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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NCS 5000 Series Routers
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The NCS-5011-32H-DC features 32 100 GE ports and supports up to 32 Tbps throughput, powered by 4x16 GB DRAM memory and 64 GB storage. It operates on Cisco IOS XR 7.0.1, accommodates 2 expansion modules, 2 route switch processors, and 2 network interface modules, supporting OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, and Segment Routing protocols. Designed for efficiency, it includes 2 DC redundant power supplies, fitting in a 1 RU form factor with operational temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 40 °C.

Key Feature for the NCS-5011-32H-DC

  • What is the maximum throughput capability of this network device?
    The device supports up to 32 Tbps throughput.
  • How many power supplies does the model with part number include?
    It includes 2 DC redundant power supplies.
  • Can you list the routing protocols supported by this device?
    Supported routing protocols include OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, and Segment Routing.
  • What type of ports are available on the part number, and how many?
    There are 32 ports of 100 GE type.
  • What memory configuration does this device come with?
    It is equipped with 4x16 GB DRAM.
  • What is the storage capacity of the model specified?
    The device offers 64 GB of storage.
  • Does this network device support USB connectivity?
    Yes, USB connectivity is supported.
  • What software version is the part number running?
    It runs Cisco IOS XR version 7.0.1.
  • What is the form factor of this device, and what are its operating temperature limits?
    The device has a 1 RU form factor, with operating temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 40 °C.
  • How many expansion modules, route switch processors, and network interface modules does the specified model have?
    It includes 2 expansion modules, 2 route switch processors, and 2 network interface modules.

Product Review

The Cisco NCS-5011-32H-DC offers impressive throughput capabilities up to 32 Tbps, supported by 32 100 GE ports, which is suitable for high-demand networking environments. However, its operating temperature range from 0 °C to 40 °C might limit deployment in environments with extreme temperatures. Equipped with Cisco IOS XR 7.0.1, it provides advanced routing protocols like OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, and Segment Routing, although the initial learning curve for configuration and management might be steep for new users.


The Cisco NCS-5011-32H-DC is a high-capacity network router designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and high-end networking environments. It is equipped with 32 ports, each capable of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connectivity, ensuring ample bandwidth for even the most data-intensive tasks. This device leverages a significant throughput capacity of up to 32 Terabits per second (Tbps), facilitating efficient data flow and network operations across a wide range of applications and services. At the core of the Cisco NCS-5011-32H-DC are four memory modules, each offering 16 Gigabytes (GB) of DRAM, totaling 64 GB. This substantial memory allocation supports the advanced processing requirements and enhances the overall performance of the device. Additionally, the router provides 64 GB of storage, accommodating the operating system, applications, and any necessary network configurations and logs. The device is powered by two DC redundant power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted operation and reliability in the event of a power supply failure. This redundancy is crucial for maintaining network availability and minimizing downtime in critical infrastructure environments. For software, the Cisco NCS-5011-32H-DC runs on Cisco IOS XR 7.0.1, a powerful and feature-rich operating system designed for complex networks. This platform supports a wide range of routing protocols including OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, and Segment Routing, offering flexibility in network design and the ability to efficiently route traffic across diverse network topologies.
  • Form Factor: 1 RU, optimizing space in crowded data centers.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 °C to 40 °C, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of environments.
  • USB Support: Yes, providing additional connectivity options for management and configuration.
The router also supports expansion through two modules, allowing for customization and scalability. This includes two Route Switch Processors (RSPs) and two Network Interface Modules (NIMs), which further enhance the device's capabilities and performance. These modules enable the router to adapt to changing network requirements and support additional interfaces or services as needed. In summary, the Cisco NCS-5011-32H-DC is a versatile and high-performance networking device suitable for a wide range of applications. Its combination of high-speed connectivity, significant memory and storage, redundant power supplies, and advanced software features make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to build or upgrade their network infrastructure. With support for key routing protocols and the flexibility to expand, this router is well-suited to meet the challenges of modern data networks, ensuring efficient operation and reliable service delivery.


Item Code Cisco NCS-5011-32H-DC
Maker Cisco
Interface Count 32
Interface Type 100 Gigabit Ethernet
RAM 64 GB (4 modules of 16 GB each)
Internal Storage 64 GB
Data Throughput Capacity Up to 32 Terabits per second
Quantity of Power Units 2
Energy Source Category DC, with Redundancy
Operating System Cisco IOS XR version 7.0.1
Expansion Slots 2
Route Processor Units 2
Network Module Slots 2
Supported Routing Protocols OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, Segment Routing
Enclosure Type 1 Rack Unit
Operational Temp Range Low 0 Degrees Celsius
Operational Temp Range High 40 Degrees Celsius
USB Support Available

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