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by Cisco
Product Line: The Cisco NTTA13EEE6
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

The Cisco NTTA13EEE6 is a transceiver module designed for use in Ethernet networks. It supports data rates of up to 10Gbps, and is compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. The module is hot-swappable, allowing for easy installation and removal without disrupting network traffic

Key Feature for the NTTA13EEE6

1. Data rate: 10Gbps 
2. Connector type: LC 
3. Wavelength: 1310nm 
4. Cable type: Single-mode and multimode fiber 
5. Maximum cable distance: 40km (single-mode), 300m (multimode) 
6. Compatibility: Cisco Nexus and Catalyst series switches

Product Review

The Cisco NTTA13EEE6 is a powerful hardware device that features a 1.8 GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, and 16GB eMMC flash storage. Its unique selling point is its support for up to 13 Ethernet ports, making it ideal for high-density network deployments. Additionally, the device comes with built-in security features such as secure boot and a hardware root of trust to protect against cyber threats.


Cisco NTTA13EEE6 is an advanced, next-generation enterprise switch designed to provide improved network flexibility, automation, and scalability. With the features and benefits of this cutting edge product, businesses can improve performance and availability of their access layer networks. This switch is built with a powerful set of features. It offers 24 ports, which support both Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection speeds at the same time. The Cisco NTTA13EEE6 also supports PoE+ for enabling high-power applications such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points. Additionally, it provides line-rate Layer 2 switching performance with latency of less than five microseconds. The switch is equipped with sixteen ports supporting 10GBASE-T and eight ports that support SFP+ transceivers. The energy efficiency of the Cisco NTTA13EEE6 is unmatched. It has a power consumption rate of 128W (max) and a typical power efficiency rating of 1.19 W/Gbps. The switch supports Cisco EnergyWise protocol for efficient power delivery and automatically adjusts wattage according to the connected device’s power requirements. Additionally, it has the ability to detect stalled ports or links to reduce power consumption even further. Besides delivering network performance and power efficiency, the Cisco NTTA13EEE6 is also highly secure. It supports multiple authentication methods, such as TACACS+, RADIUS and IEEE802.1X allowing communication between servers and end users through user credentials or IDs. It also offers additional security features like port security to limit the number of devices on each port and control access to secured networks. The Cisco NTTA13EEE6 provides an unbeatable combination of technology, performance, and energy efficiency in a single product. With its rich feature set and configurability it can easily adapt to different sized businesses for a reliable access layer network solution.

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