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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco MDS Switches
Product Type: DS-C9132T-K9
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Product Description

The Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 is a high-performance Fibre Channel switch designed for enterprise-level storage networks. It provides reliable and scalable connectivity, making it ideal for data-intensive applications.

Key Feature for the DS-C9132T-K9

1. 32 Fibre Channel ports, each capable of speeds up to 16 Gbps. 
2. Two hot-swappable power supplies for redundancy. 
3. Support for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI protocols. 
4. Advanced storage networking features, including virtual SANs (VSANs) and inter-VSAN routing (IVR). 
5. Non-blocking architecture and line-rate performance for high-bandwidth applications. 
6. Compatibility with Cisco MDS 9700 series directors for easy scalability.

Product Review

The Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 is a standout product in its category, thanks to its impressive hardware features. Its dual-slot form factor and support for up to 32Gbps of throughput ensure that users can accomplish all their storage needs without any lag. Additionally, the product's compatibility with key technologies like NVMe and SAS provides an additional layer of flexibility. These features make it an ideal choice for consumers looking for a reliable storage solution.


The Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 is an entry-level, mid-range storage switch that offers an expansive range of hardware specifications to meet the needs of modern data centers. It offers 12 ports that can support up to 64 simultaneous storage clients, and is equipped with FC16 uplinks providing 4x 16Gbps auto-sensing ports. It also features a Brocade silicon ASICs processor, 256 MB of DDR3 RAM, and 512MB but optimally expandable to 2GB API flash storage that can help keep data secure during operations. Additionally, the Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 runs on compatible versions of the Brocade Fabric OS, allowing users to take advantage of optimal network performance and scalability features. The Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 is designed for exceptional rackmount efficiency, making it the perfect choice for data centers that have limited space. Its ports have the capability to directly attach SAN and FC buses to servers and switches, in addition to having compatibility with all existing FC disk arrays. Additionally, the switch supports FCOE pre-boot environments with its integrated dual 10Gb Ethernet port, which also allows for increased speeds and improved throughput. The hardware specifications of the Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 offer solid performance for data center operations. It offers high endurance enterprise-class NAND flash memory that is rated for over three million optimal write/erase cycles at an operation voltage of 3v. Moreover, it boasts a Storage latency of less than 400 microseconds, a nonvolatile write latency of 7 microseconds, and a nonvolatile read latency of 16 microseconds. It also has an average power consumption rate of 10 watts per port. In addition to its impressive hardware specifications, the Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 allows users to quickly set up their SAN and FC networks with its easy configuration tools. This allows for efficient deployment and immediate operation out-of-the-box without additional setup time or user intervention. Furthermore, it ensures high availability operation by providing redundant power supplies that can operate in failover mode without interruption during server shutdowns or power outages. Overall, the Cisco DS-C9132T-K9 delivers an impressive range of hardware specifications to meet the demands of today's data centers. Its rugged construction, seamless BOS compatibility, and low operating temperature ensure reliable performance while its fast configuration tools ensure quick setup and easy maintenance down road. In addition to these features, its high speed up links make it ideal for high demand environments in which requiring maximum network efficiency is priority one.

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