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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR1000 Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR1002-PWR-DC= is designed for use with Cisco ASR 1002 Routers, offering a power supply capacity of 470 WDC within a -40.5 to -72 VDC input voltage range, suitable for data center environments. This unit supports redundancy, hot swap, and field replacement capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted service and easy maintenance. It accommodates a broad spectrum of network configurations and capacities, including 4096 VLANs, 4000 BGP Peers, and up to 1000000 IPv4 Routes, making it a versatile component for managing extensive networking requirements.

Key Feature for the ASR1002-PWR-DC=

  • What is the input voltage range for the AC/DC power module?
    The input voltage range is -40.5 to -72 VDC.
  • Can the power module used in Cisco ASR 1002 Routers be replaced while the system is operating?
    Yes, it supports hot swap and is field replaceable, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • How many VLANs does the AC/DC power module support?
    It supports up to 4096 VLANs.
  • Is redundancy a feature of this power module?
    Yes, the power module is designed for redundancy to ensure continuous operation.
  • What is the maximum number of BGP peers the device can accommodate?
    It can accommodate up to 4000 BGP peers.
  • How many interfaces can be supported by the device?
    The device supports up to 40 interfaces.
  • What is the maximum number of RIP routes that can be supported?
    It supports up to 200,000 RIP routes.
  • How many Access Control List (ACL) entries can the device handle?
    The device can handle up to 4000 ACL entries.
  • What are the IPv4 and IPv6 route capacities of the device?
    It supports up to 1,000,000 IPv4 routes and 500,000 IPv6 routes.
  • Is the device suitable for use in data centers?
    Yes, it is designed for use in data centers, offering support for numerous networking protocols and capacities.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1002-PWR-DC power supply supports a wide input voltage range from -40.5 to -72 VDC and offers a power capacity of 470 WDC, making it suitable for diverse data center environments. It features redundancy, hot swap capability, and is field replaceable, ensuring high availability and minimal downtime for Cisco ASR 1002 routers. However, the device's limitation to DC power input may restrict its use in facilities that solely provide AC power, necessitating the use of an additional power converter.


The Cisco ASR1002-PWR-DC= is designed to meet the demanding power requirements of Cisco ASR 1002 Routers, ensuring a reliable and continuous power supply in data centers. This power supply unit (PSU) is compatible with a DC input voltage range of -40.5 to -72 VDC, making it versatile for various data center power infrastructures. With a power capacity of 470 WDC, it provides sufficient power to support the router's operations, including processing, data transmission, and running advanced network services. One of the key features of the Cisco ASR1002-PWR-DC= is its support for redundancy. This capability allows for the installation of an additional PSU in the same router to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a power supply failure. The redundancy feature is critical for maintaining network uptime and reliability, which are essential in data center environments where downtime can have significant financial and operational impacts. The PSU also supports hot-swapping and is field-replaceable, which enhances the router's maintainability and reduces downtime. Technicians can replace or add power supplies without powering down the router, ensuring continuous network services. This feature is particularly beneficial in high-availability environments where maintaining uninterrupted network connectivity is paramount. Compatibility with Cisco ASR 1002 Routers ensures that the PSU integrates seamlessly with these devices, providing a streamlined and efficient power solution. The power supply's design and specifications are tailored to meet the specific power demands of the ASR 1002 routers, optimizing performance and reliability. In terms of networking capabilities, the Cisco ASR1002-PWR-DC= indirectly supports a wide range of advanced features through its role in powering the Cisco ASR 1002 Routers. These routers can handle up to: - 4096 VLANs, enabling extensive network segmentation and improved security. - 4000 BGP peers, facilitating robust and scalable external routing with numerous internet peers. - A maximum of 40 interfaces, offering ample connectivity options for various network architectures. Additionally, the routers powered by this PSU can manage extensive routing, security, and network services, including:
  • 1 million IPv4 routes and 500,000 IPv6 routes, allowing for comprehensive global routing tables.
  • 200,000 RIP, OSPF, ISIS, and EIGRP routes each, supporting a wide range of internal routing protocols.
  • 1000000 NAT entries and 4000 VPN tunnels, providing extensive network address translation and secure connectivity options.
Furthermore, the PSU's role in enabling these routers to process up to 4000 ACL entries, 8000 QoS policies, and 1000 VRF instances demonstrates its indirect contribution to network performance, security, and virtualization. Designed for use in data centers, the Cisco ASR1002-PWR-DC= is an essential component of a high-performance, reliable, and scalable network infrastructure, supporting the advanced features and capabilities of Cisco ASR 1002 Routers.


Item Number Cisco ASR1002-PWR-DC=
Manufacturer Cisco
Power Type DC
DC Input Voltage Range -40.5V to -72V
Power Output 470W
Supports Redundancy Enabled
Support for Hot Swapping Enabled
Can Be Replaced In Field Enabled
Compatible With Cisco ASR 1002 Routers
Number of VLANs Supported 4096
Maximum BGP Sessions 4000
Interface Support Cap 40
RIP Route Limit 200000
Maximum ACL Rules 4000
Limit for IPv4 Routing 1000000
IPv6 Routing Capacity 500000
Maximum ISIS Routes 200000
NAT Table Entries 1000000
OSPF Route Limit 200000
VPN Tunnel Capacity 4000
Max EIGRP Routes 200000
QoS Policy Limits 8000
VRF Instance Capacity 1000
Application Environment Data Centers

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