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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Firepower
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The FPR-NM-6X10SR-F is a Cisco network module featuring 6-Port 10Gb SFP for short-range networking applications. It exhibits an insertion loss of 0.9 dB (typical) to 1.4 dB (maximum) under normal conditions. In hardware bypass mode, insertion loss ranges from 1.2 dB (typical) to 1.7 dB (maximum).

Key Feature for the FPR-NM-6X10SR-F

  • What is the purpose of the 6-Port 10Gb SFP Short Range Network Module?
    It is designed for high-speed network connectivity, supporting up to 10 Gbps per port to enhance data transfer rates and network efficiency.
  • What is the typical insertion loss for the module in normal operation mode?
    The typical insertion loss in normal operation mode is 0.9 dB.
  • How does the maximum insertion loss in normal mode compare to the typical insertion loss?
    In normal mode, the maximum insertion loss is 1.4 dB, which is slightly higher than the typical insertion loss of 0.9 dB.
  • What insertion loss values are expected when the module is in hardware bypass mode?
    Typical insertion loss in hardware bypass mode is 1.2 dB, while the maximum can reach up to 1.7 dB.
  • Can the module operate in environments with different insertion loss requirements?
    Yes, with typical and maximum insertion losses ranging from 0.9 dB to 1.7 dB, the module can accommodate various network environments and performance needs.
  • What is the significance of hardware bypass mode in the module's operation?
    Hardware bypass mode ensures network continuity and reduces packet loss by allowing data to pass through even if the network module fails or is powered off.
  • Is there a significant difference in insertion loss between normal operation and hardware bypass modes?
    The difference is minimal, with hardware bypass mode typically experiencing slightly higher insertion loss, ensuring network reliability without substantially impacting performance.
  • How does the module support high-speed data transmission?
    By utilizing SFP+ ports that support speeds up to 10 Gbps, the module facilitates efficient, high-speed data transmission across the network.
  • What are the benefits of using a 6-Port 10Gb SFP Short Range Network Module in a data center?
    It offers enhanced bandwidth, improved data transfer rates, and the flexibility to support high-speed connections, optimizing overall network performance in data center environments.
  • How does the module manage network efficiency and reliability?
    With low insertion losses in both normal and hardware bypass modes, it maintains high network efficiency and reliability, ensuring minimal signal degradation and consistent network uptime.

Product Review

The Cisco FPR-NM-6X10SR-F offers a 6-Port 10Gb SFP capability, providing a solid throughput for short-range network connections. The insertion loss ranges from a typical 0.9 dB to a maximum of 1.4 dB under normal conditions, and from 1.2 dB to 1.7 dB with hardware bypass, which may impact performance in high-demand scenarios. This module is well-suited for environments where short-range, high-speed connections are essential, but the insertion loss parameters should be carefully considered in the network design phase to ensure optimal performance.


The Cisco FPR-NM-6X10SR-F is a specialized network module designed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco's firewall products. This module is equipped with six ports that support 10Gb SFP, providing a high-speed interface for short-range connections. It is specifically engineered to meet the demands of businesses requiring fast and reliable network performance for their security infrastructure. The design of the FPR-NM-6X10SR-F focuses on minimizing insertion loss, a critical factor in maintaining signal quality over the network. Insertion loss refers to the amount of signal power that is lost as the signal passes through the module. Lower insertion loss values indicate better performance as more of the original signal power reaches its destination. For standard operations, the module exhibits an insertion loss that typically stands at 0.9 dB, ensuring that signal degradation is kept to a minimum. This value can reach up to a maximum of 1.4 dB under normal conditions, which still falls within acceptable performance parameters for most networking applications. The module also features a hardware bypass mode, designed to provide an alternative routing path for network traffic in the event of a module failure or when the system is powered down. In this mode, the insertion loss typically measures at 1.2 dB, with a maximum value of 1.7 dB. These figures are indicative of the module's efficiency in maintaining signal integrity, even in bypass operations.
  • Support for 6-port 10Gb SFP for high-bandwidth connectivity.
  • Optimized insertion loss for enhanced signal quality: Normal operation typical at 0.9 dB, maximum at 1.4 dB; Hardware bypass typical at 1.2 dB, maximum at 1.7 dB.
  • Hardware bypass feature for improved network reliability and uptime.
The module's support for 10Gb SFP short-range connections makes it an ideal solution for environments where high-speed data transfer is critical, and distance between interconnected devices is relatively short. This could include data centers, enterprise networks, and any scenario where high-volume, high-speed data transfer capabilities are a priority. In summary, the Cisco FPR-NM-6X10SR-F network module is a key component for organizations looking to bolster their network's performance and reliability. Its advanced design minimizes insertion loss, ensuring that data signals are transmitted with minimal degradation. The module's support for high-speed, short-range connections, combined with its hardware bypass feature, provides a flexible and reliable solution for managing network traffic. Whether it's used to facilitate daily operations or to enhance network security, the FPR-NM-6X10SR-F is equipped to meet the challenges of modern network environments.


Item Number FPR-NM-6X10SR-F
Produced by Cisco
Description 6-Port 10Gb SFP Short Distance Network Module
Signal Loss Standard Condition - Average - 0.9 dB
Signal Loss Standard Condition - Peak - 1.4 dB
Signal Loss With Bypass Mechanism - Average - 1.2 dB
Signal Loss With Bypass Mechanism - Peak - 1.7 dB

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