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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9
Product Type: MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)
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Product Description

The Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 is a high-performance multipoint control unit designed for video conferencing applications. It can support up to 20 video endpoints in a single conference, with advanced features for collaboration and control.

Key Feature for the CTI-4520-MCU-K9

1. Supports up to 20 HD video endpoints in a single conference 
2. H.323 and SIP protocol support 
3. Up to 1080p HD video resolution and 30 frames per second 
4. Advanced collaboration features, including document sharing and whiteboarding 
5. Built-in firewall for enhanced security 
6. Redundant power supply for high availability

Product Review

The Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 is a standout product in its category due to its superior hardware features, such as 4K at 60 UHD resolution video input and up to 8 1080p60 endpoints for video and audio. These features allow for extremely high quality multimedia experiences with no lag, making them ideal for collaboration and remote conferencing. Additionally, the unique USB 3.0 Type-C port allows for fast plug-and-play connection of optional devices such as projectors and monitors. This makes it a great choice for professionals seeking an advanced and easily accessible presentation solution.


The Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 is an innovative, powerful, and multi-purpose solution for video and audio conferencing solutions. With its impressive hardware capabilities, it provides a great choice for organizations seeking to build reliable, secure and advanced audio & video conferencing solutions. The Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 is an IP based MCU with high definition capabilities and a 1080p resolution option. Its H.264 AVC Codec provides exceptional picture quality up to 60 fps, allowing for rich visual conferencing setups. It also supports dual streams for HD VGA output, with a built-in digital content mixer that allows users to add graphics and other rich media via HDMI connection. The large capacity of the equipment allows for up to 1280 x 720 video resolution at 50 frames per second, with combined video/data at 720 x 576 x 30 frames per second. The Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 also supports high quality audio connections via the two integrated microphones, with a sampling rate of 16kHz and 7kHz CNG. Through a 5.1 surround sound feature, the Cisco CTI can additionally support a multitude of audio formats providing a great opportunity to make the most out of conference calls. Lastly, multiple connections are supported in this device via IPSec and SRTP, allowing for secure communication. Aside from strong hardware capabilities, the Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 includes several impressive features such as improved call control and call detail record capabilities, as well as QoS (Quality of Service) tracking options. It can be connected via web proxy or other IP compatible devices and supports up to 10 users simultaneously at 1080p or up to 50 at 720p. Using the Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 is simple to set up and manage with a user-friendly GUI, remote control options and no additional software requirements. Overall, the Cisco CTI-4520-MCU-K9 offers an impressive combination of advanced hardware performance, scalability and versatility making it the perfect choice for effective and efficient video/audio conferencing solutions.

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