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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco N9K-X9464TX
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N9K-X9464TX offers 48 1/10G BaseT ports and 4 QSFP ports, requiring 3 fabric modules to achieve its maximum bandwidth. It delivers a performance of 1.28 Tbps/1.9 Bpps with a packet buffer of 104 MB. This device supports up to 128,000 LPM routes, 208,000 IP host entries, and 160,000 MAC address entries, with energy efficiency maintained through a typical power consumption of 450 W and a maximum of 540 W.

Key Feature for the N9K-X9464TX

  • What are the port specifications of this device?
    The device has 48 1/10G BaseT ports plus 4 QSFP ports.
  • How many fabric modules are required to achieve maximum bandwidth?
    Three fabric modules are required for maximum bandwidth.
  • What is the performance capability of the switch?
    The switch offers 1.28 Tbps/1.9 Bpps performance.
  • How large is the packet buffer?
    The packet buffer size is 104 MB.
  • Can you detail the routing capabilities in terms of LPM routes?
    The device supports up to 128,000 Longest-Prefix-Match (LPM) routes.
  • What is the maximum number of IP host entries supported?
    Up to 208,000 IP host entries are supported.
  • How many MAC address entries can be accommodated?
    The device can accommodate up to 160,000 MAC address entries.
  • What is the range of multicast routes supported?
    Multicast routes range from 4000 to 32000 with VPC, and 8000 to 32000 without VPC.
  • How many VLANs does the device support?
    The device supports up to 4096 VLANs.
  • What are the specifications related to power consumption and weight?
    The typical power consumption is 450 W, maximum power is 540 W, and the weight is 12.58 lbs.

Product Review

The Cisco N9K-X9464TX switch offers high-performance capabilities with a throughput of 1.28 Tbps/1.9 Bpps and a packet buffer of 104 MB, catering to demanding network environments. However, its requirement for three fabric modules to achieve maximum bandwidth might be a consideration for network infrastructure planning and budgeting. Additionally, the device supports a comprehensive range of features including a vast number of LPM routes, IP host entries, and MAC address entries, alongside extensive VLAN, VRF, and port channel configurations, making it versatile for complex network setups, though the power consumption and necessary airflow considerations could impact deployment strategies.


The Cisco N9K-X9464TX is a high-performance networking switch designed for data center environments, offering a comprehensive set of features to meet the demands of modern network infrastructure. This switch provides a versatile combination of hardware specifications that cater to extensive network requirements. At its core, the Cisco N9K-X9464TX boasts 48 1/10G BaseT ports along with 4 QSFP ports, facilitating a wide range of connectivity options for various network configurations. The switch is engineered to deliver a performance capacity of 1.28 Terabits per second (Tbps) and 1.9 Billion packets per second (Bpps), ensuring efficient data transmission across the network. The device requires three fabric modules to achieve its maximum bandwidth potential, enabling scalable solutions for growing network demands. It comes equipped with a 104 MB packet buffer to support high-volume data traffic and minimize packet loss, enhancing overall network reliability. In terms of routing and network organization, the Cisco N9K-X9464TX supports up to 128,000 Longest-Prefix-Match (LPM) routes and up to 208,000 IP host entries, providing ample capacity for large-scale networks. It also allows for up to 160,000 MAC address entries, offering extensive support for device connectivity.
  • The switch supports a variable number of multicast routes, ranging from 4,000 to 32,000, depending on the use of Virtual Port Channels (VPC), allowing for flexible multicast routing configurations.
  • It can manage up to 4096 VLANs, supporting a large number of virtual networks within the same physical infrastructure.
  • The Cisco N9K-X9464TX also supports up to 1000 Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances, enabling efficient network segmentation and isolation.
For network resilience and optimization, it accommodates up to 512 port channels with a maximum of 32 links per channel, enhancing link aggregation capabilities. The switch supports a range of active Cisco SPAN sessions from 4 to 32, allowing for extensive network monitoring and analysis. The hardware specifications also include support for up to 64 MST instances, up to 507 RPVST instances, and up to 490 HRSP groups, catering to advanced network routing and redundancy protocols. Furthermore, the switch can handle up to 10,000 tunnel endpoints and VXLAN physical servers, facilitating modern overlay network technologies. Weighing 12.58 lbs and with typical and maximum power consumptions of 450 W and 540 W respectively, the Cisco N9K-X9464TX is designed for energy efficiency. Its Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is rated at 479,110 hours, indicating a reliable operational lifespan. The switch is hot-swappable and features port-side intake airflow for effective cooling. Additionally, it is RoHS-6 compliant, adhering to stringent environmental standards. In conclusion, the Cisco N9K-X9464TX switch presents a powerful solution for data center networking, integrating a broad spectrum of hardware capabilities to support extensive network architectures, high data throughput, and reliable performance.


Item Number Cisco N9K-X9464TX
Manufacturer Cisco
Interface Ports 48 x 1/10G BaseT + 4 x QSFP
Fabric Modules for Peak Throughput 3
Throughput 1.28 Terabits per second / 1.9 Billion packets per second
Memory for Packets 104 Megabytes
Maximum LPM Routes Up to 128,000
IP Host Entries Capacity Up to 208,000
MAC Address Storage Up to 160,000
Multicast Route Range 4000-32000 (With VPC), 8000-32000 (Without VPC)
IGMP Snooping Groups 4000-32000 (With VPC), 8000-32000 (Without VPC)
VLAN Support Up to 4096
VRF Instances Limit Up to 1000
Port Channel Capacity Up to 512
Links per Port Channel Up to 32
Active SPAN Sessions Range 4-32
MST Instance Capacity Up to 64
RPVST Instance Limit Up to 507
HRSP Group Limit Up to 490
Tunnel Endpoints/VXLAN Server Capacity Up to 10,000
Device Weight 12.58 pounds
Standard Power Consumption 450 Watts
Maximum Power Draw 540 Watts
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 479,110 Hours
Component Replacement Hot-Swappable Components Supported
Cooling Direction Port-Side Intake
Compliance Meets RoHS-6 Standards

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