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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR55-SSC is a plug-in form factor module designed specifically for integration with ASR 5500 routers. It enhances the router's capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity and network scalability. This module supports a broad range of network functions, tailored for high-performance computing environments.

Key Feature for the ASR55-SSC

  • What is the primary use of the ASR 5500 router?
    The ASR 5500 router is designed for high-performance data and multimedia service delivery in mobile and fixed networks.
  • Can the form factor plug-in be used with routers other than the ASR 5500?
    No, the plug-in is specifically designed for compatibility with ASR 5500 routers only.
  • What type of form factor does the plug-in for the ASR 5500 have?
    The plug-in has a form factor designed for easy integration into the ASR 5500 router's chassis.
  • Is the plug-in necessary for the ASR 5500 router to function?
    While the ASR 5500 can operate without the plug-in, the plug-in provides additional functionality and performance enhancements.
  • How does the plug-in improve the performance of the ASR 5500 router?
    It enhances the router's ability to manage and route large volumes of data and multimedia services efficiently.
  • Can the plug-in be installed by the user, or does it require professional installation?
    Installation procedures vary; refer to the ASR 5500 documentation for guidance. Professional installation may be recommended to ensure optimal performance.
  • Does installing the plug-in into the ASR 5500 router void its warranty?
    Installing the plug-in as per the manufacturer's instructions does not void the warranty. However, unauthorized modifications might result in warranty issues.
  • Are there any specific maintenance requirements for the plug-in?
    Maintenance requirements are minimal, typically involving regular firmware updates and physical inspections as part of the router's overall maintenance schedule.
  • How does the plug-in enhance data and multimedia service delivery?
    It increases the router's processing power and efficiency, allowing for smoother and more reliable data and multimedia service delivery across networks.
  • Where can one find detailed technical specifications and installation instructions for the plug-in?
    Detailed specifications and installation guidelines are available in the ASR 5500 router's technical documentation and on the manufacturer's website.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR55-SSC offers seamless integration with ASR 5500 routers, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation. However, its plug-in form factor limits flexibility in certain network configurations, potentially requiring additional hardware for optimal deployment. Performance-wise, it meets the demands of high-throughput environments, though its cost may be a consideration for budget-conscious setups.


The Cisco ASR55-SSC, a high-performance service and security card, is designed to integrate seamlessly with ASR 5500 routers. This module enhances the router's capabilities, providing advanced security features and service integration that are vital for managing network traffic and protecting data. It's engineered to meet the demands of modern networks, offering a combination of speed, reliability, and security. Crafted with a plug-in form factor, the ASR55-SSC ensures easy installation into ASR 5500 series routers. This compatibility simplifies network upgrades and maintenance, allowing network administrators to enhance their systems without extensive downtime or complex configurations. The module's design is focused on efficiency and performance, supporting the delivery of high-quality, secure, and continuous services. Key specifications of the ASR55-SSC include:
  • Compatibility with ASR 5500 series routers, ensuring a seamless integration into existing network infrastructures.
  • A plug-in form factor, which facilitates easy installation and maintenance.
  • Advanced security features, providing robust protection against a wide range of cyber threats.
In terms of performance, the ASR55-SSC is built to handle high volumes of network traffic without compromising speed or reliability. It supports a variety of security protocols and services, including encryption, intrusion prevention, and advanced threat protection. These capabilities are essential for networks that handle sensitive information or are subject to strict compliance requirements. The ASR55-SSC also offers flexibility in service integration. It enables the deployment of a wide range of services directly on the router, reducing the need for additional hardware and simplifying network architecture. This not only saves space and energy but also streamlines management processes, making it easier for network administrators to deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot services. Reliability is another hallmark of the ASR55-SSC. Designed for continuous operation in challenging environments, it features robust components that can withstand high temperatures and maintain performance levels under heavy loads. This makes it an ideal choice for critical networking applications where downtime is not an option. Overall, the Cisco ASR55-SSC is a powerful addition to any network utilizing ASR 5500 series routers. Its combination of security features, performance capabilities, and reliability makes it an essential component for businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure. Whether it's used to secure sensitive data, manage high volumes of traffic, or integrate services, the ASR55-SSC provides the tools necessary for modern networking challenges.


Model Number Cisco ASR55-SSC
Compatible Equipment ASR 5500 Series Routers
Design Module Type

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