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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The C9200-48P-E-AM is a modular network switch featuring 48 x Gigabit Ethernet Network ports/expansion slots for extensive connectivity options. It supports RAID Levels 1+0 for enhanced data redundancy and performance. Additionally, it is equipped with a stack port, enabling scalable network configurations and simplified management.

Key Feature for the C9200-48P-E-AM

  • What is the port capacity of the network switch?
    The network switch features 48 Gigabit Ethernet Network ports.
  • Can I use a stack port with the model featuring the part number?
    Yes, the model includes a stack port for linking multiple switches.
  • Is the network switch designed to be modular?
    Yes, the switch is modular, allowing for flexible configuration and expansion.
  • What RAID levels are supported by the device with the part number?
    RAID 1+0 is supported, offering a balance of redundancy and performance.
  • What is the weight of the network switch?
    The switch weighs 7.78 kilograms.
  • Does the model with the part number require any specific environment for optimal operation?
    While the model is designed for durability, it should be operated in environments free from extreme temperatures and humidity for optimal performance.
  • How does RAID 1+0 benefit the network switch's performance?
    RAID 1+0 enhances data integrity and improves performance by striping and mirroring data across multiple drives.
  • Can the switch with the part number be integrated into any network environment?
    Yes, its gigabit Ethernet ports and modular design make it compatible with a wide range of network environments.
  • Are there any additional expansion options available for the network switch?
    Yes, its modular nature allows for various expansion options to meet growing network demands.
  • How does the inclusion of a stack port benefit network management?
    A stack port allows for the connection of multiple switches, simplifying network management and scalability.

Product Review

The Cisco C9200-48P-E-AM offers a solid foundation for enterprise networks with its support for 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and modular design, allowing for flexible expansion options. Its capability for RAID 1+0 ensures data redundancy and performance, beneficial for critical network applications. However, the weight of 7.78 kilograms might pose challenges for installations where space or physical support is limited.


The Cisco C9200-48P-E-AM is a cutting-edge network switch designed to meet the demands of modern enterprises requiring high-speed data transfer and reliable connectivity. This device is part of the Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series, known for its performance and flexibility in handling complex network architectures. With a focus on hardware specifications, this overview provides insights into what makes the Cisco C9200-48P-E-AM a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure. Central to its design, the switch offers 48 Gigabit Ethernet Network ports, ensuring ample connections for devices within a network. This capability is critical for organizations with a significant number of wired connections, supporting seamless data transmission across the network. The gigabit speeds facilitate high-bandwidth applications, ensuring that data-intensive tasks are completed without bottlenecks, enhancing overall network efficiency. Furthermore, the switch is modular, which means it offers flexibility in network design and expansion. As business needs grow and technology evolves, the ability to add or modify modules ensures that the network can adapt without requiring a complete overhaul of the hardware. This modularity is a key feature for businesses looking for a solution that can evolve alongside their requirements. Another significant feature is the inclusion of a stack port. This allows multiple switches to be stacked together, functioning as a single unit. This capability not only simplifies network management but also enhances performance through increased bandwidth and creates redundancy, improving network reliability. Stacking switches can be particularly beneficial in environments where space is at a premium, as it reduces the physical footprint of the network hardware. The Cisco C9200-48P-E-AM supports RAID levels 1+0, offering a balance of data redundancy and performance. RAID 1+0, or RAID 10, combines mirroring and striping to protect data against hard drive failures while ensuring high-speed data access. This feature is especially useful in scenarios where data integrity and availability are critical, providing peace of mind that important data is safeguarded against loss. Weighing at 7.78 kilograms, the switch is relatively lightweight, considering its capabilities and the technology it packs. This weight makes it manageable for installation and reconfiguration as needed, without being overly cumbersome for network administrators. Key highlights of the Cisco C9200-48P-E-AM include: - <>
  • 48 Gigabit Ethernet Network ports for extensive connectivity.
  • Modular design for flexible network configuration and expansion.
  • Stack port capability for simplified management and enhanced network performance.
In conclusion, the Cisco C9200-48P-E-AM is a powerful and flexible network switch that caters to the needs of modern businesses. Its combination of gigabit ports, modularity, stacking capabilities, and RAID support make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to build a resilient, high-performance network infrastructure. Whether for data centers, large offices, or complex enterprise environments, this switch is equipped to handle the demands of today's data-driven world.


Model Number C9200-48P-E-AM by Cisco
Supported RAID Configurations 1+0
Expandability Modular Design
Stacking Capability Available
Interface Information 48 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Product Weight 7.78 kg

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