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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Wireless Controller
Product Type: Wireless Controller
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Product Description

and reliable connectivity for enterprise wireless networks. With its modular design, this controller is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of environments.
It supports up to 1,000 access points and 12,000 clients, making it ideal for large-scale deployments. It also offers advanced features such as identity-based security, quality of service (QoS), and application visibility and control.

Key Feature for the AIR-CT5760-HA-K9

1. Supports up to 1,000 access points and 12,000 clients 
2. 20-Gbps throughput and 40-Gbps stacking bandwidth 
3. Dual-redundant power supplies and fans for high availability 
4. Modular design with hot-swappable components for easy maintenance 
5. Advanced security features including identity-based access control and rogue access point detection 
6. Support for virtual networks (VLANs) and quality of service (QoS) for optimized network performance

Product Review

The Cisco AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 is a high-availability wireless LAN controller designed for use in large-scale enterprise networks. Its key hardware features include support for up to 1000 access points and 12,000 clients, and the ability to operate in either centralized or distributed deployment modes. The controller also features advanced security and quality of service (QoS) capabilities, as well as support for Cisco's CleanAir technology, which detects and mitigates RF interference. With its advanced features and high scalability, the AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 is a powerful and reliable choice for organizations in need of a high-performance wireless networking solution.


The Cisco AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 is a wireless controller designed to provide highly secure and reliable wireless connectivity for large-scale enterprise environments. It is equipped with a range of hardware features that enable it to support high-density wireless networks and to provide seamless connectivity to users. The AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 comes with four 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports that provide high-speed connectivity to the network. It also has 2 USB ports, a console port, and an auxiliary port for added flexibility in network management. The controller supports up to 1000 access points, making it an ideal solution for large-scale deployments. This wireless controller is equipped with advanced security features, including support for multiple wireless LANs, client profiling, and MAC filtering. It also supports advanced QoS features to ensure that network traffic is prioritized appropriately, even in high-traffic environments. The AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 is a highly reliable wireless controller, with redundant power supplies and the ability to operate in a high-availability configuration. It is also highly scalable, with support for up to 20,000 clients and the ability to manage up to 72,000 wireless LANs. Overall, the Cisco AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 is a highly capable wireless controller that offers advanced features and scalability to meet the needs of large-scale enterprise environments. Its high-performance hardware and advanced security features make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to deploy a highly secure and reliable wireless network.

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