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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Industrial Integrated Services Routers (IR800 Series)
Product Type: Industrial Router
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Product Description

The Cisco IR829GW LTE Industrial Integrated Services Router is designed for use in harsh industrial environments, such as oil rigs, mines, and factories. It provides secure and reliable connectivity to remote sites and mobile assets. The router features built-in support for 4G LTE wireless WAN and dual SIMs for carrier redundancy. It supports up to 50 VPN tunnels and features advanced security features such as VPN with AES encryption and firewall protection. The router is easy to deploy and manage, with a web-based management interface and support for Cisco IOS Software.

Key Feature for the IR829GWLTEGAEK9

1. Supports 4G LTE wireless WAN
2. Dual SIMs for carrier redundancy
3. Supports up to 50 VPN tunnels
4. VPN with AES encryption and firewall protection
5. 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
6. Industrial-grade design for harsh environments

Product Review

The Cisco IR829GWLTEGAEK9 is a versatile industrial router that comes with a range of important hardware features. It boasts a robust design that can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. Additionally, it supports both wired and wireless connections and features LTE connectivity, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications that require high-speed internet access. Its unique combination of features makes it a reliable and efficient solution for businesses in need of a rugged and versatile router.


The Cisco IR829GWLTEGAEK9 is an industry leading industrial grade router, designed to be highly reliable and secure in harsh industrial settings such as factories, power plants, and oil rigs. The IR829GWLTEGAEK9 features Gigabit Ethernet ports, an internal 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi, and LTE Advanced Cat.6 and IEEE 802.11ac WLAN radios for fast, reliable network access and control even in remote or poor network coverage locations. The IR829GWLTEGAEK9 is powered by an advanced ARM dual-core processor, 512MB NAND Flash memory and 1GB RAM for superior performance under harsh conditions like temperature variance, vibration, water/dust exposure, and high voltage levels. To protect from data loss and from malicious interference, the system also includes a series of enhanced security protocols and components such as a stateful firewall, Secure Access Control System (ACLS), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), authentication and authorization measures. The device is equipped with a robust design that allows the router to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Its extended temperatures ratings range from -30°C to +60°C in compliance with cULus Class 1 Division 2 requirements and an operational EMC immunity of up to 4kV electrostatic discharge (ESD), making it ideal for industrial environments. In terms of connectivity, the router offers four 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports with PoE capability rated up to 25.5 watts each, so that devices connected to the IR829GWLTEGAEK9 can receive both data and power over a single cable. With a Depth of 51mm and 550g weight, the device is able to fit easily in even small places with minimal ventilation requirements for greater flexibility during device deployment. Overall, the Cisco IR829GWLTEGAEK9 is ideally suited for demanding industrial applications with its superior performance under harsh conditions, advanced security protocols and features, as well as its reliable connectivity.

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