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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NIM-8-1GE-RJ45
Product Type: Router module.
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Product Description

The NIM-8-1GE-RJ45 Cisco features 8 slots for NIM 1GE Copper modules, supported by a 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 120 GB internal NAND storage, designed for efficient network management and expansion. It includes a 1 RJ-45 management Ethernet port with 10/100/1000 connectivity and 2 USB 2.0 Type A external host ports, providing versatile connectivity options. This model is engineered for reliability, offering hot swap power supply options, redundant power supply support, and 4 hot swap fans, all within a 1 RU rack-mountable unit with front to back airflow for optimal cooling.

Key Feature for the NIM-8-1GE-RJ45

  • What is the total number of slots available on this device?
    The device has 8 slots.
  • Does the AC/DC Router support redundant power supply?
    Yes, it supports redundant power supply.
  • What type of slots does the router have for network interface modules?
    The router has NIM 1GE Copper slots.
  • How much RAM is available in the router?
    The router comes with 32 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • Is there an external SD card slot available?
    No, there is no external SD card slot.
  • What is the internal NAND storage capacity?
    The internal NAND storage capacity is 120 GB.
  • How many external USB host ports are there?
    There are 2 external USB host ports.
  • What type of external USB host ports does the router feature?
    The router features USB 2.0 Type A external USB host ports.
  • Does the router support Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
    No, the router does not support PoE.
  • What are the specifications of the serial console port?
    The serial console port is 1 RJ-45 (115.2 Kbps).

Product Review

The Cisco NIM-8-1GE-RJ45 module offers eight slots for 1GE Copper connections, catering to networks requiring high-density, wired connectivity. With 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 120 GB internal NAND storage, it supports substantial data processing and storage capabilities. However, the lack of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 4G LTE support might limit its applicability in environments requiring integrated power for devices or wireless WAN connectivity.


The Cisco NIM-8-1GE-RJ45 module is designed to cater to high-speed networking demands with its eight-slot configuration, tailored specifically for 1GE Copper connections. This module, compatible with AC-powered routers, enhances network infrastructure by offering a blend of performance and scalability. It operates efficiently with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, ensuring smooth data processing and management. Despite lacking an external SD card slot, the module compensates with an ample 120 GB of internal NAND storage, providing sufficient space for software, configurations, and data. Connectivity options are versatile, featuring two external USB host ports that support USB 2.0 Type A, facilitating easy peripheral connections and file transfers. For network management and setup, the module includes a serial console port (RJ-45 at 115.2 Kbps) and a management Ethernet port (RJ-45 10/100/1000), ensuring reliable local and remote access. The absence of PoE, 4G LTE, and a USB console port highlights the module's focused design on delivering core networking functionalities. The hardware is engineered for reliability, incorporating hot swap power supply options and supporting redundant power supplies, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation. Cooling is efficiently managed by four hot swap fans, maintaining optimal performance by directing airflow from front to back. This ensures the module operates within safe temperature ranges, even under heavy usage. Electrical specifications include an input AC voltage range of 90 to 264 Vrms and an AC input line frequency of 47 to 63 Hz, accommodating a wide range of power supplies and reducing concerns about compatibility with local power grids. Its 1 RU rack height and dimensions (4.4 cm in height, 43.8 cm in width, and 58 cm in depth) make it a compact yet powerful addition to any rack setup, weighing in at 37 lbs. The rack mount accessory kit, included with the module, facilitates easy and secure installation. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM for efficient data processing
  • -
  • 120 GB internal NAND storage for ample data storage capacity
  • -
  • Hot swap and redundant power supply support for enhanced reliability
  • The Cisco NIM-8-1GE-RJ45's design and specifications make it a suitable choice for businesses looking to expand their network's capabilities with a focus on durability, reliability, and performance. Its comprehensive connectivity options, along with substantial memory and storage, ensure that it can handle the demands of modern networking environments. The emphasis on power supply flexibility and thermal management further underscores its suitability for critical applications where uptime and stability are paramount.


    Item NumberCisco NIM-8-1GE-RJ45
    Module Capacity8
    Module TypeNIM 1GE Copper
    Router Power TypeAC
    Memory32 GB DDR4
    SD Card SupportNo
    Built-in NAND Flash Memory120 GB
    USB Ports for External Devices2
    Type of External USB PortsUSB 2.0 Type A
    Power over Ethernet SupportNo
    4G LTE SupportNo
    USB-based Console InterfaceNo
    Serial Interface for Console1 RJ-45 (115.2 Kbps)
    Ethernet Interface for Management1 RJ-45 10/100/1000
    Power Supply FeaturesHot Swap
    Compatibility with Redundant Power SupplyYes
    Cooling Fans4 Hot Swap
    Operational Input Voltage Range90 to 264 Vrms
    Frequency of AC Input47 to 63 Hz
    Unit Size for Rack1 RU
    Unit Height4.4 cm
    Unit Width43.8 cm
    Unit Depth58 cm
    Unit Mass37 lbs
    Cooling Airflow DirectionFront to Back
    Rack Mounting KitIncluded

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