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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 9000 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N9K-C9272Q offers 72 40G QSFP+ ports for extensive connectivity options. It supports a high capacity for network scalability and efficiency, including 96,000 IP Host Entries, 92,000 MAC Addresses, and up to 4096 VLANs. Designed for advanced networking, it accommodates 1000 VRF Instances, 64 Maximum Number of ECMP Paths, and a robust 512 Maximum Number of Port Channels, ensuring versatile and comprehensive network architecture configurations.

Key Feature for the N9K-C9272Q

  • How many 40G QSFP+ ports are available?
    • There are 72 40G QSFP+ ports available.
  • What is the maximum number of VLANs supported?
    • Supports up to 4096 VLANs.
  • Can you specify the number of IP Host Entries?
    • The device supports 96,000 IP Host Entries.
  • What is the total number of MAC Addresses the device can handle?
    • It can handle up to 92,000 MAC Addresses.
  • How many Ingress and Egress ACL Entries are there?
    • There are 4000 Ingress and 2000 Egress ACL Entries.
  • Detail the operating temperature range for this device.
    • The operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C.
  • What are the humidity specifications?
    • Humidity levels are supported from 5% to 85% (Noncondensing).
  • How many VRF Instances does it support?
    • The device supports 1000 VRF Instances.
  • Can you provide the weight of the device?
    • The weight of the device is 24.6 lbs.
  • What is the maximum altitude at which the device can operate?
    • The device can operate at altitudes up to 4000 m.

Product Review

The Cisco N9K-C9272Q offers a high density of 40G QSFP+ ports with 72 available, catering to data centers requiring extensive connectivity and bandwidth. However, its limit of 4,000 ingress and 2,000 egress ACL entries might not meet the needs of environments demanding intricate access control policies. Additionally, the switch supports a broad range of features, including 4096 VLANs, 1000 VRF instances, and up to 64 ECMP paths, making it versatile for various network configurations but may require careful planning in highly dynamic or complex network topologies.


The Cisco N9K-C9272Q is a cutting-edge networking hardware solution designed to meet the demands of modern data centers. This device is equipped with 72 40G QSFP+ ports, providing a high-density, scalable network environment ideal for large-scale operations. The hardware specifications of the N9K-C9272Q ensure it delivers exceptional performance and reliability for critical network applications. In terms of routing and network management, the device supports up to 6,000 LPAM routes, allowing for efficient path selection and traffic management. It also accommodates 96,000 IP host entries and 92,000 MAC addresses, making it suitable for networks with a large number of connected devices. For multicast applications, the N9K-C9272Q offers support for 8,000 multicast routes and the same number of IGMP snooping groups, enhancing the efficiency of multicast distribution. Security and access control are paramount in any network. The N9K-C9272Q addresses this with support for 4,000 ingress and 2,000 egress ACL entries, providing granular control over traffic flow and protecting against unauthorized access. Additionally, the device supports a maximum of 4,096 VLANs and 1,000 VRF instances, enabling the segmentation of networks into multiple, isolated virtual networks for improved security and traffic management. The N9K-C9272Q also excels in scalability and redundancy features. It can support up to 32 links in a Port Channel, offering increased bandwidth and link redundancy. For enhanced path diversity and network resilience, the device allows for 64 maximum ECMP paths, 256 ECMP groups, and a staggering 64,000 ECMP members. Furthermore, it can manage up to 512 Port Channels, ensuring ample capacity for network expansion. Key features include: -
  • 72 40G QSFP+ ports for high-density connectivity
  • Support for a wide range of routing, multicast, and IP host entries
  • Advanced security and segmentation capabilities with ACLs, VLANs, and VRFs
For monitoring and network troubleshooting, the N9K-C9272Q supports up to four active SPAN sessions, allowing for real-time network traffic inspection. The device also caters to specific network protocols and standards, such as supporting 3,967 VLANs in RPVST instances, 490 HSRP groups for high availability, and 64 MST instances for spanning tree protocol implementations. The hardware is designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, with an operating temperature range from 0 °C to 40 °C and a storage temperature range from -40 °C to 70 °C. It can function at altitudes up to 4,000 meters and in humidity levels from 5% to 85% (noncondensing), ensuring reliability across various deployment scenarios. Weighing 24.6 lbs, the N9K-C9272Q is built for durability without compromising on performance. In summary, the Cisco N9K-C9272Q is a versatile and powerful networking solution tailored for the needs of extensive and complex data center environments. Its comprehensive feature set, combined with its environmental resilience, makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to build or upgrade their network infrastructure.


Part Number N9K-C9272Q
Manufacturer Cisco
40G QSFP+ Port Count 72
LPAM Route Limit 6,000
IP Host Capacity 96,000
MAC Address Capacity 92,000
Multicast Route Capacity 8,000
IGMP Group Limit 8,000
ACL Entry Count 4,000 Ingress, 2,000 Egress
VLAN Support Max 4,096
VRF Instance Capacity 1,000
Port Channel Link Max 32
ECMP Path Max 64
ECMP Group Max 256
ECMP Member Max 64,000
Port Channel Max 512
Active SPAN Sessions Max 4
RPVST VLANs Max 3,967
HSRP Group Capacity 490
MST Instance Count 64
NAT Entry Limit 1,023
Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
Operating Temperature Max 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 °C to 70 °C
Operating Humidity Range 5% to 85% (Noncondensing)
Maximum Operating Altitude 0 to 4,000 m
Device Weight 24.6 lbs

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