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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco A900 Series Power Supplies
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The A900-PWR550-D-E Cisco power supply is designed for DC systems, offering a maximum power output of 550W and supporting input voltages from 19.2 VDC to 72 VDC. It features dying GASP support, hot swap capability, and is field replaceable, ensuring uninterrupted service and ease of maintenance. Compatible with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules, it requires a minimum wire gauge of 10 AWG for –48/–60 VDC connections and 8 AWG for 24 VDC connections, ensuring secure and reliable power delivery.

Key Feature for the A900-PWR550-D-E

  • What is the maximum power output of the power supply?
    The maximum power output is 550W.
  • Is the power supply compatible with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules?
    Yes, it is designed for use with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules.
  • Does this power supply support hot swapping?
    Yes, it supports hot swapping.
  • What is the minimum input voltage required for operation?
    The minimum input voltage required is 19.2 VDC.
  • Can the power supply be replaced in the field?
    Yes, it is field replaceable.
  • What type of input power does the power supply accept?
    It accepts +24 VDC/-48 VDC or -60 VDC input power.
  • Is there an ON/OFF switch included with the power supply?
    No, it does not come with an ON/OFF switch.
  • What wire gauge is recommended for -48/-60 VDC input power connections?
    A minimum of 10 AWG wire gauge is recommended.
  • Does the power supply feature Dying GASP support?
    Yes, it supports Dying GASP.
  • How many status LEDs are there?
    There are 2 status LEDs.

Product Review

The Cisco A900-PWR550-D-E power supply offers a flexible input voltage range, supporting both +24 VDC/-48 VDC and -60 VDC, making it versatile for different networking environments. With a maximum power output of 550W, it adequately meets the energy demands of A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules. However, the absence of an ON/OFF switch limits direct control over power supply, requiring circuit intervention for power management.


The Cisco A900-PWR550-D-E is a DC power supply designed to deliver efficient and reliable power to networking hardware. Its engineering focuses on compatibility and performance, particularly with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules, ensuring that systems remain operational and efficient. This power supply unit (PSU) stands out due to its capacity to support a maximum power output of 550W, which is substantial for handling various network workloads and demands. One of the critical features of the Cisco A900-PWR550-D-E is its wide input voltage range, accommodating +24 VDC/-48 VDC or -60 VDC with a minimum input voltage requirement of 19.2 VDC and a maximum input voltage capability of 72 VDC. This flexibility in voltage input makes it adaptable to various power sources and network environments. The PSU provides an output voltage of 12 VDC, aligning with common requirements for networking hardware and ensuring compatibility across Cisco's product range. The design of the A900-PWR550-D-E includes features that enhance its usability and maintenance in network infrastructures: - Hot Swap Support allows for the PSU to be replaced or upgraded without shutting down the system, minimizing downtime. - It is Field Replaceable, facilitating easy maintenance and replacement directly in the field without the need for specialized tools or return to the manufacturer. - A handle for Insertion and Removal simplifies the process of installing or detaching the PSU, making it user-friendly for technicians of varying experience levels. Other technical specifications include: - The PSU supports Dying GASP, a feature crucial for network reliability. It provides a notification in the event of power failure, allowing for proactive management and troubleshooting. - For connection stability and safety, it requires a minimum wire gauge of 10 AWG for –48/–60 VDC input power connections and 8 AWG for 24 VDC input power connections, ensuring that the PSU operates within safe electrical parameters. - The unit is equipped with 2 status LEDs, offering immediate visual cues about the power supply's status and helping in quick diagnostics. - Despite its capability and features, the A900-PWR550-D-E does not have an ON/OFF switch, indicating its design for continuous operation within a managed network environment. - The connector type is T-Shaped, designed for secure and reliable connectivity with compatible RSP modules and other hardware. In summary, the Cisco A900-PWR550-D-E is engineered to meet the demands of modern networking environments, providing a reliable and flexible power solution. Its design considers practical aspects of network management, including ease of maintenance, adaptability to various power inputs, and features aimed at minimizing downtime. This PSU is an essential component for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of network systems, particularly those utilizing Cisco's A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules.


Item Number Cisco A900-PWR550-D-E
Manufacturer Cisco
Power Supply Category DC
Support for Power Failure Notification Supported
Peak Power Output 550W
Accepted Input Power Range +24 VDC / -48 VDC or -60 VDC
Lowest Input Power 19.2 VDC
Highest Input Power 72 VDC
Power Output Level 12 VDC
Minimum Cable Thickness for -48/-60 VDC Power Inputs 10 AWG
Minimum Cable Thickness for 24 VDC Power Inputs 8 AWG
LED Indicators Count 2
Compatible With A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP Modules
Capability for Hot Replacement Yes
Can be Replaced in Field Yes
Equipped with Removal and Insertion Handle Yes
Power Control Switch No
Plug Shape T-Shaped

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