivity.
  • Does the patch cord come with any protective covering?
    Yes, the patch cord is equipped with protective covering to ensure durability and maintain signal integrity.
  • How does the 24-Fiber MPO to MPO Patch Cord benefit network performance?
    It enhances network performance by allowing for high-bandwidth connections and reducing signal loss over the connection length.
  • Is the patch cord compatible with all MPO interfaces?
    It is designed to be compatible with standard MPO interfaces, ensuring wide usability across different network equipment.
  • How can the patch cord impact network scalability?
    By facilitating easy expansion of network capacity, the 24-Fiber MPO to MPO Patch Cord supports scalable network growth.

Product Review

The Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 offers a high-density 24-fiber connection, utilizing MPO to MPO interfaces, suitable for streamlined cable management in data center environments. At 2 meters in length, it provides adequate reach for most rack configurations, facilitating efficient interconnectivity. However, its specificity in connector type might limit versatility in networks requiring adaptability to various connector standards.


The Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 is a specialized patch cord designed for high-density fiber optic networking, facilitating efficient and reliable interconnections within data centers, telecommunications networks, and enterprise settings. This product is engineered to support the extensive demands of modern optical networks, offering a streamlined solution for connecting hardware over short distances. Constructed with a 24-fiber design, this patch cord significantly enhances the capacity and scalability of network infrastructure by enabling the transmission of multiple signals over a single cable. Such a configuration not only optimizes space within crowded networking environments but also reduces the complexity and costs associated with cable management. The use of high-quality material in its construction ensures durability and maintains the integrity of signal transmission, minimizing potential data loss or downtime. Featuring a Male Push-On (MPO) connector on both ends, the Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 provides a secure and stable connection between optical devices. The MPO connectors are renowned for their ability to support a high number of fiber connections within a single interface, making them ideal for high-density applications. This ensures a reliable and efficient networking setup, capable of supporting the high-bandwidth requirements of modern applications. With a length of 2 meters, this patch cord offers flexibility in connecting devices without sacrificing signal quality. The optimal length allows for easy installation and routing within network cabinets or racks, accommodating various configurations and minimizing strain on the connectors. Key features of the Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 include: - Material: Utilizes 24-fiber construction for high-capacity data transmission. - Connection: Features MPO to MPO connectors, ensuring compatibility with modern networking equipment. - Functionality: Designed as a patch cord, it facilitates the reliable connection of optical devices over short distances. The Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 is tailored for environments where space and performance are at a premium. Its application in data centers, facilitating connections between servers, switches, and storage devices, exemplifies its utility in supporting high-speed data transfers and redundancy links. Similarly, in telecommunications networks, it serves to connect various elements of the optical transport network, ensuring the seamless flow of data across different geographic locations. For enterprises, the patch cord supports the backbone of in-house networks, connecting core switches and servers to ensure the availability and reliability of critical business applications. Its capacity to support multiple data streams concurrently makes it a valuable component in the deployment of high-speed internet services, cloud computing, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. In conclusion, the Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2 is a vital component for contemporary optical networking, offering a blend of high-density connectivity, reliability, and performance. Its design and specifications cater to the rigorous demands of modern data transmission environments, making it a strategic choice for organizations looking to maximize their networking infrastructure's efficiency and scalability.


Item Code Cisco 15454-24MPO-MPO-2
Fiber Count 24-Fiber
Connectors MPO to MPO
Cable Length 2 meters
Type Patch Cable

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