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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NCS 2000 Series
Product Type: Optical Transport Platform
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Product Description

The NCS2006-ECU offers 6 service slots and 2 controller card slots, supporting dual power modules for 1+1 redundancy and enabling efficient power management with a maximum DC power configuration of 1920 W and an AC configuration of 1600 W. It is designed for scalable networking with multishelf management capabilities for up to 50 shelves, and includes 12 USB 2.0 ports for passive inventory and management. The unit accommodates various connectivity needs with 2 BITS-Out and 2 BITS-In connectors, 2 RJ-45 element management system connectors, and 2 RJ-45 user data channel connectors, housed within a chassis that fits both 19 in. or 23 in. racks.

Key Feature for the NCS2006-ECU

  • Q: How many service slots are available?
    A: There are 6 service slots available.
  • Q: What type of power modules does the system support?
    A: The system supports 2 power modules with 1+1 redundancy.
  • Q: Can the system manage multiple shelves?
    A: Yes, the system can manage up to 50 shelves.
  • Q: How is passive inventory and management facilitated?
    A: Passive inventory and management are facilitated through 12 USB 2.0 ports.
  • Q: What is the maximum DC power configuration?
    A: The maximum DC power configuration is 1920 W.
  • Q: How many BITS-Out connectors are available?
    A: There are 2 BITS-Out connectors available.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of the shelf assembly?
    A: The shelf assembly measures 10.45 in. in height, 17.5 in. in width, and 11.02 in. in depth.
  • Q: What is the range of the normal operating temperature?
    A: The normal operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 55 °C.
  • Q: How many controller card slots does the system have?
    A: The system has 2 controller card slots.
  • Q: What is the maximum normal relative humidity the system can handle?
    A: The system can handle a maximum normal relative humidity of 85% (Noncondensing).

Product Review

The Cisco NCS2006-ECU offers significant flexibility for network expansion with its capacity to manage up to 50 shelves and support for both AC and DC power configurations, catering to diverse operational needs. However, its reliance on SCSI connectors for TNC relay and digital I/O signals may pose limitations in modern network environments that favor newer connectivity standards. Additionally, the unit's environmental operating conditions are suitable for a wide range of deployment scenarios, though the maximum normal operating temperature of 55 °C could restrict its use in high-temperature environments without adequate cooling solutions.


The Cisco NCS2006-ECU is a flexible and scalable optical transport platform designed to meet the demands of modern network infrastructure. This product is engineered to support a wide range of networking applications, from the aggregation of multiple network layers to high-capacity wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks. Below is a comprehensive overview of its hardware specifications. At the core of its design, the Cisco NCS2006-ECU features six service slots and two controller card slots, enabling efficient network management and operation. It supports two power modules, providing 1+1 redundancy to ensure continuous operation even in the event of a power module failure. This system is capable of managing up to 50 shelves, allowing for significant network expansion and scalability. For inventory and management purposes, the device is equipped with 12 USB 2.0 ports. This passive inventory feature simplifies the management of network components. Connectivity is a strong point for the NCS2006-ECU, with two BITS-Out connectors, two BITS-In connectors, two Element Management System connectors (RJ-45), two User Data Channel connectors (RJ-45), one TNC relay contact connector (SCSI), and one digital I/O signals connector (SCSI). The power capabilities of the Cisco NCS2006-ECU are robust, supporting a maximum DC power configuration of 1920 W and a maximum AC power configuration of 1600 W. This ensures that the system has the power needed to support large-scale operations. In terms of physical dimensions, the NCS2006-ECU is designed to fit both 19 in. and 23 in. racks, with a shelf assembly height of 10.45 in., width of 17.5 in., and depth of 11.02 in. This makes it versatile and suitable for different rack configurations. The operating temperature range of the Cisco NCS2006-ECU is between 0 °C and 55 °C under normal conditions, with the ability to operate in a short-term temperature range of -5 °C to 55 °C. It can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C. The device operates optimally within a relative humidity range of 5% to 85% (noncondensing) under normal conditions, and can handle short-term relative humidity of 5% to 90% (noncondensing). Key features include: -
  • Multishelf management capable of supporting up to 50 shelves.
  • 12 USB 2.0 ports for passive inventory and management.
  • Flexible power configuration with a maximum of 1920 W for DC and 1600 W for AC.
The Cisco NCS2006-ECU is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of modern networks, providing a reliable, scalable, and efficient solution for managing complex optical transport networks. Its comprehensive set of features and capabilities make it an essential component for any network looking to enhance its capacity, reliability, and operational efficiency.


Item Number and Producer Cisco NCS2006-ECU
Available Service Slots 6
Controller Card Capacity 2
Power Supply Modules Capacity 2 (Configured for 1+1 Redundancy)
Capability for Multishelf Management Supports Management Across Up to 50 Shelves
Management through Passive Inventory 12 USB 2.0 Ports
External BITS Output Ports 2
External BITS Input Ports 2
Ports for Element Management System 2 RJ-45 Connectors
Data Channel Ports for Users 2 RJ-45 Connectors
Relay Contacts for TNC 1 SCSI Connector
Connectors for Digital I/O Signals 1 SCSI Connector
Peak DC Power Output 1920 W
Peak AC Power Output 1600 W
Compatible Rack Size 19 in. or 23 in.
Height of Shelf Assembly 10.45 in.
Width of Shelf Assembly 17.5 in.
Depth of Shelf Assembly 11.02 in.
Operational Temperature Range - Low 0 °C
Operational Temperature Range - High 55 °C
Storage Temperature - Minimum -40 °C
Storage Temperature - Maximum 70 °C
Humidity Range for Normal Operation - Low 5% (Noncondensing)
Humidity Range for Normal Operation - High 85% (Noncondensing)
Temperature Range for Short-Term Operation -5 °C to 55 °C
Humidity Range for Short-Term Operation 5% to 90% (Noncondensing)

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