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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR1013/06-PWR-DC is a DC power supply designed for compatibility with Cisco ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013 router chassis. It operates with an input voltage of -48 VDC/-60 VDC and delivers a power output of 1600 WDC. This unit supports a current rating of 40 A, ensuring sufficient power delivery for network operations.

Key Feature for the ASR1013/06-PWR-DC

  • What is the power output of the AC/DC power supply designed for Cisco routers?
    The power output is 1600 WDC, suitable for the Cisco ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013 router chassis.
  • Which Cisco router chassis is compatible with the 1600 WDC power supply?
    It is compatible with Cisco ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013 router chassis.
  • What is the input voltage requirement for the 1600 WDC power supply?
    The input voltage requirement is -48 VDC/-60 VDC.
  • How does the current rating of the power supply impact compatibility?
    The power supply has a current rating of 40 A, ensuring it provides sufficient power for the Cisco ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013 router chassis without overloading.
  • Can the 1600 WDC power supply be used with other devices?
    Primarily, it is designed for use with specific Cisco router chassis models: ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013. Compatibility with other devices depends on their power requirements and connection interface.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the 1600 WDC power supply?
    Specific dimensions are not provided here. Please refer to the product datasheet or contact customer support for detailed dimensions.
  • Is there a warranty for the 1600 WDC power supply?
    Yes, there is a warranty. The duration and terms vary, so it's advisable to check the warranty details at the time of purchase or contact customer service.
  • How to ensure the 1600 WDC power supply operates efficiently?
    Ensure that it is installed in a compatible Cisco router chassis, connected to a suitable power source within the -48 VDC/-60 VDC range, and operated within the specified temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Are there any specific safety instructions for installing the 1600 WDC power supply?
    Yes, always follow the installation guide provided with the power supply. Ensure the device is powered off before installation or maintenance to avoid electric shock or damage to the device.
  • Where can I find technical support for the 1600 WDC power supply?
    Technical support is available through Cisco's support channels, including their website, direct support lines, and authorized service centers.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC power supply offers compatibility with a range of Cisco ASR router chassis, including ASR 1006, 1006-X, 1009-X, and 1013, ensuring versatile use across different network setups. With a 1600 W DC power output and a -48 VDC/-60 VDC input voltage, it meets the demanding power requirements of high-performance routers. However, its current rating of 40 A might limit its capability in environments requiring higher amperage for extensive networking hardware configurations.


The Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC is a power supply module designed to deliver efficient and reliable power to Cisco ASR 1000 Series routers. This module is specifically compatible with the ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013 router chassis, ensuring a seamless fit and performance. The power supply operates on a DC power source, with an input voltage requirement of -48 VDC to -60 VDC, making it suitable for installations where DC power is preferable or required. With a substantial power output capacity of 1600 WDC, the Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC is equipped to handle the demands of high-performance networks, ensuring that routers have the necessary power to support extensive data operations and services. This capability is critical in environments where network reliability and uptime are paramount, such as in data centers, large corporate networks, and telecommunications infrastructure. The current rating of 40 A indicates the module's capability to support high current loads, further underscoring its suitability for powering advanced network hardware that requires substantial power to maintain optimal functionality. This feature is particularly important for supporting the advanced features and capabilities of Cisco ASR 1000 Series routers, including high-speed packet forwarding and various integrated services. Key hardware specifications include: - <>
  • Compatibility with Cisco ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, and ASR 1013 router chassis
  • 1600 WDC power output
  • -48 VDC to -60 VDC input voltage range
This power supply module is designed with reliability in mind, ensuring that network hardware remains operational even in the face of power fluctuations and interruptions. The use of DC power further enhances the reliability of the network infrastructure, providing stability in environments where AC power may not be as consistent or available. The Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC is an integral component of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series routers' power system, designed to ensure that the routers can support the continuous, high-volume data traffic characteristic of modern network environments. Its compatibility with multiple router chassis models provides flexibility for network administrators and designers in choosing the appropriate hardware configurations to meet their specific needs and requirements. In summary, the Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC power supply module is a critical component for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of Cisco ASR 1000 Series routers. Its high power output, compatibility with multiple router chassis, and DC power operation make it an ideal choice for powering advanced network infrastructures in a variety of settings. By providing stable and adequate power, this module helps maintain the high performance and reliability expected of Cisco networking hardware, supporting the complex data processing and transmission requirements of modern networks.


Item Number Cisco ASR1013/06-PWR-DC
Manufacturer Cisco
Power Type DC
Power Output 1600 Watts DC
Compatible Models ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X, ASR 1013
Input Voltage Range -48 VDC to -60 VDC
Amperage 40 Amps

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