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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco Nexus N5K-C5548UP-FA is a high-performance, top-of-rack switch designed for data center networks. It supports up to 48 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, with a switching capacity of up to 1.44 terabits per second. The switch provides advanced features such as virtual Port Channel (vPC), Quality of Service (QoS), and Security, making it a versatile solution for a variety of data center applications. The switch also includes the option for network modules, which support Fibre Channel and FCoE protocols, providing investment protection for customers as their network needs evolve.

Key Feature for the N5K-C5548UP-FA

1. 48 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports
2. 1.44 Tbps switching capacity
3. Advanced features such as vPC, QoS, and security
4. Supports network modules with Fibre Channel and FCoE protocols
5. Energy efficient design with low power consumption
6. Easy management with Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS)

Product Review

The Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA is a high-performance switch designed for data centers and large-scale enterprise networks. It features 48 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and up to 32 unified ports that support Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) or 1/2/4/8-Gbps Fibre Channel. Additionally, the switch has redundant power supplies and fans, providing high availability and reliability. Its unique feature is the support for FCoE, which allows for the consolidation of storage and data networking onto a single unified fabric, reducing infrastructure complexity and cost.


The Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA is an advanced switching solution designed for today’s data-intensive business needs. This switch is packed with powerful features and advanced hardware capabilities, as well as streamlined data traffic management and high performance network aggregation. This fully customizable solution offers 48 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet line rate. Additionally, its energy-efficient design makes it easier to consolidate applications onto one switched system. This cost-effective switch also offers high density performance and an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA features a 1.28Tbps switching fabric capacity, capable of delivering up to 1Gbps per port in a full-duplex environment. This includes both FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) and NFS (Network File System) standards for increased application performance, reliability, and scalability. The switch also offers four 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, two optional redundant power supplies, and up to 20GB of virtual storage capacity. It also supports industry-standard Layer 3 routing protocols like OSPF, BGP, and RIP. On top of all that, the Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA boasts enhanced security features with multiple authentication options like RADIUS, TACACS+, and 802.1X. It further supports cloud-based operational activities with UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and IEEE1588 (precision time synchronization) protocols. Plus, it’s integrated with Cisco APIC Enterprise Manager so businesses have no problem managing their IT infrastructure via a single portal. Overall, the Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA makes software deployment straightforward and cost-effective while boosting scalability and reliability for mission-critical applications. With its ultra-fast performance and comprehensive security options, businesses can rest assured that their network traffic is well protected against potential threats.

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