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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ACE 4710 Series Application Control Engine Appliance
Product Type: Application Delivery Controller
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Product Description

The ACE-4710-4F-K9 is a one rack unit device featuring Layer 4 load balancing and Layer 7 content switching technologies, designed to enhance the performance and security of data center applications. It supports a throughput of 4Gbps, with an SSL TPS capacity of 7,500 and offers 2 Gbps compression, utilizing both GZIP and Deflate modes. This model comes with an embedded device manager, supports application acceleration with a 50 connection license, and is powered by a multi-core CPU to efficiently manage application switching algorithms.

Key Feature for the ACE-4710-4F-K9

  • What is the form factor of ACE 4710?
    The form factor is one rack unit.
  • How does it handle Layer 4 and Layer 7 technologies?
    It utilizes Load Balancing for Layer 4 and Content Switching for Layer 7.
  • What is the throughput capability of this device?
    The throughput capability is 4Gbps.
  • Can the ACE 4710 manage SSL transactions, and if so, what is its capacity?
    Yes, it can handle up to 7,500 SSL transactions per second (SSL TPS).
  • What compression technologies are supported?
    It supports GZIP and Deflate compression modes, with a compression throughput of 2 Gbps.
  • Does the ACE 4710 come with an embedded device manager?
    Yes, it includes an embedded device manager for easier management.
  • What type of CPU does it utilize?
    It is equipped with a multi-core CPU.
  • How many application acceleration connection licenses are included?
    It comes with 50 application acceleration connection licenses.
  • Does it support application switching algorithms?
    Yes, application switching algorithms are supported.
  • What is the primary application of the ACE 4710?
    Its primary application is increasing the availability, acceleration, and security of data center applications.

Product Review

The Cisco ACE-4710-4F-K9 offers a solid balance of performance and functionality, with a throughput of 4Gbps and SSL transactions per second (TPS) capped at 7,500, meeting the demands of medium to large data centers. Its multi-core CPU and support for both GZIP and Deflate compression modes enable efficient application acceleration and content switching, enhancing data center application availability and security. However, the device is limited by its form factor to one rack unit, which may constrain expansion capabilities and cooling efficiency in dense network environments.


The Cisco ACE-4710-4F-K9 is designed to enhance the performance, availability, and security of data center applications. This one rack unit device leverages both Layer 4 load balancing and Layer 7 content switching technologies to efficiently distribute traffic across servers. It includes the ACE 4710 hardware, equipped with a multi-core CPU, and offers a throughput of up to 4 Gbps. This ensures high-speed data processing and application delivery. With an SSL transactions per second (TPS) rate of 7,500, the Cisco ACE-4710-4F-K9 can securely manage a large number of encrypted sessions, making it suitable for environments where security and privacy are paramount. Its compression capability reaches 2 Gbps, utilizing GZIP and Deflate compression modes. This feature reduces bandwidth usage and improves the speed of data transfer, which is crucial for optimizing application performance and user experience. The device comes with an embedded Device Manager, providing a user-friendly interface for configuration and management. This simplifies the setup process and allows for easier ongoing management of the device without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Key features include: - Application acceleration and connection license for 50 applications, enhancing the speed and reliability of critical business applications. - Application switching algorithms, which ensure efficient distribution of traffic to the best-performing server, thereby improving the user experience. - Support for increasing the availability, acceleration, and security of data center applications, through advanced traffic management, content switching, and server load balancing. The Cisco ACE-4710-4F-K9 is an integral component for businesses looking to optimize their data center operations. Its combination of high throughput, advanced security measures, and efficient application delivery mechanisms make it a valuable asset for any organization aiming to enhance its network infrastructure.


Product Code Cisco ACE-4710-4F-K9
Manufacturer Cisco
Dimensions 1U Rack-Mountable
Session Layer Protocol Handling Load Distribution
Application Layer Protocol Handling Content Routing
Components ACE 4710 Device
Data Rate 4 Gbps
SSL Transactions Per Second 7,500
Data Compression Throughput 2 Gbps
Management Interface Integrated
Enhanced Application Performance Licenses Limited to 50 Connections
Content Routing Mechanisms Supported
Supported Compression Standards GZIP, Deflate
Processor Architecture Multicore
Objective Enhancement of application delivery, optimization, and protection within data centers

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