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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 7000
Product Type: NAM (Network Analysis Module)
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Product Description

The N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9 is equipped with 2 x86 CPU clusters featuring 4 8-Core CPUs and 64 GB DDR3 RAM, optimized for high-performance data processing. It includes a 900 GB SAS onboard hard disk drive and supports time synchronization via an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 1588 port. Compatible with Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches and designed for a wide range of LAN and WAN topologies, this module supports comprehensive communications protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, and SNMP versions 1 and 2c.

Key Feature for the N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9

  • What is the maximum number of CPUs supported by this hardware?
    The hardware supports up to 4 8-Core CPUs.
  • Which Cisco Nexus Series Switches are compatible?
    Compatible with Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches including the 4-Slot, 9-Slot, 10-Slot, or 18-Slot Switch Chassis.
  • How much RAM is available?
    The hardware comes with 64 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • What type of hard disk drive is onboard?
    It has a 900 GB SAS onboard hard disk drive.
  • Does the hardware support time synchronization?
    Yes, it features an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 1588 port for time synchronization.
  • What supervisor modules are supported?
    Supports Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor 1 and 2 Modules.
  • What software version is required for operation?
    Requires Cisco NX-OS Software Version 6.2(2) for operation.
  • Which LAN and WAN topologies are supported?
    Supports SPAN, RSPAN, ERSPAN, NetFlow (Versions 5 and 9), Cisco WAAS, and Cisco Performance Agent for LAN. For WAN, it supports NetFlow (Versions 5 and 9) from local and remote devices, VACL-Based Captures, and Cisco WAAS Flow Agent.
  • What communication protocols are supported?
    Supports HTTP, HTTPS with Cisco Prime NAM, SNMPv1, and SNMPv2c with standards-based applications.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the hardware?
    The hardware measures 1.733 inches in height, 15.3 inches in width, and 21.9 inches in depth.

Product Review

The Cisco N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9 offers significant processing power with its 2 x86 CPU clusters, 4 8-core CPUs, and 64 GB DDR3 RAM, making it suitable for high-demand network monitoring and analysis tasks. However, its compatibility is limited to Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches and specific supervisor modules, which may restrict its use in diverse network environments. Despite its hardware capabilities, the requirement for Cisco NX-OS Software Version 6.2(2) could necessitate software upgrades for optimal performance and feature access.


The Cisco N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9 is designed to enhance the operational capabilities of Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches. This module provides comprehensive traffic analysis and network performance diagnostics within high-capacity data centers and enterprise networks. It supports various Cisco Nexus 7000 4-Slot, 9-Slot, 10-Slot, or 18-Slot Switch Chassis and is compatible with Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor 1 and 2 Modules, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructures. Powered by two x86 CPU clusters and equipped with eight 8-Core CPUs, this module delivers high processing power for complex network analysis tasks. It also features 64 GB of DDR3 RAM for efficient data processing and a 900 GB SAS onboard hard disk drive for extensive data storage. The time synchronization is facilitated through an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 1588 port, ensuring accurate analysis and monitoring across the network. The Cisco N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9 supports a range of LAN and WAN topologies, including SPAN, RSPAN, ERSPAN, and NetFlow versions 5 and 9, among others. This flexibility allows network administrators to deploy a variety of traffic analysis and monitoring strategies to suit their specific needs. Additionally, the module supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols through the embedded Web-Based Cisco Prime NAM Software, alongside SNMPv1 and v2c for comprehensive network management and monitoring. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • Height: 1.733 in.
  • Width: 15.3 in.
  • Depth: 21.9 in.
The module occupies one slot within the chassis, making it a compact yet powerful addition to the network infrastructure. It operates effectively within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C and can withstand relative humidity levels from 5% to 90% during operation. Storage conditions extend from -40 °C to 70 °C with humidity tolerances from 5% to 95%, ensuring the module's reliability even in varying environmental conditions. For network professionals seeking to optimize network performance and ensure efficient traffic analysis, the Cisco N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9 offers a comprehensive solution. Its advanced features, combined with support for multiple topologies and protocols, make it an essential component for managing complex network infrastructures. With the included license, users can access a wide range of functionalities immediately upon deployment, facilitating a smoother integration process and quicker realization of network performance improvements.


Item Number N7K-SM-NAM-9G-K9
Manufacturer Cisco
CPU Cluster Count 2 x86
Total CPU Cores 8 Cores across 4 CPUs
Memory 64GB DDR3
Storage 900GB SAS Integrated
Time Sync Interface Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45, IEEE 1588 Compliant
Compatible Switch Models Nexus 7000 Series (4, 9, 10, 18-Slot Chassis)
Compatible Supervisor Modules Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor Modules 1 & 2
Required Software NX-OS v6.2(2)
LAN Protocols Supported SPAN, RSPAN, ERSPAN, NetFlow (v5, v9), WAAS, Performance Agent
WAN Protocols Supported NetFlow (v5, v9) for Local/Remote, VACL Captures, WAAS Flow Agent
Communication Protocols HTTP, HTTPS (Cisco Prime NAM), SNMPv1, SNMPv2c
MIB Support MIB-II, RMON1/2, Cisco Discovery, EntityMIB (RFC 2737)
Unit Height 1.733 inches
Unit Width 15.3 inches
Unit Depth 21.9 inches
Chassis Slot Count 1
Operational Temp Min 0°C
Operational Temp Max 40°C
Operational Humidity Min 5% Noncondensing
Operational Humidity Max 90% Noncondensing
Storage Temp Min -40°C
Storage Temp Max 70°C
Storage Humidity Min 5% to 95% Noncondensing
Storage Humidity Max 95% Noncondensing
License Included

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