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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ISR4331K9
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Cisco ISR4331K9 is an integrated services router that delivers highly secure data, voice, video, and application services for small to medium-sized businesses. It comes with a 1RU form factor and offers a range of connectivity options, including wired, wireless, and 4G LTE.

Key Feature for the ISR4331K9

1. Three Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and one Gigabit Ethernet management port 
2. Supports VPN, firewall, and intrusion prevention services 
3. Can support up to 100Mbps of traffic throughput 
4. Can support up to 240GB of internal storage with two M.2 SATA SSD slots 
5. Supports up to 1500 VPN tunnels and 2500 IPsec VPN tunnels 
6. Can support up to 4 EHWIC slots for additional connectivity options

Product Review

Cisco ISR4331K9 features a powerful 1-rack-unit form factor, making it highly portable and ideal for small businesses. Its multi-Gigabit Ethernet data ports offer expandability and flexibility, while its two networking modules provide increased performance with faster speeds and improved security protocols. Furthermore, its integrated service up to 400 Mbps of encrypted throughput helps users to securely access data without any downtime. This makes the ISR4331K9 an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable and robust networking equipment.


The Cisco ISR4331K9 is an industrial-grade, multi-core, multi-service integrated services router. The Cisco ISR4331K9 can enable larger organizations to quickly and securely access the Internet, corporate networks, and cloud resources. It is ideal for use in medium to large enterprise organizations that use multiple security protocols for edge routing and medium to large data needs. The Cisco ISR4331K9 features an impressive combination of features, performance, security, reliability, and power efficiency. Its hardware includes a dual core 2.7 GHz processor, 512 MB DRAM, 4 GB flash storage capacity, 3 LAN ports supporting 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet and 8 configurable GE. It also has two service modules slots (2-3G/4G LTE module) and one integrated console port. The router operates on VxWorks 7 operating system and support IOS 15.5 and IP services. The Cisco ISR4331K9 is designed with a modular architecture that allows it to expand its functional capabilities through the use of software and hardware upgrades. It provides access speeds up to 800 Mbps and supports up to eight VPN tunnels and up to five separate dynamic routing protocols. Additionally, this powerful router has built-in security features for protection against malicious attacks as well as dynamic threat containment for dealing with emerging threats. This router comes with comprehensive WAN features such as bonding, policy-based routing, voice gateway functionality, desktop virtualization capabilities, integrated services to manage bandwidth consumption and Quality of Service features for enhanced performance. Additionally, flexible deployment options are available, which includes the ability to be used in stand-alone mode or stacked in racks for distributed deployments that require multiple units per location or can be connected over a metropolitan area network (MAN). In addition to its hardware specifications, the Cisco ISR4331K9 also offers advanced software capabilities, including QoS optimization tools, dynamic routing capabilities with enhanced routing scalability and congestion management options. Overall, this multi-service integrated services router offers superior performance in an industrial grade package that is fast, secure and reliable.

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