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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NCS 2000 Series
Product Type: Optical Transport Platform
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Product Description

The NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS is a passive optical splitter and combiner designed for efficient optical multiplexing and demultiplexing of up to 10 optical signals. It features 1 x 10 splitter and 10 x 1 combiner configurations, supporting 10 client ports with integrated photodiodes for enhanced signal integrity. This double slot module operates within a temperature range of -40 ºF (-40 ºC) to 158ºF (70ºC) for storage and 23 to 131ºF (-5 to 55ºC) for short-term operations, boasting a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 3,218,542 hours.

Key Feature for the NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS

  • What is the primary function of this device?
    The primary function is optical multiplexing and demultiplexing for up to 10 optical signals.
  • How many splitters does the device contain?
    It contains 1 splitter, which is a 1 x 10 type.
  • What type of technology does it utilize?
    It utilizes Optical Splitter and Combiner technology.
  • What is the MTBF of the device?
    The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is 3,218,542 hours.
  • How many client ports are available?
    There are 10 client ports available.
  • Does the device include photodiodes?
    Yes, it includes photodiodes.
  • What are the storage temperature limits?
    The minimum storage temperature is -40 ºF (-40 ºC) and the maximum is 158ºF (70ºC).
  • What are the operating temperature ranges?
    Normal operating temperature is 32 to 131ºF (0 to 55ºC) and short-term operating temperature is 23 to 131ºF (-5 to 55ºC).
  • Is the device active or passive?
    The device is passive.
  • What is the height specification of the device?
    It has a double slot height.

Product Review

The Cisco NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS offers efficient optical multiplexing and demultiplexing capabilities for up to 10 optical signals, supported by its integration of both an optical splitter and combiner. With a high mean time between failures (MTBF) of 3,218,542 hours, reliability is a key strength. However, the device's requirement for a double slot might limit its application in environments where rack space is at a premium.


The Cisco NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS is a passive optical networking device designed to facilitate the multiplexing and demultiplexing of up to 10 optical signals. This device is integral to enhancing the capacity and efficiency of optical networks. It utilizes colorless flex spectrum technology, allowing for dynamic allocation of wavelengths, which significantly improves network flexibility and scalability. At its core, the Cisco NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS features a single optical splitter and combiner. The splitter is configured as 1 x 10, dividing a single optical input into 10 outputs. Conversely, the combiner merges these 10 inputs back into a single output, enabling efficient bidirectional communication. This setup is crucial for expanding network capabilities without compromising on signal integrity or quality. The device is designed for a double slot installation, indicating its compact form factor that is suitable for various network configurations, from small-scale setups to large data centers. The presence of 10 client ports further underscores its capacity to handle multiple optical signals, making it a versatile choice for diverse networking requirements. Key to its reliability is the inclusion of photodiodes, which are essential for monitoring and maintaining the quality of optical signals. These components ensure that the device can effectively manage signal degradation and other common issues in optical transmission. With a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 3,218,542 hours, the Cisco NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS ranks highly in terms of durability and reliability. This metric is indicative of the device's ability to operate continuously under nominal conditions without failure, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring uninterrupted network service. The device operates within a broad temperature range, accommodating various environmental conditions. For normal operations, it can function between 32 to 131ºF (0 to 55ºC), while it supports short-term operations in temperatures ranging from 23 to 131ºF (-5 to 55ºC). This flexibility ensures that the device remains operational in a diverse array of climatic conditions, from cold storage to heated outdoor environments. It also boasts a wide storage temperature range, from -40 to 158ºF (-40 to 70ºC), providing versatility in terms of deployment and storage. Key specifications include: - A passive operation model, requiring no active power for signal processing. - Optical Splitter and Combiner technology for efficient signal routing and management. - Enhanced durability, supported by a significant MTBF rating. In summary, the Cisco NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS is a sophisticated optical networking device that combines flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. Its design and technology make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small network expansions to large-scale deployments, providing a scalable solution for modern optical networks.


Part Number and Manufacturer Cisco NCS2K-MF-10AD-CFS
Type Passive
Wavelength Management Colorless Spectrum Flexibility
Splitter Count 1
Configuration of Splitter Single 1:10 Split
Combiner Count 1
Configuration of Combiner Single 10:1 Combine
Form Factor 2-Slot Height
Core Technology Optical Splitting and Combining
Client Port Quantity 10
Presence of Photodiodes Equipped
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 3,218,542 Hours
Intended Use Optical signal multiplexing/demultiplexing for up to 10 channels
Minimum Storage Temperature -40ºF (-40ºC)
Maximum Storage Temperature 158ºF (70ºC)
Standard Operating Temperature Range 32 to 131ºF (0 to 55ºC)
Temporary Operating Temperature Range 23 to 131ºF (-5 to 55ºC)

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