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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N5K-C5548P-FA Cisco is equipped with 32 fixed ports and a single expansion slot, designed for use with 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards on servers. It features dual 750 W power supplies, supporting both AC (100 to 240 VAC) and DC (-40 VDC to -72 VDC) input voltages, with an operating power of 390 W and an efficiency rate of 95% to 98% for AC and 88% for DC. This unit is RoHS compliant, supports hot-swappable components, and ensures optimal performance within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C, humidity levels from 5% to 95% (non-condensing), and at altitudes up to 10,000 ft.

Key Feature for the N5KC5548PFA

  • What is the number of fixed ports available on this device?
    The device has 32 fixed ports.
  • How many expansion slots does the part include?
    It includes 1 expansion slot.
  • Can you detail the power supply specifications?
    The device is equipped with 2 power supplies, each rated at 750 W.
  • Does this model support hot swapping?
    Yes, it supports hot swapping.
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges?
    Operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C, while storage temperature ranges from -40 °C to 70 °C.
  • What is the efficiency rate when operating on AC power?
    The efficiency rate ranges from 95% to 98%.
  • Is the device RoHS compliant?
    Yes, it is RoHS compliant.
  • What are the humidity and altitude specifications for safe operation?
    Humidity should be within 5% to 95% (Non-Condensing), and it can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 ft.
  • What is the input voltage range for both AC and DC?
    For AC, it's 100 to 240 VAC, and for DC, it's -40 VDC to -72 VDC.
  • Is this product designed for use with specific network interface cards?
    Yes, it's intended for use with 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards on servers.

Product Review

The Cisco N5K-C5548P-FA offers dual power supplies and a high-efficiency rating of 95% to 98% for AC power, ensuring reliable operation and energy savings in demanding 10 Gigabit Ethernet environments. However, with only 32 fixed ports and a single expansion slot, scalability might be limited for larger network infrastructures requiring extensive connectivity options. Additionally, the unit's support for both AC and DC power inputs, hot-swappable components, and compliance with RoHS standards makes it versatile for various operational requirements and environmentally conscious deployments.


The Cisco N5K-C5548P-FA is a scalable, high-performance networking switch designed specifically to enhance data center efficiency and operations. This product is equipped with 32 fixed ports and provides the flexibility of one expansion slot, making it suitable for a wide range of networking environments. It supports dual power supplies with a power supply rating of 750W each, ensuring redundancy and reliability for continuous operation. Key features include a fan tray that aids in maintaining optimal operating temperatures by efficiently managing airflow from front to back. This design ensures that the device operates within its specified temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C for optimal performance and longevity. The switch is also engineered to operate efficiently, with an AC power efficiency rating between 95% to 98% and a DC power efficiency of 88%, highlighting its capability to conserve energy while maintaining high performance.
  • Hot Swappable: The device supports hot swapping, allowing for maintenance or upgrades without interrupting network service.
  • Compliance: It is compliant with the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), ensuring it meets global environmental standards.
  • Altitude Performance: Designed to operate effectively at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, offering versatility for various installation environments.
In terms of power usage, the operating power requirement is 390W, whether using AC or DC input. This is complemented by a heat dissipation capability of 1331 BTU/Hour, which aids in maintaining the system's reliability and durability over time. The switch is designed to work within a voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC for AC input and -40 VDC to -72 VDC for DC input, with a frequency range of 50 to 60 Hz. These features ensure that the switch can be deployed in a variety of power environments worldwide. The Cisco N5K-C5548P-FA is also built to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. It can operate in temperatures as low as 0 °C and as high as 40 °C, and it's capable of being stored in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C. Humidity tolerance is another highlight, with the device functioning optimally in conditions from 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity. This resilience makes the switch suitable for deployment in diverse climatic conditions. Designed for use with 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards on servers, the Cisco N5K-C5548P-FA is an essential component for businesses looking to enhance their data center's operational efficiency and reliability. Its compact size of 1.72 x 17.3 x 29.5 inches allows for efficient use of rack space, making it an ideal choice for environments where space is at a premium. In summary, the Cisco N5K-C5548P-FA provides a blend of performance, flexibility, and reliability. It offers advanced features such as hot swapping and environmental compliance, making it a versatile choice for supporting complex data center networks. With its efficient power usage and wide operating range, this switch is designed to meet the demands of modern networking environments.


Part Number N5K-C5548P-FA
Manufacturer Cisco
Fixed Port Count 32
Expansion Slot Quantity 1
Power Supply Units 2
Power Supply Capacity 750 W
Includes Fan Tray Yes
AC Operational Power 390 W
AC Input Voltage Range 100 to 240 VAC
Operational Frequency Range 50 to 60 Hz
AC Power Efficiency 95% to 98%
Compliant with RoHS Yes
Supports Hot Swapping Yes
AC Heat Output 1331 BTU/Hour
Cooling Air Flow Direction Front-to-Back
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 1.72 x 17.3 x 29.5 in.
Operating Temperature Range 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 °C to 70 °C
Relative Humidity Tolerance 5% to 95% (Non-Condensing)
Operational Altitude Limit 0 to 10,000 ft
DC Input Voltage Range -40 VDC to -72 VDC
DC Power Efficiency 88%
DC Heat Output 1331 BTU/Hour
DC Operational Power 390 W
Compatible With 10 Gigabit Ethernet server network interface cards

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