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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 9000 Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Cisco A9K-MOD160-SE is a line card module for the Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers. It provides 160 Gbps of non-blocking throughput for high-speed data, video, and voice communications. It features an industry-leading Flexible NetFlow (FNF) that allows operators to gather rich flow data for multiple use cases, including security, application visibility, and network optimization. The module is also designed for high availability with redundant power supplies and fans, making it suitable for mission-critical network deployments.

Key Feature for the A9KMOD160SE

1. 160 Gbps of non-blocking throughput 
2. Flexible NetFlow (FNF) for rich flow data gathering 
3. High availability with redundant power supplies and fans 
4. Supports multiple data, video, and voice services 
5. Modular design for easy upgrades and maintenance 
6. Supports advanced security features, including firewall, VPN, and intrusion prevention.

Product Review

The Cisco A9KMOD160SE is a top-of-the-line router module that provides reliable and high-speed communication for mission-critical network deployments. Customers have reported that the Flexible NetFlow (FNF) feature has greatly improved their network monitoring and optimization efforts. Additionally, the high availability design ensures minimal downtime, making it a great investment for large organizations. Overall, the A9KMOD160SE is a highly recommended product for those looking to upgrade their network infrastructure.


The Cisco A9KMOD160SE is a robust and reliable router module designed to meet the increasing future demands of cloud and data center networks. This module utilizes a 160GHz Intel Xeon processor with 4 cores, 8 threads and 2MB of cache memory. It is capable of scaling to up to 160Gbps throughput in hardware forwarding mode and up to 419Mpps Layer 3 forwarding performance. The routing performance for Cisco A9KMOD160SE is made possible with its IPV4/IPV6 unicast route scale of up to 1 million routes. To ensure maximum stability and reliability, the Cisco A9KMOD160SE uses dual power supply with a total maximum power draw of 180W. A 9K series I/O controller is also installed in the module, which links the 16 SFP+ ports in the front panel, allowing it to use the Dual Data Center Bridging (DCB) protocol. The front panel also contains two 10GBaseT ports which can be used as uplinks or server ports. In addition, the Cisco A9KMOD160SE comes with full management and security features. Its Management Module provides flexible system management tools such as SSH, SNMP v3 support, bandwidth monitoring and control, policy-based routing, device hardening, and advanced network access control list (ACL) capabilities. The module is also supported by various network management solutions such as Cisco ONE software, Cisco Prime Network Services Controller (NSC), and Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). It also comes with an integrated Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine that offers powerful Layer 4-7 analytics capabilities. Finally, the module includes an integrated Lithium-ion battery for switchover protection that allows it to maintain uptime should there be an unexpected shutdown or power outage event. This ensures network traffic never stops running uninterrupted. The Cisco A9KMOD160SE is an ideal solution for high performance networks looking for scalability, reliability, and advanced management features all packaged together in a single ruggedized form factor contribution to efficient data center operations.

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