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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Ethernet Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX is a compact and flexible Ethernet switch designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides 20 Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports both traditional and advanced security features to help keep the network safe. The switch features flexible port options, allowing you to choose from different port types and speeds to meet the specific needs of your network. With its easy-to-use web interface and plug-and-play design, the 20-1GE-FLEX is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure.

Key Feature for the 20-1GE-FLEX

1. 20 Gigabit Ethernet ports
2. Flexible port options
3. Advanced security features
4. Easy-to-use web interface
5. Plug-and-play design
6. Compact and flexible form factor

Product Review

Customers have generally been satisfied with the Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX switch. They appreciate the flexibility of the port options and the advanced security features. However, some customers have reported difficulties with the web interface and setup, so it may require some technical expertise.


Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX is an advanced switching solution designed for high performing Gigabit Ethernet networks. This cost-efficient switch offers comprehensive data and network security capabilities as well as full support for a wide range of network environments. With 20 x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet ports and 1 x 10/100/1000BASE-X SFP port, this switch is capable of catering to different media types such as copper and fiber Optics. The Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX also offers a total switching capacity of 28Gbps and a MAC address table size of 16K entries. This feature-rich device supports Layer 2 switching protocols like STP, multicast, 802.1p and QoS support. It also features three levels of security such as access control list (ACL), traffic control list (TCL) and private VLANs. In terms of scalability, Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX can easily be expanded to 40 ports with the addition of optional 1 port expansion modules for increased networking capabilities. In order to ensure the optimal performance of its data traffic, the Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX supports powerful Layer 2 Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities including flow control, rate limitation and priority queuing functions. This enables the switch to maintain a consistent latency performance even when delivering large amounts of data traffic. Additionally, this device comes with advanced network monitoring capabilities via support for RMON as well as an intuitive command line interface. When it comes to power efficiency, the Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX offers up to 31.5W of PoE power on each port which is ideal for powering remote devices located at bigger distances. This makes this switch perfect for situations where access points or VoIP phones need to be connected in remote locations without requiring additional cabling. The switch also features an optimized thermal design that enables it to operate in temperatures ranging from 32°F—140°F and has provided power input voltages between 100-240V AC and 50/60Hz. Overall, the Cisco 20-1GE-FLEX packs a comprehensive suite of features that make it perfect for today’s demanding networks. With a total switching capacity of 28Gbps, support for Layer 2 Quality of Service and powerful PoE power delivery capabilities, this cost efficient switch provides an ideal solution for anyone looking to upgrade their existing networks or build out an entirely new one from scratch.

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