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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus
Product Type: Switch
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$2,128.00 - $8,034.00
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Product Description

The Cisco Nexus N9K-C9504 is a high-performance, high-density data center switch designed to meet the demands of modern data centers. It provides exceptional performance, scalability, and operational simplicity through its modular architecture and advanced feature set. The N9K-C9504 offers up to 4 Terabits per second (Tbps) of throughput and supports up to 9.6Tbps per slot. It also supports various interface types, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and FCoE.

Key Feature for the N9KC9504

1. Switch Type: Modular
2. Form Factor: Chassis
3. Ports: Up to 64 x 40/100 GbE or 128 x 10/25 GbE
4. Throughput: Up to 4 Terabits per second (Tbps)
5. Forwarding Rate: 9.6Tbps per slot
6. Interface Types: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and FCoE

Product Review

Customers praise the N9K-C9504 for its high-density, high-performance capabilities, making it ideal for data centers. They also appreciate its modular design and scalability, which allows them to easily add new capabilities as needed. The advanced feature set and exceptional throughput are also noted as standout features, providing users with the confidence that their data center needs will be met now and in the future.


The Cisco N9KC9504 offers state-of-the-art hardware capabilities for today’s business infrastructure. With a strong core processor and high memory configuration, this machine is built for peak performance and reliability. With four available slots, the N9KC9504 can be loaded with up to 8GB of memory and configured with up to four 10GbE ports. The ports themselves are high density, dual-use copper/fiber, offering both copper and fiber connectivity options at up to 10 Gbps each. Additionally, the N9KC9504 utilizes two redundant high speed CPUs which provide an impressive 60% performance leap over previous version models. This combination of increased capacity and availability helps to maximize network uptime for mission-critical applications. Plus, the system comes equipped with an embedded raid controller card with up to 10 disk drives for additional storage needs. For added flexibility, the N9KC9504 also provides advanced scalability and resiliency. With up to 32GB DDR3 memory and 12 Self-Healing Fabric switches connected directly to the machine, users can easily add nodes or increase computational resources in order to address shifting business demands. Plus, data redundancy is assured with a RAID 10 architecture that works in tandem with Hot Spare RAID technology during power failures or component failures. The Cisco N9KC9504 also offers advanced security features to protect your business’s most sensitive data. The system includes a host of robust security layers such as Secure Socket Layer (SSLv3), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptography modules and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). All these features enable streamlined user access management, enable centralized control of policies, help ensure network segmentation and ultimately reduce overall security threats. Ultimately, the Cisco N9KC9504 is designed to meet today’s business needs with superior performance and reliability in mind. With powerful processors, high capacity storage options and versatile scalability, customers can be confident their networks will stay online and secure even under the most extreme conditions.

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