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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Small Business Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DS-HP-8GFC-K9 is a Cisco networking module designed for integration into HP Blade Systems, featuring a port speed of 8 Gbps and supporting up to 32 VSANs. It offers connectivity for distances up to 10 km, ensuring broad deployment capabilities. This module runs on Cisco MDS 9000 NX-OS software and supports hot plugging for seamless maintenance and upgrades.

Key Feature for the DSHP8GFCK9

  • What is the port speed of the Cisco MDS 9000 series switch?
    The port speed is 8 Gbps.
  • How many VSANs can the MDS 9000 support?
    It supports up to 32 VSANs.
  • What is the maximum connectivity distance supported by this device?
    Connectivity is supported up to 10 km.
  • Which software does the switch use?
    The switch uses Cisco MDS 9000 NX-OS software.
  • Does the Cisco MDS 9000 series have hot plug support?
    Yes, it supports hot plugging.
  • In what system is the switch designed to be used?
    It is designed for use in HP Blade System.
  • Can the Cisco MDS 9000 series switch be integrated into existing networks?
    Yes, its compatibility with NX-OS software allows for seamless integration into existing networks.
  • Is there an upgrade path for firmware on the Cisco MDS 9000?
    Firmware upgrades are supported through Cisco MDS 9000 NX-OS software.
  • What are the benefits of VSANs in the MDS 9000 series?
    VSANs provide isolation within a physical fabric, enhancing security and reducing traffic congestion.
  • How does the hot plug feature benefit the system's maintenance?
    Hot plug support enables easy replacement and addition of components without disrupting the system operation.

Product Review

The Cisco DS-HP-8GFC-K9 offers a port speed of 8 Gbps, which supports the demands of mid-sized network environments but may lag behind in high-throughput scenarios. With support for 32 VSANs, it enables efficient network segmentation and improved security. However, its specific design for use in HP Blade Systems limits its versatility across different hardware setups.


The Cisco DS-HP-8GFC-K9 is a specialized networking hardware component designed to enhance the performance and reliability of HP Blade Systems through advanced fiber channel connectivity. This high-speed module, with an 8 Gbps port speed, ensures swift and efficient data transfer rates, making it an ideal choice for enterprise environments that demand high bandwidth for storage and networking communications. Central to its design is the support for up to 32 Virtual Storage Area Networks (VSANs), allowing for the segmentation of a physical fiber channel network into multiple isolated environments. This feature is crucial for improving network security, efficiency, and manageability, as it enables administrators to isolate traffic for different applications or user groups without necessitating multiple physical networks. The hardware's connectivity capabilities are impressive, offering distances up to 10 kilometers. This extended reach is particularly beneficial for organizations with dispersed storage networks, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity across a broad geographic area without compromising on data transfer speeds or quality. Incorporating the Cisco MDS 9000 NX-OS software, the DS-HP-8GFC-K9 benefits from a comprehensive suite of management and security features designed to simplify network administration. This operating system enhances the hardware's functionality with its robust set of protocols and services, supporting efficient operation, diagnostics, and trouble resolution across storage networks. Key features of the Cisco DS-HP-8GFC-K9 include: - 8 Gbps Port Speed: Facilitates rapid data transfers, enhancing overall network performance. - Support for 32 VSANs: Offers flexibility in network design and segmentation, improving security and efficiency. - Connectivity Up to 10 km: Ensures reliable long-distance connections, suitable for extensive network setups. Another critical aspect of this module is its hot plug support, allowing for easy installation and replacement without the need to power down the entire system. This feature minimizes downtime, ensuring that network operations can continue uninterrupted during upgrades or maintenance. Designed specifically for use in HP Blade Systems, the DS-HP-8GFC-K9 integrates seamlessly, enhancing the system's capabilities by providing high-speed access to storage networks. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage the full potential of their HP Blade System infrastructure, benefiting from increased storage networking performance and reliability. In conclusion, the Cisco DS-HP-8GFC-K9 stands out as a high-performance networking module, offering an impressive blend of speed, connectivity, and advanced features. Its support for multiple VSANs, extended connectivity range, and integration with Cisco MDS 9000 NX-OS software make it a comprehensive solution for enterprise-level HP Blade Systems. With hot plug support and tailored design for HP Blade Systems, it represents a significant upgrade for organizations looking to enhance their storage network's efficiency and reliability.


Item Number DS-HP-8GFC-K9 by Cisco
Data Rate 8 Gigabits per second
VSAN Capacity 32 Virtual SANs
Maximum Distance Up to 10 kilometers
Operating System Cisco MDS 9000 Series NX-OS
Hot-Swappable Supported
Compatibility Designed for HP BladeSystem

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