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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst Switches
Product Type: Fan Module
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Product Description

The FAN-MOD-9SHS is designed for high-speed operation, ensuring optimal cooling for the Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis. This cooling module weighs 1 lb, facilitating easy installation and maintenance. Its compatibility with the specified Cisco models guarantees efficient thermal management critical for system performance and reliability.

Key Feature for the FAN-MOD-9SHS

  • What chassis models are compatible with the Speed High?
    The Speed High is designed for use with the Cisco 7609 and 7609-S chassis models.
  • How much does the Speed High weigh?
    The Speed High weighs 1 lb.
  • Can the Speed High be used in network setups outside of Cisco 7609/7609-S?
    No, the Speed High is specifically designed for compatibility with the Cisco 7609 and 7609-S chassis.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the Speed High?
    Physical dimensions are not provided. Please refer to the product specifications for mounting compatibility with the Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis.
  • Is there any special installation procedure for the Speed High in the compatible chassis?
    Installation procedures follow standard Cisco hardware integration guidelines. Refer to the Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis manual for detailed instructions.
  • Does the Speed High require additional cooling solutions?
    It depends on the overall configuration and operational environment. Evaluate the system's thermal performance to determine if extra cooling is necessary.
  • Are there any specific software requirements for using the Speed High with the Cisco 7609/7609-S?
    Ensure your system runs the latest compatible Cisco IOS software version to guarantee full functionality and performance.
  • What type of warranty comes with the Speed High?
    Warranty details vary. Confirm with the supplier or Cisco directly for the specific warranty terms for the Speed High.
  • Can the Speed High be upgraded or expanded?
    Expansion capabilities depend on the chassis configuration and available slots. Review the Cisco 7609/7609-S specifications for expansion options.
  • Where can I find technical support or troubleshooting assistance for the Speed High?
    Technical support is available through Cisco's support channels, including their website, direct support lines, and authorized service centers.

Product Review

The Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS offers high-speed cooling, essential for maintaining optimal performance in Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis. At a weight of just 1 lb, it ensures minimal impact on the overall system weight, facilitating easier handling and installation. However, it is designed specifically for the 7609/7609-S models, limiting its compatibility with other Cisco chassis.


The Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS is a high-speed fan module designed to provide optimal cooling for the Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis. This essential hardware component ensures that the system operates within safe temperature thresholds, thus maintaining performance and extending the lifespan of the networking equipment. With a speed tailored to meet the cooling demands of high-performance networking environments, this fan module is a critical investment for any data center utilizing Cisco 7609 or 7609-S chassis. Constructed to seamlessly integrate with the specified chassis, the Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS has a lightweight design, weighing in at just 1 lb. This makes it easy to install, replace, and manage within the network infrastructure without necessitating extensive physical effort or causing downtime. Key specifications include: -
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient cooling.
  • Operation: Delivers high-speed cooling, effectively managing the thermal conditions of the system to prevent overheating and potential damage.
  • Weight: At just 1 lb, it is lightweight, promoting ease of installation and maintenance within the network setup.
The FAN-MOD-9SHS module operates by drawing in cooler air from the environment and circulating it throughout the chassis to dissipate heat generated by the active components. This process is crucial in maintaining operational efficiency and preventing thermal throttling, which can significantly impact the performance of network operations. The high-speed nature of the fan ensures that air is moved quickly and efficiently, even under high load conditions, keeping the system within optimal thermal limits. In addition to its primary cooling function, the design and engineering of the Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS contribute to the overall noise management within the data center. Despite its high-speed operation, the fan module is designed to minimize noise, contributing to a more manageable and less intrusive working environment. Installation of the FAN-MOD-9SHS is straightforward, thanks to its compatibility with the Cisco 7609/7609-S chassis. It slots into the designated fan module bay, with secure fittings that prevent accidental dislodgement. Maintenance and replacement, when necessary, are just as simple, ensuring minimal downtime and promoting a seamless operational flow within the network infrastructure. The importance of effective cooling cannot be overstated in the context of modern data centers and networking environments. With the Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS, network administrators can ensure that their Cisco 7609 and 7609-S chassis are kept within safe operating temperatures. This not only safeguards the hardware from the potential damages caused by overheating but also supports sustained performance levels essential for meeting the demands of contemporary networking tasks. In summary, the Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS fan module is a critical component for anyone operating a Cisco 7609 or 7609-S chassis. By efficiently managing the thermal environment of these systems, it plays a key role in maintaining performance, reliability, and the longevity of the network infrastructure.


Model Number Cisco FAN-MOD-9SHS
Compatibility Cisco 7609 and 7609-S Series Chassis
Velocity High
Mass 1 pound

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