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Product Line: Cisco Codec Pro+
Product Type: Codec
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Product Description

Cisco Codec Pro+ is a powerful video codec designed for professional video conferencing. It provides high-quality video and audio experiences in conference rooms and meeting spaces. The codec is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other Cisco collaboration products. With advanced features such as 4K video support, voice-activated camera control, and multi-device collaboration, the Codec Pro+ is a top-of-the-line solution for modern video conferencing needs.

Key Feature for the CS-CODEC-PRO+

1. 4K Video Support: The Codec Pro+ supports high-definition 4K video for sharp, detailed images.
2. Voice-activated Camera Control: The codec allows users to control the camera simply by speaking, making it easier to start and stop video recording.
3. Multi-device Collaboration: The Codec Pro+ enables collaboration between multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, for more flexible and efficient meetings.
4. Advanced Audio Processing: The codec features advanced audio processing technology, including noise reduction and automatic gain control, for high-quality audio during video calls.
5. Seamless Integration: The Codec Pro+ integrates seamlessly with other Cisco collaboration products, including Webex Teams and Webex Meetings, for a consistent and seamless video conferencing experience.
6. Easy-to-use Interface: The codec features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to start and join video calls, adjust camera and audio settings, and share content.

Product Review

The Cisco Codec Pro+ is highly regarded by users for its high-quality video and audio, advanced features, and ease of use. Many users appreciate the codec's ability to support 4K video and voice-activated camera control, which helps to enhance the video conferencing experience. Some users also appreciate the codec's seamless integration with other Cisco collaboration products, which provides a more consistent and efficient experience. Overall, the Codec Pro+ is a top-notch video codec that delivers outstanding performance and reliability.


The Cisco CS-CODEC-PRO+ is an industry-leading codec processor and media gateway all in one device. It's optimized for providing reliable, high-quality audio and video streaming from IP networks. Offering flexibility and performance, this all-in-one codec delivers a wide variety of digital media over IP networks for enterprise applications. At the heart of the Cisco CS-CODEC-PRO+ is a powerful Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processor running at 4.2GHz. This ensures that there is plenty of headroom to accommodate various communication needs. The hardware design guarantees there will be a low latency environment when processing data, audio or video streams. The Cisco CS-CODEC-PRO+ offers multiple network connections, providing high capacity for dual gigabit LAN channels. This enables the transmission and receipt of multiple streams of traffic at once, helping streamline the workflow process, particularly useful for collaborative environments. It also comes with wireless HD, which allows streaming media to mobile devices up to 4k resolution. The codec processor has outfitted with 512MB DDR4 RAM and 32GB M.2 SSD storage for faster read and write performance. This makes it capable of handling large files, such as high definition videos or large audio sample libraries. Furthermore, there are two USB 3 ports on the back side of the codec processor, allowing you to add an external device such as memory sticks or other peripherals. In terms of audio performance, the CS-CODEC-PRO+ offers a 24 bit/192 KHz audio resolution designed specifically to ensure clear, accurate sound quality over a wide range of sound frequencies. Network wise there is the ability to decode Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound over both LAN and Wi-Fi connections, with support for SIP conferences, PTT (Push-to-Talk) conversations and many other features designed to widen the possibilities of IP networking between devices to bring real time audio/video conferencing capabilities to life. In addition to its preloaded software capabilities and built in media gateway, the CSCODEC PRO+ includes a range of inputs/outputs such as three HDMI ports and two USB 3 ports plus one 3G/4G LTE port making it extremely versatile and suitable for both professional and consumer usage applications.

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