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by Cisco
Product Line: CISCO ASR-9010-FAN-V2
Product Type: Fan tray
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Product Description

The ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is designed specifically for compatibility with the ASR 9010 chassis, ensuring optimal cooling and system performance. This module facilitates efficient airflow management within the networking environment. Its integration supports the ASR 9010 system's operational stability by maintaining the required thermal conditions.

Key Feature for the ASR-9010-FAN-V2

  • What is the primary function of ASR 9010 fans?
    The primary function of the fans is to provide adequate cooling to the ASR 9010 router by circulating air and dissipating heat, ensuring the system operates within its temperature thresholds.
  • How can I determine if my ASR 9010 requires fan replacement?
    Monitor the system's temperature and fan status through the router's management interface. If the fans are reported as failing or if the system consistently operates at higher temperatures, replacement might be necessary.
  • Are the fans for the ASR 9010 router hot-swappable?
    Yes, fans designed for use with the ASR 9010 router are hot-swappable, allowing for replacement or maintenance without needing to power down the system.
  • Can I use any third-party fans with the ASR 9010?
    It is recommended to use Cisco-certified fans with the ASR 9010 to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Using third-party fans may void the warranty and could lead to system instability.
  • What is the expected lifespan of an ASR 9010 fan?
    Fans for the ASR 9010 are designed for long-term use, but their lifespan can be affected by operating conditions. Typically, fans can last for 5 years or more before requiring replacement.
  • How do I install new fans in the ASR 9010?
    Installation involves powering down the affected fan tray (if not hot-swappable), removing the existing fan module, inserting the new fan module in the slot, and ensuring it is securely connected and recognized by the system.
  • Is there a specific orientation for installing ASR 9010 fans?
    Yes, fans must be installed following the specific orientation indicated by the guide rails and labels on the fan tray and chassis to ensure proper airflow and cooling efficiency.
  • Can the ASR 9010 operate without all of its fans installed?
    Operating the ASR 9010 without all fans installed is not recommended. Missing fans can lead to inadequate cooling, resulting in overheating and potential system damage.
  • Where can I purchase replacement fans for the ASR 9010?
    Replacement fans can be purchased from Cisco authorized dealers and distributors. Ensure the part number matches to guarantee compatibility with the ASR 9010.
  • What should I do if a new fan is not recognized by the ASR 9010?
    If a new fan is not recognized, verify the fan is properly installed, check for any loose connections, and ensure compatibility. If issues persist, contact Cisco support for further assistance.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 offers reliable cooling for ASR 9010 systems, ensuring stable operation under heavy loads. However, its noise level is higher compared to similar products, which might be a concern in noise-sensitive environments. Additionally, while it supports easy installation, the cost might be a consideration for budget-conscious setups.


The Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is a critical component designed to support the cooling needs of the Cisco ASR 9010 router, ensuring optimal performance by maintaining the necessary temperature levels within the system. This fan module is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with the ASR 9010 chassis, a factor that guarantees compatibility and efficiency in heat management for the system's high-speed operational demands. Constructed to meet the rigorous demands of network infrastructure, the ASR-9010-FAN-V2 module is key to preventing thermal-related issues that could lead to system instability or failure. By facilitating effective airflow within the router chassis, this fan module plays a pivotal role in enabling sustained operational efficiency and reliability of the networking hardware under various environmental conditions. The design of the ASR-9010-FAN-V2 focuses on ease of installation and maintenance, featuring a hot-swappable capability that allows network administrators to replace or upgrade the fan without powering down the entire system. This feature minimizes downtime, ensuring that network services remain uninterrupted during maintenance activities. Key hardware specifications of the Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 include: - Compatibility with the Cisco ASR 9010 Router, designed to fit perfectly within its chassis. - Hot-swappable design, allowing for easy replacement or maintenance without system shutdown. - Engineered for efficient airflow management, the fan module supports the cooling requirements of the ASR 9010, maintaining optimal temperature levels even under heavy operational loads. The operational efficiency of the ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is reflected in its design to support continuous, long-term use. Its durability is a testament to Cisco's commitment to quality and reliability in components that are vital to the performance of networking infrastructure. Network administrators can rely on this fan module not just for its cooling capabilities but also for its contribution to the overall longevity and reliability of the Cisco ASR 9010 router. In summary, the Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2 is an essential component for maintaining the operational integrity and efficiency of the ASR 9010 router. Its specific design for compatibility with the ASR 9010 chassis, combined with features such as hot-swappable installation and effective airflow management, makes it a critical part of the router's cooling system. By ensuring that the router operates within optimal temperature ranges, the ASR-9010-FAN-V2 helps prevent thermal-related performance issues, thereby supporting the reliability and efficiency required in demanding network environments.


Component ID Cisco ASR-9010-FAN-V2
Compatible With ASR 9010 Cooling Units

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