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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco DSC9148S12PK9
Product Type: Data Center Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco DS-C9148S-12PK9 is a data center switch designed for high-performance computing environments. It offers low-latency and high-bandwidth connectivity to support demanding applications, such as virtualization and cloud computing. The switch is also scalable, allowing for easy expansion as the network grows.

Key Feature for the DSC9148S12PK9

1. 48 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports
2. Low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity
3. Hot-swappable components for easy maintenance
4. Energy-efficient design to reduce power consumption
5. Scalable for easy expansion
6. Support for advanced networking features, such as virtualization and cloud computing

Product Review

The Cisco DSC9148S12PK9 offers an impressive feature set for its price range. Its 12 redundant power supplies ensures consistent uptime and high availability of services, making it ideal for the most intensive workloads. The built-in chassis management controller (CMC) provides remote and local access port management, allowing users to easily manage, configure and monitor their networks. Furthermore, its hot-swappable components makes adding additional components or troubleshooting easier than ever. Overall, the Cisco DSC9148S12PK9 is unmatched in terms of performance and reliability.


The Cisco DSC9148S12PK9 is a switch engineered for high-performance data centers. This ten rack unit size switch supports up to 9,148 ports and provides advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 features. It is designed to deliver great hardware performance, improved scalability and exceptional operational efficiency. This switch features sixteen 24x1/10G SFP+ Flexible NetFlow (FNF) ports, forty-eight 48x10/25G SFP28 FNF ports, and forty-eight 48x25/100G QSFP28 FNF ports. It also has 16 Hot-Swappable Power Supply Unit (PSU) slots for redundancy, allowing for up to 48 Tbps of throughput. Each PSU supports up to 400W of DC power for higher PoE density needs and applications. The DSC9148S12PK9 offers dynamic power saving options with an integrated DRAM battery backup making it ideal for mission-critical applications. The switch provides intelligent traffic management, integrated security services, automated QoS processing, advanced buffer management, and intelligent buffer protection technologies to deliver low latency, highly reliable networks. It also features advanced control plane/user plane separation, as well as enhanced Common Operating System (COS). The DSC9148S12PK9 allows for highly redundant and scalable data center networks with support for IPv6 routing protocols. It also provides efficient bandwidth utilization with long-term investment protection in virtualized and converged networks. The switch supports Layer 2 tunneling protocols such as MACsec, VLANs and VXLAN bridging to enable seamless integration with existing physical networks. It comes with an included installation-optimization package for faster deployment, configuration and troubleshooting support as well as access to all upgrade options and technical support when needed. The DSC9148S12PK9 offers highly reliable operation, maximum performance and low latency capabilities making it ideal for data center networks that need to scale quickly and securely.

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