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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DS-C9396S-K9 Cisco features 48 active ports with a port speed of 16-Gbps, designed to support scalability from 48 to 96 line rate. It operates on Cisco NX-OS software, making it ideal for standalone SAN applications in large departmental storage environments. Note, this model does not include a PSU or fan, and requires 2 racks for installation.

Key Feature for the DS-C9396S-K9

  • What is the port speed of the network switch?
    The port speed of the switch is 16-Gbps.
  • How many active ports does model with part number have?
    This model features 48 active ports.
  • Is a PSU included with the switch?
    No, the switch does not include a PSU.
  • Does the part number model come with a fan?
    No, this model does not come with a fan.
  • What is the scalability range of the switch?
    The switch can be scaled from 48 to 96 Line Rate.
  • How many racks are required for the model with the part number?
    It requires 2 racks for installation.
  • What software does the switch use?
    The switch operates on Cisco NX-OS software.
  • In what environments is the part number model intended for use?
    It is designed for use in standalone SAN in large departmental storage environments.
  • Can the switch operate without a fan?
    Yes, the switch is designed to operate without a fan.
  • What is the function of the part number model's 48 active ports?
    The 48 active ports support high-speed data transfer and connectivity for network devices.

Product Review

The Cisco DS-C9396S-K9, with its 48 active ports and the ability to scale from 48 to 96 line-rate, is well-suited for standalone SAN applications in large departmental storage environments, offering considerable flexibility in network design. However, the absence of a power supply unit (PSU) and fan within the package necessitates additional purchases, potentially increasing the total cost of ownership and complicating initial setup. Operating on Cisco NX-OS software enhances network efficiency and reliability, making it a viable choice for those prioritizing software stability and performance in their networking hardware.


The Cisco DS-C9396S-K9 stands as a pivotal component in the domain of data center networking, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for managing storage area networks (SANs) in large departmental storage environments. This switch is engineered to cater to the demanding requirements of high-performance storage networking, providing a foundation for reliable data transfer and access across storage and server infrastructure. At its core, the DS-C9396S-K9 comes equipped with 48 active ports, each capable of delivering port speeds up to 16-Gbps. This capability ensures high-speed data transfer rates that are essential for applications requiring rapid access to storage resources, such as high-performance computing and large-scale virtualization environments. The switch's architecture is designed to support scalability from 48 to 96 line-rate ports, allowing for seamless expansion to accommodate growing storage needs without sacrificing performance.
  • 48 active ports with 16-Gbps speed for high-performance data transfer
  • Scalable from 48 to 96 line-rate ports to support growing network demands
  • Operates on Cisco NX-OS software for enhanced networking functionality
One of the key features of the DS-C9396S-K9 is its absence of integrated power supply units (PSUs) and fans within the standard package. This design choice allows for a more customizable installation, enabling users to select PSU and cooling solutions that best fit their specific operational requirements and environmental conditions. The flexibility in choosing these components ensures that the switch can be optimized for various deployment scenarios, from densely populated data centers to smaller, specialized storage networks. The switch is housed within a 2-rack unit (RU) form factor, making it a compact yet powerful solution for integrating into existing rack infrastructure. This compact design is particularly advantageous for environments where space efficiency is paramount, allowing for high-density configurations without compromising on performance or scalability. Powered by Cisco NX-OS software, the DS-C9396S-K9 benefits from a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the functionality, security, and manageability of the network. Cisco NX-OS is a purpose-built data center operating system that includes support for advanced features such as virtualization, high availability, and modularity. This software platform ensures that the switch can effortlessly adapt to the evolving demands of modern storage networks, providing administrators with the tools they need to effectively manage their SAN infrastructure. The Cisco DS-C9396S-K9 is ideally suited for standalone SAN environments in large departmental storage settings, where it can serve as the backbone of a high-performance storage network. Its combination of high-speed connectivity, scalability, and advanced software features makes it an essential component for organizations looking to optimize their data storage and access capabilities. Whether deploying a new storage network or expanding an existing one, the DS-C9396S-K9 offers a reliable, efficient, and flexible solution that can meet the challenges of today's demanding storage environments.


Model DS-C9396S-K9 by Cisco
Active Interface Count 48
Interface Speed 16 Gbps
Power Supply Unit Included No
Cooling Fan Included No
Expansion Capability Expandable from 48 to 96 at full rate
Rack Units Required 2
Operating System Cisco NX-OS
Application Designed for large-scale departmental SANs as a standalone network

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