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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco N9KX9732CEX
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The N9K-X9732C-EX is equipped with 32 100-Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 ports, supporting L2/L3 networking capabilities with a vast array of entries including up to 1 million IPv4 LPM route entries, up to 16,000 IPv6 host entries, and up to 512,000 MAC address entries. It features advanced network scalability with up to 4096 VLANs, up to 16000 VRF instances, and up to 64 ECMP paths, alongside up to 10,000 tunnel endpoints and VXLAN physical servers per LAN for extensive virtualization. The module is designed for reliability and efficiency, indicated by its 481,470 hours MTBF, 520 W typical power consumption, and hot-swappable capability with port-side intake airflow, ensuring consistent performance and easy maintenance in demanding data center environments.

Key Feature for the N9KX9732CEX

  • What is the number of ports available on this device?
    The device offers 32 ports.
  • Can you detail the port type used by this device?
    It utilizes 100-Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 ports.
  • How many LPM route entries does it support for IPv4 and IPv6?
    Supports up to 1 million LPM route entries for IPv4 and between 1900 to 500,000 for IPv6.
  • What is the maximum number of IPv4 host entries?
    It can handle up to 1 million IPv4 host entries.
  • How many IPv6 host entries can be accommodated?
    The device supports up to 16,000 IPv6 host entries.
  • What is the capacity for MAC address entries?
    It can accommodate up to 512,000 MAC address entries.
  • How many multicast routes can be supported?
    It supports up to 32,000 multicast routes.
  • What is the range for IGMP snooping groups with and without VPC?
    IGMP Snooping Groups range from 4000 to 32000 with VPC, and 8000 to 32000 without VPC.
  • How many VLANs does it support?
    The device supports up to 4096 VLANs.
  • Describe the device's support for VRF instances, port channels, and port channel links.
    It supports up to 16000 VRF instances, 512 port channels, and 32 port channel links.

Product Review

The Cisco N9K-X9732C-EX switch offers high-density 100-Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 ports, accommodating 32 connections, suitable for environments demanding high bandwidth and scalability. It supports a substantial number of route entries, VLANs, and VRF instances, ensuring extensive network segmentation and routing capacity for complex deployments. However, its IPv6 host entries are limited to 16,000, which may restrict future scalability in networks transitioning towards IPv6 predominance.


The Cisco N9K-X9732C-EX is a state-of-the-art network module designed for high-density, high-speed data center environments. It is equipped with 32 ports, each supporting 100-Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28, making it suitable for large-scale operations that demand high bandwidth and fast data transfer rates. This module is engineered to handle extensive networking tasks with ease, offering a wide range of hardware specifications that cater to diverse networking requirements. One of the key features of the N9K-X9732C-EX is its large forwarding database, capable of accommodating up to 1 million IPv4 route entries and between 190,000 to 500,000 IPv6 route entries. This capacity ensures efficient routing and optimal network performance even in complex environments. The module also supports up to 1 million IPv4 and 16,000 IPv6 host entries, providing ample space for device connectivity within the network. The device's MAC address table can hold up to 512,000 entries, which is essential for large networks with numerous connected devices. It also supports up to 32,000 multicast routes, enhancing its utility for applications that require multi-destination routing such as video conferencing and content distribution networks. - VLAN support is extensive, with the capability to manage up to 4096 VLANs, allowing for extensive network segmentation and improved security. - The device can handle up to 16,000 VRF instances, offering significant flexibility in managing multiple virtual networks. - IGMP Snooping Groups range from 4000 to 32,000 (with VPC) and 8000 to 32,000 (without VPC), optimizing the multicast traffic within a network. For network resilience and efficient traffic management, the N9K-X9732C-EX supports up to 512 port channels with up to 32 links each, and up to 64 ECMP paths, facilitating load balancing and redundancy. Network monitoring and troubleshooting are enhanced by the support for 4 to 32 active Cisco SPAN instances, allowing for comprehensive traffic analysis. The device is also equipped for high availability and scalability in modern networking environments. It supports up to 64 MST instances, up to 4000 RPVST instances, and up to 490 HSRP groups. For networks utilizing virtualization, it accommodates up to 10,000 tunnel endpoints and VXLAN physical servers per LAN, offering a robust solution for overlay networking. Physically, the N9K-X9732C-EX weighs 15 lbs and has a typical power consumption of 520 W, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 481,470 hours, indicating high reliability. It is designed with hot-swappable capability and port-side intake airflow, ensuring minimal downtime and easy maintenance. The module is also RoHS-6 compliant, adhering to strict environmental standards. With its comprehensive support for both L2 and L3 networking capabilities, the Cisco N9K-X9732C-EX is a versatile and powerful option for enterprises looking to expand their network's capacity and performance. Its extensive feature set and robust hardware specifications make it a compelling choice for data centers and large-scale enterprise networks.


Item Number N9K-X9732C-EX
Manufacturer Cisco
Total Ports 32
Port Configuration 100GbE QSFP28
Layer 3 IPv4 Routes 1 Million Max (IPv4), 500,000 to 1.9 Million Range (IPv6)
IPv4 Endpoints Maximum 1 Million
IPv6 Endpoints Maximum 16,000
MAC Entries Maximum 512,000
Multicast Pathways Maximum 32,000
IGMP Groups 4,000 to 32,000 (With VPC), 8,000 to 32,000 (Without VPC)
Virtual LANs Supported Maximum 4096
Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instances Maximum 16,000
Link Aggregation Groups Maximum 512
Links Per Aggregation Group Maximum 32
Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routes Maximum 64
Switched Port Analyzer Sessions 4 to 32 Active Sessions
Multiple Spanning Tree Instances Maximum 64
Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Instances Maximum 4,000
Hot Standby Router Groups Maximum 490
Max Tunnel Endpoints & VXLAN Gateways Maximum 10,000
Unit Weight 15 lbs
Power Consumption (Typical) 520 W
Mean Time Between Failures 481,470 Hours
Field-Replaceable Unit Yes
Cooling Airflow Direction Port-Side to Intake
Support for Layer 2/3 Protocols Yes
Compliance with RoHS RoHS-6

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