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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR1000-2T+20X1GE
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Cisco ASR1000-2T+20X1GE is a powerful router that provides advanced services and high performance. It is designed for service providers and large enterprises that require high-speed data transfer, routing, and security. This router can handle up to 20 million packets per second and supports various technologies like MPLS, VPN, and QoS.

Key Feature for the ASR1000-2T+20X1GE

1. 2x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports for WAN connectivity
2. 20x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports for LAN connectivity
3. Supports up to 200 Gbps of throughput
4. Supports up to 1 million IPv4 routes
5. Offers hardware-based IPsec encryption
6. Provides high-availability features like redundant power supplies and fans

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1000-2T+20X1GE offers impressive hardware features including 2Tbps switching capacity, 20G MXP interface ports and dual-core processors. This product stands out from others due to its processing power and the sheer number of ports available which provides superior scalability and flexibility to the end user. Users benefit from increased throughput, improved quality of service and simpler network deployment, allowing for better reliability and quicker response time. This is a must-have product for those looking for robust networking capability.


The Cisco ASR1000-2T+20X1GE is an innovative, powerful and secure router for enterprise networking needs. It is a two-rack-unit (2RU) form factor router with twenty Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 10GB Ethernet ports that provides the routing, switching, and security essential for the networks of modern organizations. This device has an ASR1K8 processor to aid in data throughput while using itself 40G internal crossbar switch and four ASICs to strengthen the routers performance. The large tables enable IPv6 as well as advanced services such as deep packet inspection and VoIP. The Cisco ASR1000-2T+20X1GE offers advanced security features such as encryption, a high-performance firewall, antivirus and URL filtering. TheASR1000-2T+20X1GE's ASICs have a built in bus speed of 8GT/s to provide flexibility for Layer 2 through 7 Protocol Speeds. To advance overall security, the device also includes programs such as Denial of Service protection, intrusion prevention system and advanced policy enforcement protocols. On top of that, this router comes with an IPsec VPN tunnel capability for secure communication over the internet. In conclusion, this router provides a blend of speed, power and network security that makes it ideal for any enterprise investments. With features like a powerful ASR1K8 processor, four ASICs, IPv6 compatibility, a high-performance firewall, denial of service protection and an IPsec VPN tunnel capability; the ASR1000-2T+20X1GE is sure to provide your enterprise with efficient networking capabilities.

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