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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco AIR-AP4800 series
Product Type: Access point
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Product Description

The Cisco AIR-AP4800 series access points are designed to provide reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity for businesses of all sizes. They utilize the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology and can support a large number of devices with high throughput and low latency.

Key Feature for the AIRAP4800BK9C

Support for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and backward compatibility with previous Wi-Fi standards 
Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology to enhance device capacity 
Enhanced Security through features such as WPA3 encryption and Cisco DNA Center integration 
High-speed data transfer rates of up to 5.2 Gbps 
Flexible deployment options, including cloud-managed and on-premises solutions 
Power over Ethernet (PoE) support for easy installation and reduced cabling costs.

Product Review

The Cisco AIR-AP4800-B-K9C is a high-performance wireless access point designed for enterprise-level networks. It supports the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi standard, providing fast data transfer speeds of up to 4.8 Gbps. This access point also features four external antennas and supports advanced features like multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) technology and beamforming, making it an excellent choice for high-density environments with a large number of concurrent users.


Cisco AIR-AP4800BK9C offers the most demanding enterprise-class WLANs, combining ultimate performance and reliable wireless connections to provide you with the best results. It is a Wave 2, 802.11ac access point with a 4x4 MultiUser-MIMO radio for up to 4.8 Gbps of total throughput and up to 1, 330 Mbps throughput in an 80 MHz channel. It supports 16 SSIDs and delivers fast connections with powerful range. The AP4800BK9C contains radios that are capable of operating in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz radio has 4x4 MIMO streams and supports up to 1,733 Mbps data rate and a dual-band maximum of 1.75 Gbps on the 5GHz radio which has both 2x2 MIMO at 5Ghz and 4x4 MIMO streams at 4.8Ghz. The AP contains two spatial stream radios, giving it full 802.11n performance along with the multi-in, multi-out ability to hit maximum throughput with multiple clients simultaneously. The AP4800 utilizes 16 channels (six 20MHz channels in 2.4GHz and 10 channels in 5GHz). It can support a maximum of 1000 associated users per radio, and 727 associated users with 4 spatial streams active. Its simultaneously maintainable high bandwidth allows for high density network deployments that require increased spectral efficiency. The AP4800 is energized by 802.3at PoE+ power with a -36 dBm sensitivity rating which enables both range and performance gains. At this level, the power draw of the AP4800 can become significant, so Cisco offers an optional external power supply (AIR-PWRINJ5) to help maintain power levels when necessary. The Cisco AIR-AP4800BK9C is the ideal access point for enterprise-class WLANs that require ultimate performance and reliable wireless connections. With its enhanced radio speed, wide area of coverage, ability to handle numerous user associations, and simple setup, this access point comes highly recommended for anyone who needs peak performance from their wireless network.

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