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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NCS1K-CNTLR
Product Type: Network Controller
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Product Description

The Cisco NCS1K-CNTLR is a network controller designed for service providers that require high-performance, scalability, and flexibility in their networks. It is part of the Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 1000 Series, which is designed for next-generation, high-density networks.

Key Feature for the NCS1K-CNTLR

1. High performance and scalability, with support for up to 2 million routes and up to 200 Gbps throughput.
2. Advanced routing and forwarding features, including MPLS, Segment Routing, and EVPN.
3. Virtualization support for multi-tenancy and network slicing.
4. Comprehensive network automation and programmability, including support for YANG data models and NETCONF/RESTCONF APIs.
5. High availability and resiliency features, including hitless software upgrades and control-plane redundancy.
6. Support for a wide range of network interfaces, including 10/40/100 GbE and optical interfaces.

Product Review

The Cisco NCS1K-CNTLR is well-known for its powerful hardware features. It stands out from other products in this category in terms of its capacity for high-speed traffic processing and 256Gbps slot line rate. This makes it extremely scalable which is beneficial for businesses, and its ability to provide zero packet loss even at maximum speeds, helps keep downtime to a minimum. It also utilizes comprehensive virtual port density and robust feature extensibility which is advantageous for a wide variety of data sizes and security requirements.


Cisco NCS1K-CNTLR is a high-performance, high-density routing and control plane solution designed for Next Generation Networks. It comes with an array of features that are designed to provide a robust, simplified, and cost-effective platform for IP routing and control plane applications. The NCS1K-CNTLR is powered by a 64-bit processor and has 64GB of RAM. It has three expansion slots that can be used to increase memory and I/O capabilities. It also has a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options including 10/100/1000 Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, fiber optic, and T1/E1. The system also has two power supplies that are field replaceable and hot swappable. The NCS1K-CNTLR supports up to 512 ports of switching with a maximum switching density of 7 tera-bit per second (Tbps). It can handle up to 256,000 IPv4 routes with up to 4 million IPv6 routes. In addition, it supports Layer 2 protocols such as VLAN, QinQ, MPLS, RSTP, MLDv2, and MSTP.For control plane applications, it includes the Cisco Network Control System (NCS) software that offers support for the Direct Flow APIs and OpenFlow protocol. This enables interoperability with a broad range of third party network devices and applications. The NCS1K-CNTLR provides enterprise grade hardware security features such as data encryption, hardware authentication and access control for secure management of the system. It also features service continuity features such as fast failover protection, topology flexibility and loop detection for improved network reliability. The NCS1K-CNTLR is designed for mission critical networks, providing a reliable and powerful platform for IP routing and control plane applications. With its comprehensive feature set, robust hardware security features and excellent service continuity capabilities, the NCS1K-CNTLR is an ideal solution for enterprise networks.

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