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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B
Product Type: Network Interface Card
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Product Description

The ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B is equipped with 6 SFP Gigabit Ethernet Data Ports (SX, LH, LX) compatible with ASA 5525-X Firewalls, designed to meet diverse networking requirements. It operates within a temperature range of -13 to 158°F, supports a relative humidity up to 90 percent, and is tested for altitude resilience up to 15,000 ft, ensuring reliable performance under various environmental conditions. This module requires an AC power supply of 100 to 240 VAC, with a steady state power consumption of 75W and a form factor of 1RU, 19-in. rackmountable, making it a versatile addition to enterprise networking infrastructures.

Key Feature for the ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B

  • What types of data ports are available on this networking hardware?
    The hardware comes with 6 SFP Gigabit Ethernet Data Ports, including SX, LH, and LX types.
  • Is the hardware compatible with ASA 5525-X Firewalls?
    Yes, it is designed for use with ASA 5525-X Firewalls.
  • What are the environmental conditions this hardware can operate under?
    It is designed and tested for operation in environments with up to 90 percent relative humidity and at altitudes ranging from 0 to 10,000 ft (3050 m).
  • What are the shock and vibration specifications?
    The hardware can withstand a shock of 50 G, 2 m/sec and a vibration of 0.41 Grms2 (3 to 500 Hz) random input during operation.
  • What temperature range can the hardware be stored in when not in use?
    When not in operation, it can be stored in temperatures ranging from -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C).
  • How does the hardware perform at high altitudes?
    It is designed and tested for both operation and non-operation at altitudes up to 15,000 ft (4572m).
  • What are the power specifications for this hardware?
    AC line voltage ranges from 100 to 240 VAC, with a current of 4.85A. DC domestic and international line voltages range from 40.5 to 56 VDC and -55 to -72 VDC, respectively, with a maximum DC current of 15A.
  • What is the power consumption during steady state and peak conditions?
    The steady state power consumption is 75W, with a maximum peak of 108W.
  • What are the dimensions and form factor of this networking hardware?
    The hardware has a 1RU form factor, making it suitable for 19-in. rack mounting.
  • How much heat does the hardware dissipate at maximum operation?
    At maximum operation, it dissipates up to 369 Btu/hr.

Product Review

The Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B interface card, designed for ASA 5525-X Firewalls, equips the system with six SFP Gigabit Ethernet data ports, enhancing connectivity options and network flexibility. On the downside, it lacks dual-power supplies, which could be a critical shortfall for environments requiring high availability and redundancy. The card is built to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including variations in temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operational scenarios.


The Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B is a high-capacity interface card designed to enhance the capabilities of ASA 5525-X Firewalls. This interface card provides six SFP Gigabit Ethernet data ports that support various SFP modules, including SX, LH, and LX, to accommodate a wide range of network infrastructure requirements. This flexibility allows for the deployment in diverse network environments, ensuring high-speed connectivity and efficient network operations. The hardware specifications of the Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B are tailored for high durability and reliability under various conditions. It is designed and tested to operate effectively at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet (3050 meters) when in use and up to 15,000 feet (4572 meters) when not in operation. This capability ensures consistent performance even in challenging geographical locations. The interface card is built to withstand significant environmental stress. It has a shock resistance of 50 G for 2 m/sec in operation and 70 G for 4.22 m/sec when not in use, ensuring the hardware's integrity against physical impacts. Vibration resistance is also notable, with a 0.41 Grms2 (3 to 500 Hz) random input during operation and 1.12 Grms2 (3 to 500 Hz) random input in a non-operating state, providing assurance of stability in varying conditions. Temperature tolerance is another critical aspect, with the device functioning within a range of -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C) when not in operation, catering to extreme environments. Relative humidity tolerance ranges from 10 to 90 percent non-condensing, ensuring that the device can handle moist conditions without compromising performance. Electrical specifications include an AC line voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC, accommodating global electrical standards. The device operates efficiently within the same AC voltage range, with a current requirement of 4.85A. Despite lacking dual-power supplies, it supports both domestic and international DC line voltages, with a domestic range of 40.5 to 56 VDC and an international range of -55 to -72 VDC. The maximum DC current is 15A, indicating the device's power needs for optimal performance. Power consumption is efficient, with a steady state of 75W and a maximum peak of 108W. Heat dissipation is managed effectively, with a maximum rate of 369 Btu/hr, ensuring the unit remains within operational temperatures and maintains performance integrity. The form factor of the Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B is 1RU, making it suitable for 19-inch rackmount configurations. This compact design allows for efficient use of space within data centers or network closets, facilitating easy integration into existing network infrastructures. Key features include: -
  • Compatibility with ASA 5525-X Firewalls, enhancing network security capabilities.
  • Six SFP Gigabit Ethernet data ports for flexible connectivity options.
  • Designed for operation in challenging environmental conditions, including high altitudes and extreme temperatures.
In conclusion, the Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B interface card is a crucial component for network administrators seeking to expand the connectivity and resilience of ASA 5525-X Firewalls. Its comprehensive design ensures reliable operation in various conditions, making it a valuable addition to any network infrastructure.


Item NumberASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B
Port Count6
Port ConfigurationSFP Gigabit Ethernet Data Ports (SX, LH, LX)
CompatibilityASA 5525-X Firewalls
Humidity Operating RangeUp to 90%
Operating Altitude Range0 to 10,000 ft (3050 m)
Impact Resistance50 G, 2 m/sec
Operational Vibration Level0.41 Grms² (3 to 500 Hz) random input
Temperature Range (Non-operating)-13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C)
Humidity Range (Non-operating)10 to 90%
Non-operating Altitude Range0 to 15,000 ft (4572 m)
Non-operating Shock70G, 4.22 m/sec
Non-operating Vibration Level1.12 Grms² (3 to 500 Hz) random input
AC Input Voltage Range100 to 240 VAC
AC Input Frequency50/60 Hz
AC Input Current4.85A
Power Supply RedundancyNot Available
DC Input Voltage (Domestic)40.5 to 56 VDC (-48 VDC nominal)
DC Input Voltage (International)-55 to -72 VDC (-60 VDC nominal)
DC Input Current Maximum15A
Power Consumption (Steady State)75W
Power Consumption (Peak)108W
Heat Output369 Btu/hr
Physical Configuration1RU, 19-in. rack-mountable

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