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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco MDS 9000 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco MDS 9000 Series switches are high-performance, flexible, and scalable switches designed for the most demanding storage environments. The DS-C48S-300AC model is a 48-port Fibre Channel switch that supports speeds of up to 16 Gbps. It features advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, including a built-in packet analyzer and performance monitoring tools.

Key Feature for the DS-C48S-300AC

1.48 ports
2. 16 Gbps per port
3. Up to 768 Gbps switching capacity
4. Hot-swappable power supplies and fans
5. Advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools

Product Review

The Cisco DS-C48S-300AC is a high-performance Fibre Channel switch designed for use in large-scale storage area networks (SANs). Its unique feature is its support for 48 Fibre Channel ports, providing high-speed connectivity for storage devices. Additionally, the DS-C48S-300AC offers advanced network management capabilities, including support for virtual SANs (VSANs), quality of service (QoS) features, and Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) routing. Its robust hardware design, with support for redundant power supplies and fans, ensures reliable and uninterrupted network connectivity. Its scalable and flexible hardware design makes it suitable for deployment in a range of large-scale SAN environments. Additionally, the DS-C48S-300AC supports various network protocols, including Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), making it ideal for converged network environments.


The Cisco DS-C48S-300AC is a high-performance storage area network (SAN) switch designed for large enterprises and service providers. It offers advanced features such as high port density, high-bandwidth capabilities, and advanced network management capabilities. The switch includes 48 Fibre Channel ports, providing high-speed connectivity between devices. It supports Fibre Channel speeds up to 16 Gbps, ensuring that it can handle the demands of most storage applications. The switch also includes advanced features such as Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN) and Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR), which help ensure that storage traffic is managed and protected. The DS-C48S-300AC includes a powerful dual-core CPU and 8 GB of RAM, ensuring that it can handle the demands of even the most complex storage environments. It also includes 64 GB of flash memory, allowing for fast access to frequently used data. The switch supports multiple operating systems, including Cisco NX-OS Software, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. It also includes hot-swappable power supplies and fans, ensuring that the switch can be easily maintained and upgraded without downtime. Overall, the Cisco DS-C48S-300AC is a reliable and high-performance SAN switch with impressive hardware specifications that make it a valuable asset for large enterprises and service providers seeking a secure and efficient storage solution. Its advanced features and versatile design make it suitable for a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications.

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