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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switches
Product Type: Line card module
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Product Description

The N55-M160L3 module, designed for the Nexus 5596 platform, enhances Layer 3 capabilities with a newer version of the Layer 3 ASIC, supporting up to 160 Gbps or 240 mpps performance. It accommodates IPv4 Longest Prefix Match Routes up to 8k (expandable to 16K with uRPF disabled), IPv4 Host Table of 8,000 entries, and IP Multicast Routes up to 4,000. Additionally, the module supports 1K L3 Interfaces and 1K VRF, is equipped with field-replaceable units (FRUs), and features a hot-swappable form factor for seamless integration and maintenance.

Key Feature for the N55-M160L3

  • What is the maximum number of IPv4 Longest Prefix Match Routes supported by the Nexus 5596 Layer 3 switch?
    The Nexus 5596 Layer 3 switch supports up to 8,000 IPv4 Longest Prefix Match Routes, which can be expanded to 16,000 with uRPF disabled.
  • How many IPv4 Host Table entries can the Nexus 5596 Layer 3 accommodate?
    It can accommodate up to 8,000 IPv4 Host Table entries.
  • What is the capacity for IP Multicast Routes on this device?
    The device supports up to 4,000 IP Multicast Routes.
  • How many L3 Interfaces does the Nexus 5596 Layer 3 support?
    It supports up to 1,000 L3 Interfaces.
  • Can you expand on the VRF capability of the Nexus 5596 Layer 3?
    The Nexus 5596 Layer 3 supports up to 1,000 VRFs, allowing for extensive network segmentation and virtualization.
  • Are components like power supplies and fans field-replaceable in the Nexus 5596 Layer 3?
    Yes, the Nexus 5596 Layer 3 includes field-replaceable units (FRUs) for easy maintenance and upgrades.
  • Has the Layer 3 ASIC in the Nexus 5596 been updated?
    Yes, it features a newer version of the Layer 3 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for enhanced performance.
  • What are the form factor and swapping capabilities of the Nexus 5596 Layer 3?
    It is designed with a hot-swappable form factor, allowing for uninterrupted operation during component replacements.
  • What performance levels does the Nexus 5596 Layer 3 deliver?
    It delivers performance up to 160 Gbps or 240 million packets per second (mpps).
  • Is the Nexus 5596 Layer 3 equipped with any high availability features?
    Yes, its support for field-replaceable units and hot-swappable components enhances its high availability capabilities.

Product Review

The Cisco N55-M160L3, designed for the Nexus 5596, offers enhanced Layer 3 capabilities with a performance ceiling of 160 Gbps or 240 million packets per second, meeting high-throughput demands. It supports up to 8K IPv4 Longest Prefix Match Routes, doubling with uRPF disabled, and includes 8,000 IPv4 Host Table entries and 4,000 IP Multicast Routes, although these capacities may be limiting for complex, large-scale networks. Its hot-swappable form factor and field-replaceable units ensure minimal downtime for maintenance, alongside a newer version of the Layer 3 ASIC, enhancing efficiency and reliability.


The Cisco N55-M160L3 is a cutting-edge module designed to enhance the capabilities of the Nexus 5596 platform, turning it into a comprehensive Layer 3 switch suitable for a variety of network demands. This module is notable for its hardware specifications that cater to high-performance and scalable networking requirements. At the core of the N55-M160L3's capabilities is its support for IPv4 Longest Prefix Match Routes, with a capacity of up to 8,000 routes. This capacity can be doubled to 16,000 when unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) is disabled, allowing for more efficient routing and management of network traffic. Additionally, the module can handle an IPv4 Host Table of up to 8,000 entries, enabling it to manage a large number of host connections seamlessly. For applications that rely on IP Multicast, the N55-M160L3 supports up to 4,000 IP Multicast Routes, facilitating efficient distribution of data across multiple recipients.
  • L3 Interfaces: The module supports up to 1,000 Layer 3 interfaces, allowing for the interconnection of multiple networks within a diverse routing environment.
  • VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding): With support for up to 1,000 VRF instances, the N55-M160L3 enables the segmentation of network traffic for enhanced security and efficient traffic management.
  • Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs): The design includes FRUs, ensuring minimal downtime and easy maintenance by allowing defective parts to be replaced without taking the entire system offline.
The module is powered by a newer version of the Layer 3 ASIC, which is engineered to deliver high performance. This includes a throughput capacity of up to 160 Gbps or 240 million packets per second (mpps), providing the speed and efficiency needed for high-demand networks. The form factor of the N55-M160L3 is hot-swappable, meaning it can be replaced or upgraded without shutting down the system, further enhancing the operational continuity and flexibility of the network infrastructure. The N55-M160L3's hardware specifications make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to expand their network's Layer 3 capabilities. Whether it's for handling high volumes of traffic, supporting complex routing policies, or providing robust multicast services, this module offers the necessary features to meet and exceed the requirements of modern network environments. Its combination of capacity, performance, and maintenance features ensures that networks equipped with the Cisco N55-M160L3 can deliver high levels of reliability, security, and efficiency.


Part Number Cisco N55-M160L3
Manufacturer Cisco
Device Type Nexus 5596 Layer 3 Module
IPv4 Route Optimization (Longest Prefix Match) 8,000 (Expands to 16,000 with uRPF off)
IPv4 Address Storage 8,000 Entries
IP Multicast Pathways 4,000 Routes
Layer 3 Ports Up to 1,000
Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instances 1,000 VRFs
Module Replacement User-replaceable
ASIC Version Upgraded Layer 3 Processor
Physical Design Hot-swappable Module
Throughput 160 Gbps or 240 Million Packets per Second

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