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by Cisco
Product Line: CISCO ASR-9010-FAN-V2
Product Type: Fan tray
Original price $1,931.00 - Original price $2,527.00
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$1,931.00 - $2,527.00
Current price $2,527.00
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Product Description

The Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is a high-performance fan tray designed for use in the Cisco ASR 9010 router series. It features an efficient airflow design that helps keep the router running cool, even during heavy usage. The fan tray is easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal choice for busy network administrators.

Key Feature for the ASR-9010-FAN-V2

1. Dimensions: 6.9 x 14.9 x 1.6 inches 
2. Weight: 2.45 pounds 
3. Compatibility: Cisco ASR 9010 router series 
4. Airflow rate: 250 CFM (cubic feet per minute) 
5. Power consumption: 41 watts

Product Review

The Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is a premium router that features a simple single-rack design, making it ideal for data centers. Its four hot-swappable fan trays provide superior cooling and reliability, allowing it to operate efficiently even in demanding conditions. With four built-in power supply slots and up to 8 Terabits of throughput, this router is well-equipped to handle anything from high-volume corporate networks to data-heavy consumer applications. It is an excellent choice for users who need a reliable and stable router with advanced cooling capabilities.


Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is a high performance network router designed for use in both enterprise and carrier networks. This platform boasts an impressive list of hardware specifications and advanced features to meet the needs of even the most demanding networks. The Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 chassis is designed for easy installation with seven slots for up to 8 line cards. It has an aggregate forwarding capacity of up to 384Gbps with a list price of $60,000 USD. With four RSP440 Pro route switch processors providing up to 240Gbps throughput capacity, this device offers exceptional performance and scalability. Additionally, a total of 48 GB DRAM is provided, allowing customers to support multiple applications within their environment. The Cisco ASR 9010-FAN-V2 has twenty four 10 Gig SFP+ ports, allowing organizations to connect to multiple devices. Additionally six 100 Gig Ethernet QSFP28 (QSPF+) ports are included, providing the highest level of connectivity speeds available today. This allows large organizations to support large data streams quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, four 2.5G/10G GLC4T modules are included for small file transfers and low bandwidth activities such as Voice over IP or video conferencing. Security is also a key feature of the Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 with support for Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), IPSec encryption and an integrated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) system for maximum protection. Additionally, an inbuilt firewall provides an extra layer of protection to ensure ultimate network security in any environment. Overall, the Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 provides an impressive array of features combined with excellent hardware specifications to power even the most demanding networks. With powerful performance and scalability, it is perfect for large enterprises and carrier networks alike. The robust security features included make it a safe choice for any business or organization looking to upgrade their existing network routers.

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