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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASA5500-X Series Firewalls
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The ASA5506-FTD-K9 Cisco features a stateful inspection firewall throughput of 750 Mbps, with next-generation firewall (NGFW) and next-generation intrusion prevention system (NGIPS) capabilities both at 125 Mbps. It supports up to 8 RJ-45 interfaces and offers IPSec VPN throughput at 100 Mbps for secure remote connections. Additionally, this model provides application visibility and control (AVC) for over 4000 applications, URL filtering with access to over 280 million URLs, and is equipped with Cisco Firepower Device Manager for streamlined management.

Key Feature for the ASA5506-FTD-K9

  • What is the Stateful Inspection Firewall Throughput capability?
    The Stateful Inspection Firewall Throughput capability is 750 Mbps.
  • How does the NGFW differ in throughput from the NGIPS?
    Both the NGFW and NGIPS have a throughput of 125 Mbps.
  • What is the maximum number of concurrent sessions supported with AVC?
    The maximum concurrent sessions with AVC supported are 50K.
  • Can you detail the IPSec VPN Throughput of this device?
    The IPSec VPN Throughput (1024B TCP w/Fastpath) is 100 Mbps.
  • How many RJ-45 interfaces does this device offer?
    This device offers 8 RJ-45 interfaces.
  • Is Cisco AMP Threat Grid Sandboxing available for this device?
    Yes, Cisco AMP Threat Grid Sandboxing is available for this device.
  • What is the throughput for FW + AVC (450B)?
    The throughput for FW + AVC (450B) is 100 Mbps.
  • How many applications does the Application Visibility and Control support?
    The Application Visibility and Control supports more than 4000 applications.
  • What is the throughput for FW + AVC + IPS (1024B)?
    The throughput for FW + AVC + IPS (1024B) is 125 Mbps.
  • Does this device offer centralized management options?
    Yes, this device offers centralized configuration, logging, monitoring, and reporting.

Product Review

The Cisco ASA5506-FTD-K9 offers a comprehensive security solution with a stateful inspection firewall throughput of 750 Mbps and support for over 4000 applications, ensuring extensive application visibility and control. However, its NGFW and NGIPS throughput is limited to 125 Mbps, which might not meet the requirements of high-traffic networks. Additionally, the device supports a maximum of 50K concurrent sessions with AVC, offering scalability for small to medium-sized deployments, but the IPSec VPN throughput is capped at 100 Mbps, potentially affecting high-capacity VPN needs.


The Cisco ASA5506-FTD-K9 is a security appliance that integrates comprehensive security features to protect your network from a wide range of threats. This device is designed to deliver advanced security services, including firewall capabilities, advanced malware protection, and intrusion prevention systems. With a stateful inspection firewall throughput of 750 Mbps, this appliance can handle the traffic of small to medium-sized enterprises efficiently. It offers a next-generation firewall (NGFW) throughput of 125 Mbps and a next-generation intrusion prevention system (NGIPS) throughput of 125 Mbps, ensuring that your network is safeguarded against the latest security threats. The appliance is equipped with eight RJ-45 interfaces, facilitating easy integration into a variety of network configurations. The Cisco ASA5506-FTD-K9 achieves a throughput of 250 Mbps when utilizing firewall and application visibility and control (AVC) for packets sized 1024B. With both firewall and AVC plus IPS enabled, the throughput is maintained at 125 Mbps for packets of the same size. For smaller packets sized 450B, the throughput for firewall and AVC is 100 Mbps, and for NGIPS, it is 75 Mbps. This appliance supports a maximum of 50,000 concurrent sessions with AVC and can handle up to 3,000 new connections per second with AVC, ensuring that your network can support high volumes of traffic without compromising on security. The IPSec VPN throughput is capable of reaching 100 Mbps with 1024B TCP packets using Fastpath, providing secure and efficient site-to-site or remote access VPN connections.
  • Cisco Firepower Device Manager facilitates easy management of the device for small-scale deployments.
  • Application visibility and control is standard, supporting over 4,000 applications, in addition to providing insights into geolocations, users, and websites.
  • Automated threat feed and IPS signature updates ensure that the device is always equipped with the latest information to protect against emerging threats.
The ASA5506-FTD-K9 offers more than 80 categories for URL filtering, with over 280 million URLs categorized, making it a powerful tool for controlling access to web content and protecting against web-based threats. Cisco AMP Threat Grid Sandboxing is also available, offering advanced malware protection by analyzing and blocking malicious files and URLs. High availability and clustering are supported through active/standby configurations, ensuring that your network remains operational even in the event of device failure. The appliance also supports VPN load balancing, enhancing the scalability and reliability of VPN services. For management, the appliance offers both the Adaptive Security Device Manager for web-based, local management in small-scale deployments, and centralized management for configuration, logging, monitoring, and reporting across the network. Cisco Security Intelligence provides standard IP, URL, and DNS threat intelligence, enhancing the security posture of your network by leveraging global threat intelligence. In summary, the Cisco ASA5506-FTD-K9 is a versatile security appliance that offers comprehensive network protection, high performance, and ease of management, making it suitable for a wide range of network environments.


Item Number Cisco ASA5506-FTD-K9
Manufacturer Cisco
Firewall Throughput 750 Mbps
Next-Generation Firewall Throughput 125 Mbps
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System Throughput 125 Mbps
Port Configuration 8 RJ-45 Ports
Firewall + Application Visibility and Control Throughput (1024 Bytes) 250 Mbps
Firewall + Application Visibility and Control + Intrusion Prevention System Throughput (1024 Bytes) 125 Mbps
Firewall + Application Visibility and Control Throughput (450 Bytes) 100 Mbps
Peak Concurrent Connections with Application Visibility and Control 50,000
Peak New Connections per Second with Application Visibility and Control 3,000
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System Throughput (1024 Bytes) 125 Mbps
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System Throughput (450 Bytes) 75 Mbps
IPSec VPN Throughput (1024 Bytes TCP with Fastpath) 100 Mbps
Management via Cisco Firepower Device Manager Supported
Application, User, and URL Visibility and Control Includes more than 4,000 applications, geolocations, user identities, and websites
Advanced Malware Protection and Threat Grid Sandboxing Optional
URL Filtering Categories Over 80
URL Filtering Database Over 280 million URLs categorized
Automatic Security Feed and Signature Updates for Intrusion Prevention System Enabled
High Availability Configuration Active/Standby
Firewall Inspection Mode Stateful
VPN Capacity Expansion Supports VPN Load Balancing
Local Management Solution Adaptive Security Device Manager for small-scale setups
Centralized Management Capability Centralized setup, logging, monitoring, and reporting
Integrated Security Intelligence Provides IP, URL, and DNS threat intelligence

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