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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco N20-B6620-1
Product Type: Server
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Product Description

The N20-B6620-1 Cisco is designed without a CPU, HDD, or Mezzanine components, allowing for flexible customization based on user requirements. This configuration supports external processing and storage solutions, enabling tailored performance levels for various applications. The absence of these components also simplifies maintenance and upgrades, ensuring easy adaptability to evolving technological needs.

Key Feature for the N20-B6620-1

  • What type of processor does the CPU No support?
    The CPU No supports Intel and AMD processors, including the latest generation models.
  • How can I increase the storage capacity of my HDD No model?
    To increase storage capacity, you can either replace the existing drive with one of higher capacity or add a new drive if additional slots are available.
  • Can Mezzanine No be used in any server?
    Mezzanine No is designed for compatibility with specific server models. Check the compatibility list before purchase.
  • What is the maximum storage size supported by HDD No?
    HDD No supports up to 10TB of storage per drive.
  • Is there a specific type of memory required for CPU No?
    CPU No requires DDR4 memory, ensuring compatibility with the latest memory standards.
  • How does Mezzanine No enhance server performance?
    Mezzanine No adds additional network or storage functionality, allowing servers to handle more tasks simultaneously.
  • What interfaces are available on HDD No?
    HDD No offers SATA and SAS interfaces, providing flexibility for different server configurations.
  • What cooling requirements does CPU No have?
    CPU No requires adequate cooling, typically provided by a combination of heatsinks and fans, to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  • Can I install multiple Mezzanine No cards in a single server?
    Yes, if the server chassis and motherboard support multiple cards, you can install more than one Mezzanine No to expand functionality.
  • Is firmware update necessary for HDD No?
    Periodic firmware updates for HDD No may be required to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with newer hardware.

Product Review

The Cisco N20-B6620-1 offers reliable performance for enterprise-level tasks, though it comes without a CPU, HDD, or mezzanine card, requiring additional investments for full operation. Its scalability and compatibility with Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) infrastructure make it a versatile choice for data centers. However, the absence of included essential components can increase the total cost of ownership and complexity in initial setup.


The Cisco N20-B6620-1 is a blade server module designed to deliver efficient performance and flexibility for various computing environments. It is part of Cisco's UCS (Unified Computing System) series, which is engineered to reduce total cost of ownership and increase business agility. This module is specifically built to handle demanding workloads with its high-speed architecture and compatibility with the Cisco UCS platform. At its core, the Cisco N20-B6620-1 does not come equipped with a CPU, HDD, or mezzanine card, allowing users the flexibility to customize the server based on their specific requirements. This customization capability ensures that businesses can tailor the server to meet their exact performance needs, whether for data-intensive applications, virtualization, or cloud computing. The server's architecture supports a wide range of processor options, giving IT administrators the ability to choose the right CPU that balances performance with power efficiency. Despite the absence of a pre-installed processor, the system is designed to accommodate Intel Xeon series processors, which are known for their outstanding performance and energy efficiency. Storage is another customizable aspect of the N20-B6620-1, as it does not include an HDD out of the box. This feature allows organizations to select the optimal storage solution that aligns with their capacity and speed requirements. Whether the need is for high-capacity HDDs for bulk storage or fast SSDs for applications requiring quick data access, the server's flexible storage options support a variety of business needs. The lack of a pre-installed mezzanine card is also notable, offering further customization for networking and connectivity. Users have the opportunity to select mezzanine cards that provide the right balance of throughput, latency, and network interfaces, ensuring seamless integration with existing network infrastructure and optimal performance for their specific applications. Key features of the Cisco N20-B6620-1 include: - Customizable CPU: Supports various Intel Xeon processors, allowing for tailored performance. - Flexible storage options: Accommodates different storage types and capacities to meet specific business requirements. - Expandable networking capabilities: Mezzanine card slot for enhanced connectivity and network customization. Despite its customizable nature, the Cisco N20-B6620-1 is designed with reliability and scalability in mind. It integrates seamlessly with the Cisco UCS Manager, offering simplified management and automation of all components within the UCS environment. This integration not only reduces management complexity but also speeds up deployment and enhances operational efficiency. In summary, the Cisco N20-B6620-1 blade server module stands out for its flexibility, allowing businesses to customize CPU, storage, and networking options to meet their specific needs. Its compatibility with Intel Xeon processors, coupled with its support for a variety of storage and networking configurations, makes it a versatile choice for organizations looking to optimize their data center operations. With the added benefits of simplified management through the Cisco UCS Manager, the N20-B6620-1 is a compelling solution for achieving efficient and tailored computing performance.


Item Number N20-B6620-1
Brand Cisco
Central Processing Unit Included Not included
Hard Disk Drive Presence Absent
Mezzanine Card Compatibility Not compatible

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