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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR1004-PWR-AC power supply is designed for compatibility with Cisco ASR 1004 series routers, providing an AC/DC output of 470 WAC and an input voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC. It features a high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 100,000 hours, operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C, and supports a humidity range of 5% to 95% for both operating and storage conditions. Notably, it offers redundancy, a hot-plug capability, and utilizes a terminal block input connector, ensuring reliable and continuous power delivery for critical network operations.

Key Feature for the ASR1004PWRAC

  • What is the output power of the AC/DC power supply?
    The output power is 470 WAC.
  • Can the power supply be used with a range of input voltages?
    Yes, it supports input voltages from 100 to 240 VAC.
  • What is the output voltage provided by this power supply?
    The output voltage is -48 VDC.
  • Is the power supply designed for continuous operation?
    Yes, it has an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 100,000 hours.
  • What is the minimum operating temperature for the power supply?
    The minimum operating temperature is 0 °C.
  • Can the power supply handle variations in humidity during operation?
    Yes, it operates within a humidity range of 5% to 95%.
  • Is this power supply suitable for use in environments with varying temperatures?
    Yes, it can be stored in temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 70 °C.
  • Does the power supply feature redundancy for increased reliability?
    Yes, it is designed with redundancy.
  • What type of connector is used for input on this power supply?
    It uses a Terminal Block for its input connector.
  • Which Cisco ASR models is this power supply compatible with?
    It is compatible with Cisco ASR 1004, 1004 FPI Bundle, 1004 HA Bundle, 1004 Security HA Bundle, 1004 VPN and Firewall Bundle, and 1004 VPN Bundle.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1004-PWR-AC provides a wide input voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC, accommodating diverse electrical environments, and its output power of 470 W is suitable for the Cisco ASR 1004 series. The power supply features redundancy and hot-plug capabilities, enhancing system reliability and minimizing downtime during maintenance. However, its operational temperature range starting at 0 °C may limit its deployment in environments with extreme cold without additional climate control measures.


The Cisco ASR1004-PWR-AC is a power supply module designed to ensure reliable power delivery for the Cisco ASR 1004 series routers, including specific bundles aimed at enhancing functionality in high-availability, security, and VPN deployments. This power supply facilitates smooth and efficient operations of network infrastructures by delivering consistent power output and supporting redundancy for critical network uptime. With an AC input voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC, the power supply adapts to various power sources, making it versatile for deployment in different geographical locations. The input frequency range is broad, accommodating 50 to 60 Hz, which ensures compatibility with most AC power grids worldwide. Its output power of 470 WAC is sufficient to meet the demands of the Cisco ASR 1004 series routers, providing them with the necessary power to perform optimally. The output voltage of -48 VDC is standard for network equipment, ensuring that the Cisco ASR1004-PWR-AC can integrate seamlessly with the existing network infrastructure. The power supply's high mean time between failures (MTBF) of 100,000 hours indicates reliability and a reduced likelihood of failure over its operational lifespan, contributing to the overall network stability. Key specifications include: -
  • Redundancy support, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and network operation even in the event of a unit failure.
  • Terminal block input connector for secure and reliable electrical connections.
  • Hot plug capability, allowing for maintenance or upgrades without network disruption.
Operating and storage conditions are critical for hardware longevity and reliability. The Cisco ASR1004-PWR-AC operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0 °C to a maximum temperature that ensures safety and performance are maintained. Humidity levels are also a consideration; this power supply operates optimally between 5% and 95% non-condensing humidity, providing resilience against a wide range of environmental conditions. Similarly, storage conditions are robust, with temperature tolerance from -30 °C up to 70 °C and the same humidity range as operational conditions, ensuring the unit's integrity before installation. Designed for use with a broad array of Cisco ASR 1004 series routers, this power supply module is a key component in various network setups, from basic configurations to more complex bundles focused on security, high availability, VPN, and firewall functionalities. Its compatibility includes the Cisco ASR 1004, 1004 FPI Bundle, 1004 HA Bundle, 1004 Security HA Bundle, 1004 VPN and Firewall Bundle, and 1004 VPN Bundle, covering a wide spectrum of network requirements. In summary, the Cisco ASR1004-PWR-AC is a critical component for network administrators seeking to ensure uninterrupted power supply to their Cisco ASR 1004 series routers. Its design emphasizes reliability, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, making it an essential part of maintaining network uptime and performance.


Item NumberCisco ASR1004-PWR-AC
Power TypeAC
Maximum Power Output470 Watts
Power Input Range100V to 240V AC
Frequency of Input50Hz to 60Hz
Power Output-48V DC
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)100,000 hrs
Lowest Operating Temp0°C
Operating Humidity Range (Min)5%
Operating Humidity Range (Max)95%
Storage Temp (Min)-30°C
Storage Temp (Max)70°C
Storage Humidity (Min)5%
Storage Humidity (Max)95%
Supports RedundancyYes
Connection Type for InputTerminal Block
Capability for Hot SwappingYes
CompatibilityDesigned for Cisco ASR 1004, ASR 1004 FPI, ASR 1004 HA, ASR 1004 Security HA, ASR 1004 VPN and Firewall, ASR 1004 VPN models

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