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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 6000 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N6004X-M20UP is designed for optical networks, featuring 20 SFP+ ports capable of 10 GbE port speed, ensuring high-speed connectivity. It is specifically tailored for use with Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches, enhancing network performance and scalability. This module supports optical fiber media type, facilitating efficient data transmission over long distances.

Key Feature for the N6004X-M20UP

  • What is the media type supported by this networking hardware?
    The supported media type is Optical Fiber.
  • Can the device with part number for Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches support 10 GbE port speed?
    Yes, it supports 10 GbE port speed.
  • How many ports are available on this device?
    There are 20 ports available.
  • What type of ports does the model designed for Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches have?
    It has SFP+ ports.
  • Is this hardware compatible with applications beyond optical networks?
    Primarily designed for optical networks, but compatibility with other applications depends on specific network requirements.
  • What is the port type of the device with the specified part number?
    The port type is SFP+.
  • Can the hardware be used with switches other than Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches?
    It is optimized for use with Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches; compatibility with other switches should be verified with the manufacturer.
  • What is the maximum data transfer speed of the ports on the device designed for use with Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches?
    The maximum data transfer speed is 10 GbE.
  • Are all 20 ports on the device capable of operating at 10 GbE speeds?
    Yes, all 20 ports are capable of operating at 10 GbE speeds.
  • What applications is this networking hardware intended for?
    It is intended for use in optical networks.

Product Review

The Cisco N6004X-M20UP module, designed for use with Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches, provides 20 SFP+ ports capable of 10 GbE, catering well to high-speed optical networks. However, its exclusive compatibility with specific Cisco Nexus switches may limit its applicability in diverse network environments. The focus on optical fiber connectivity ensures high-speed data transfer but might require additional investment in compatible infrastructure for optimal performance.


The Cisco N6004X-M20UP is a high-performance module designed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches. This module is specifically engineered to accommodate the demanding needs of optical networks, providing a seamless interface for high-speed data transmission and efficient network operations. With its focus on speed, connectivity, and scalability, the N6004X-M20UP is an ideal choice for enterprises looking to optimize their network infrastructure for better performance and reliability. At the heart of the Cisco N6004X-M20UP are its hardware specifications, which are tailored to deliver exceptional performance. The module features 20 ports, each capable of supporting 10 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) speeds, ensuring high bandwidth capacity for data-intensive applications and services. These ports are of the SFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) type, a standard that is widely recognized for its high speed and physical compactness, making it suitable for a wide range of optical fiber connections. The media type supported by the N6004X-M20UP is optical fiber, a choice that underscores the module's orientation towards high-speed, long-distance communication. Optical fiber offers significant advantages over other media types, including lower latency, higher bandwidth, and immunity to electromagnetic interference, making this module an excellent choice for building or upgrading optical networks. Key features of the Cisco N6004X-M20UP include: - 20 SFP+ ports, providing ample connectivity options for various network requirements and facilitating the integration of high-speed devices. - Support for 10 GbE port speed, enabling fast data transfer rates that are essential for handling large volumes of traffic and reducing bottlenecks in the network. - Designed for use with Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into existing network infrastructures. The application of the N6004X-M20UP in optical networks signifies its role in facilitating high-capacity, low-latency communication channels that are critical for modern data centers, enterprise networks, and service provider environments. By leveraging the speed and scalability of optical fiber, this module helps organizations keep pace with the growing demands for data transmission and connectivity. In summary, the Cisco N6004X-M20UP module stands out for its high-speed connectivity, broad compatibility, and focus on optical network applications. Its integration into Cisco Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switches allows for a significant expansion of network capacity and performance, enabling businesses to meet their current and future networking needs. With its advanced features and specifications, the N6004X-M20UP is a strategic investment for organizations looking to enhance their network infrastructure with high-speed, reliable, and scalable solutions.


Item Code N6004X-M20UP
Brand Cisco
Connection Medium Fiber Optic
Total Ports 20
Connection Interface SFP+
Interface Speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Compatibility Nexus 6004 Extensible Fixed Switch
Intended Use Fiber Optic Networking

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