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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Fan Tray Modules
Product Type: Fan Tray
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Product Description

The FAN-SCE is designed for compatibility with SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines, ensuring seamless integration into existing network infrastructure. This component is essential for maintaining optimal thermal management within the system, safeguarding against potential overheating issues. It is a critical replacement part for the sustained performance and reliability of the SCE series in demanding network environments.

Key Feature for the FAN-SCE

  • What is the main function of the SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines?
    The SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines primarily monitor and analyze network traffic, enabling service providers to optimize and deliver differentiated services efficiently.
  • Can the SCE 8000 support high traffic volumes?
    Yes, the SCE 8000 is designed to handle high traffic volumes, making it suitable for large-scale network environments.
  • Are SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 compatible with other network management systems?
    Both SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series are designed to integrate seamlessly with various network management systems, providing flexibility in network operation and management.
  • How does the SCE 2000 Series enhance network security?
    The SCE 2000 Series includes features for traffic analysis and management, which help in identifying and mitigating potential security threats within the network.
  • What type of connectivity options are available with SCE 8000?
    The SCE 8000 offers multiple connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, to support diverse network architectures.
  • Can the SCE 2000 Series be used in both residential and commercial networks?
    Yes, the SCE 2000 Series is versatile enough to be deployed in both residential and commercial network settings, offering scalable service control and traffic management solutions.
  • Is it possible to upgrade the firmware on SCE 8000 Series devices?
    Yes, firmware upgrades are possible on SCE 8000 Series devices, allowing for the enhancement of features and the introduction of new functionalities over time.
  • What are the power requirements for operating an SCE 2000 Series engine?
    The SCE 2000 Series requires a standard AC power supply, with specific voltage and frequency depending on the model and geographical deployment location.
  • Does the SCE 8000 support virtualization for network functions?
    Yes, the SCE 8000 supports virtualization technologies, enabling efficient resource utilization and simplified network function deployment.
  • How can I monitor the performance of SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series engines?
    Performance of the SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series can be monitored through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), providing real-time insights into traffic flow and engine health.

Product Review

The Cisco FAN-SCE offers reliable cooling for SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines, ensuring stable operation under various load conditions. However, its installation and maintenance can be somewhat complex, requiring technical expertise. Additionally, it operates at a noise level that might be considered high for environments requiring quiet operation.


The Cisco FAN-SCE is a specialized fan module designed to ensure optimal cooling for the SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines. These engines are critical components in managing, monitoring, and controlling high-speed data traffic across networks, demanding reliable and efficient cooling solutions to maintain performance and prevent overheating. The FAN-SCE module is engineered to meet these requirements, providing a tailored cooling solution that enhances the operational longevity and reliability of Cisco's service control engines. Built with precision, the FAN-SCE module features a compact design that seamlessly integrates into the SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 series' chassis. This integration is crucial for maintaining the overall system's integrity and operational efficiency, ensuring that the cooling is evenly distributed across the components that generate the most heat. The module operates by drawing cooler air from the environment and directing it across the internal components of the SCE, effectively dissipating heat and maintaining a stable operating temperature. The FAN-SCE's operational efficiency is highlighted by its ability to adjust its cooling capacity based on the system's current temperature, ensuring that the SCE units are not subjected to unnecessary noise levels or power consumption. This dynamic adjustment is key to extending the lifespan of both the fan module and the SCE units it supports, making it an essential component for network operators who demand high availability and reliability from their equipment. Key specifications of the Cisco FAN-SCE include: - Compatibility with Cisco SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. - Dynamic cooling capability, which adjusts the fan speed based on the system's temperature, optimizing energy use and minimizing noise. - A design focused on efficient heat dissipation, which prolongs the life of the service control engines by preventing overheating and potential damage. In operation, the FAN-SCE is characterized by its low noise output, a critical feature for installations in shared or confined spaces where excessive noise can be a disturbance. Additionally, its energy-efficient design not only reduces the operational costs associated with cooling but also supports organizations' efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Maintenance of the FAN-SCE is straightforward, with the module designed for easy removal and replacement, minimizing downtime and service interruptions. This ease of maintenance ensures that network operators can quickly respond to any issues, further enhancing the reliability of their network services. In summary, the Cisco FAN-SCE fan module is an essential component for network operators using Cisco's SCE 2000 and SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines. Its design and functionality ensure that these high-performance units remain cooled efficiently, preserving their operational integrity and supporting the continuous, high-speed data traffic management that modern networks require. With its dynamic cooling capabilities, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, the FAN-SCE is a critical investment for maintaining the health and performance of Cisco service control engines.


Item Number Manufacturer Compatibility
FAN-SCE Cisco SCE 2000, SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engines

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