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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DS-C9132T-MEK9 Cisco features 8 active FC ports and supports hot swapping for its 2 fans and 2 power supply units, ensuring uninterrupted operation and maintenance. With a 1 RU form factor, it offers a compact solution suitable for tight data center spaces, and it operates efficiently with a 650 W AC power rating, accommodating input voltages from 100 VAC to 240 VAC. Advanced functionalities include VSAN, NPV, IVR, and port channel with multipath load balancing, enhancing network flexibility and performance.

Key Feature for the DS-C9132T-MEK9

  • Q: What is the total number of active FC ports available?
    A: There are 8 active FC ports.
  • Q: How many power supply units does the device have?
    A: The device is equipped with 2 power supply units.
  • Q: Does it support hot swapping for fans and power supply units?
    A: Yes, the device supports hot swap for both fans and PSU.
  • Q: What is the airflow direction configuration?
    A: Airflow direction can be from back-to-front using port-side exhaust fans, and front-to-back using port-side intake fans.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of the device?
    A: The device measures 1.72 in. in height, 17.3 in. in width, and 20.11 in. in depth.
  • Q: What is the weight of the device?
    A: It weighs 9.82 kg.
  • Q: What advanced functions does the device support?
    A: It supports VSAN, NPV, IVR, Port channel with multipath load balancing, and flow-based as well as zone-based QoS.
  • Q: What is the operating temperature range?
    A: The operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 45 °C.
  • Q: Can it operate at high altitudes?
    A: Yes, it can operate at altitudes up to 2,000 meters.
  • Q: What is the power rating and voltage requirements?
    A: The power rating is 650 W AC, with an input voltage range from 100 VAC to 240 VAC and a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz.

Product Review

The Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9 offers flexibility with 8 active FC ports and supports a range of advanced functions such as VSAN and IVR, catering to diverse network requirements. However, the device has only two fans and two power supply units, which might limit redundancy and cooling efficiency in high-demand environments. Its compact 1 RU form factor and hot swap support for fan and PSU units facilitate easy maintenance and integration into existing rack setups, despite potential airflow direction considerations for optimal cooling.


The Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9 is a networking hardware designed to meet the demands of modern data centers, offering flexibility, scalability, and high performance. This product is tailored for environments requiring efficient and reliable Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity, with a focus on simplifying management and operational tasks. Equipped with 8 active FC ports, this switch ensures ample connectivity options for various network configurations. The inclusion of 2 fans and 2 power supply units, both supporting hot-swap functionality, underscores the system's reliability and ease of maintenance. This feature allows for component replacement without necessitating system downtime, ensuring continuous operation. The Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9 is designed with a form factor of 1 RU, making it compact and suitable for space-constrained environments. Its dimensions are 1.72 inches in height, 17.3 inches in width, and 20.11 inches in depth, with a weight of 9.82 kg. This compact size does not compromise its performance capabilities. The switch has a power rating of 650 W AC, operating efficiently within a voltage range of 100 VAC to 240 VAC and a frequency range of 50 to 60 Hz. Airflow within the device is optimized through the use of port-side exhaust fans for back-to-front airflow and port-side intake fans for front-to-back airflow, ensuring the system remains cool under varying operational loads. This adaptability in airflow direction contributes to the system's operational efficiency and longevity. The operating environment for the Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9 is designed to be flexible, with a minimum operating temperature of 0 °C and a maximum of 45 °C. It can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C. Humidity levels are also accommodated within a wide range, from 10% to 90% (non-condensing) for operating conditions and 10% to 95% (non-condensing) for storage. The system is designed to operate at altitudes up to 2,000 meters, ensuring reliability across a broad range of environmental conditions. Key features of the Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9 include:
  • Fabric Services such as Name Server, Login Services, and Broadcast, which facilitate efficient network management and configuration.
  • Advanced functions including Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN), N_Port Virtualization (NPV), Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR), and port channel with multipath load balancing, enhancing the network's flexibility and scalability.
  • Flow-based and zone-based Quality of Service (QoS), ensuring optimal performance and prioritization of critical data traffic.
In summary, the Cisco DS-C9132T-MEK9 stands out for its compactness, reliability, and advanced networking capabilities. It is designed to support high-performance computing environments with its efficient power usage, environmental adaptability, and comprehensive network management features. This switch represents a strategic investment for organizations looking to optimize their data center operations with a scalable, high-performance networking solution.


Item CodeDS-C9132T-MEK9 by Cisco
Fibre Channel Active Ports8
Total Fans2
Total Power Supplies2
Exhaust OrientationPort Side
Chassis Design1 Rack Unit
Replaceable ComponentsFans and PSUs
Vertical Dimension1.72 inches
Horizontal Width17.3 inches
Device Depth20.11 inches
Unit Mass9.82 kilograms
Energy Consumption650 Watts (AC)
Lowest AC Input100 Volts AC
Highest AC Input240 Volts AC
Electrical Frequency50 to 60 Hertz
Cooling Airflow PatternBack-to-Front with Port-Side Exhaust, Front-to-Back with Port-Side Intake
Operational Low Temp0 Degrees Celsius
Operational High Temp45 Degrees Celsius
Lowest Storage Temp-40 Degrees Celsius
Highest Storage Temp70 Degrees Celsius
Operational Humidity Range10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Storage Humidity Range10% to 95% (Non-Condensing)
Maximum Usage Altitude2,000 meters
Network ServicesName Server, Authentication Services, Broadcast Capabilities
Network FeaturesVSAN, NPV, IVR, Port Aggregation with Balanced Load Distribution, Quality of Service by Flow and Zone

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