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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco AS5XM Series Access Servers
Product Type: Access Server
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Product Description

The AS5XM-DIAL-108NP is designed for remote access services, featuring 108 ports for extensive connectivity options. This Cisco-based hardware supports multiple simultaneous connections, ensuring efficient network operations. It is specifically engineered to handle high-volume traffic, making it suitable for large-scale deployments.

Key Feature for the AS5XM-DIAL-108NP

  • What is the primary function of the device with 108 ports?
    The device serves as a centralized point for connecting multiple network components, facilitating communication and data transfer among connected devices.
  • Can I use the device for remote access services?
    Yes, the device supports remote access services, allowing users to connect to the network from different locations securely.
  • How many ports are available on the device?
    The device features 108 ports for connecting various network components.
  • Is it possible to manage the device remotely?
    Yes, the device can be managed remotely, enabling administrators to configure and monitor the network without being on-site.
  • What types of ports does the 108-port device include?
    The device includes a variety of port types to support different network needs, including Ethernet, console, and power over Ethernet (PoE) ports.
  • Does the device support PoE (Power over Ethernet)?
    Yes, the device supports PoE, allowing it to supply electrical power to connected devices like IP cameras and wireless access points through network cables.
  • Can the device with 108 ports handle high-speed data transfers?
    Yes, the device is designed to support high-speed data transfers, ensuring efficient network performance for bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Is there a way to prioritize traffic with the device?
    Yes, the device offers traffic prioritization features, enabling the management of network traffic to ensure critical applications have the bandwidth they require.
  • What security features does the 108-port device offer?
    The device includes several security features, such as firewall capabilities, VPN support, and access control lists (ACLs), to protect the network against unauthorized access.
  • How does the device facilitate network troubleshooting?
    The device provides diagnostic tools and logging capabilities, making it easier for network administrators to identify and resolve network issues promptly.

Product Review

The Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP offers a high port density with 108 ports, catering to extensive remote access needs in busy network environments. However, its performance may be limited by older hardware architecture, affecting throughput and latency in high-demand scenarios. Additionally, the device's scalability and compatibility with newer technologies could pose challenges for future network expansions or integrations.


The Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP is a specialized piece of networking hardware designed to provide efficient and reliable remote access solutions. This device is equipped with 108 ports, making it suitable for large-scale deployments where multiple access points are required. The unit's architecture is tailored to support a wide range of communication protocols, ensuring compatibility with various network environments and facilitating seamless connectivity for remote users. At its core, the Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP operates on a high-performance platform that is engineered to handle substantial data throughput and simultaneous connections without sacrificing speed or reliability. This capability is crucial for businesses that rely on remote access for day-to-day operations, as it ensures consistent and uninterrupted service for users connecting from different locations.
  • High Port Density: With 108 ports, the device offers expansive connectivity options, allowing for a significant number of users to access the network concurrently.
  • Advanced Protocol Support: It is designed to seamlessly integrate with multiple communication protocols, enhancing its versatility and ensuring broad compatibility with existing network infrastructures.
  • Reliable Performance: Engineered for high data throughput and simultaneous connections, the device provides a stable and efficient remote access solution.
In terms of physical specifications, the Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP is built to be durable and to fit within standard networking racks. Its design considers the needs of complex networking environments, incorporating features that simplify installation and maintenance. For instance, the modular nature of the hardware allows for easy upgrades and replacements, ensuring that the device can adapt to evolving network demands without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing infrastructure. Another aspect of the Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP is its focus on security. Given the sensitive nature of remote access, the device includes robust security features designed to protect against unauthorized access and ensure data integrity. These features are complemented by Cisco's advanced networking software, which provides administrators with tools for monitoring, management, and troubleshooting, further enhancing the security and reliability of remote connections. Energy efficiency is also a consideration in the design of the Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP. Recognizing the importance of sustainable operations, the device incorporates energy-saving technologies that reduce power consumption without compromising performance. This not only helps organizations lower their operational costs but also contributes to their environmental sustainability goals. In summary, the Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP is a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to implement or expand their remote access capabilities. With its high port density, support for multiple protocols, reliable performance, and focus on security and energy efficiency, this device represents a versatile and sustainable choice for businesses looking to enhance their networking infrastructure.


Item Code Cisco AS5XM-DIAL-108NP
Functionality Distant Connectivity Services
Port Quantity 108

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