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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Power Supply
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-4450-1000W-AC is an internal AC power supply designed specifically for Cisco devices, offering a 1000 watt capacity to ensure reliable operation. Its form factor is crafted for seamless integration within compatible systems, providing efficient power conversion and distribution. This power supply is engineered to support the demanding power requirements of network hardware, enhancing system uptime and performance.

Key Feature for the PWR-4450-1000W-AC

  • What is the form factor of the AC power supply with part number AC1000?
    The form factor of the AC1000 power supply is internal.
  • How much power does the AC1000 model supply?
    The model supplies 1000 watts of power.
  • Is the AC power supply with part number AC1000 suitable for external use?
    No, the AC1000 is designed for internal use only.
  • What capacity does the internal power supply offer?
    The internal power supply offers a capacity of 1000 watts.
  • Can the AC1000 power supply be used in portable applications?
    No, given its internal form factor, the AC1000 is not suitable for portable applications.
  • What type of devices is the 1000 watt internal power supply designed for?
    It's designed for devices that require a high power supply within an internal hardware configuration.
  • Does the AC1000 require an external adapter to function?
    No, the AC1000 does not require an external adapter as it is an internal power supply unit.
  • Is there a maximum load capacity for the AC power supply rated at 1000 watts?
    Yes, the maximum load capacity is 1000 watts, beyond which performance may not be guaranteed.
  • Can the AC1000 be integrated into any computer system?
    It can be integrated into systems that support its internal form factor and power requirements.
  • What is the warranty period for the 1000 watt power supply unit?
    The warranty period for the unit varies by manufacturer and should be checked with the specific provider.

Product Review

The Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC power supply offers a reliable 1000 watt capacity, ensuring adequate power for network operations. Its internal form factor allows for seamless integration within compatible Cisco routers, minimizing space usage. However, its AC-only power specification may limit usability in environments requiring DC power support.


The Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC is a high-capacity internal power supply designed to meet the demands of enterprise networking environments. This 1000 watt AC power supply unit (PSU) is engineered to deliver stable and reliable power to Cisco Integrated Services Routers, ensuring uninterrupted operation and optimal performance of network infrastructure. It is a critical component for businesses that require a resilient networking setup, providing the necessary power backup to maintain network integrity during various power conditions. This power supply is specifically built for compatibility with a range of Cisco 4450 Series Integrated Services Routers, a line known for its exceptional service integration and flexibility. By integrating this PSU into your network infrastructure, you can ensure that your routers, and thus your network, remain operational, even in the event of a primary power supply failure. This capability is crucial for maintaining services such as voice, video, and data transmission over the network without interruption. The Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC is designed with an internal form factor, making it easy to install directly into the compatible Cisco router chassis. This seamless integration not only saves space but also simplifies the setup process, allowing for a clean and efficient network environment. The internal design also aids in better power efficiency and reliability, as it is protected from external environmental factors that could affect performance. Key features of the Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC include: - AC Power Supply: This unit is designed to operate with AC power sources, making it suitable for deployment in a standard office or data center environments where AC power is readily available. - 1000 Watt Capacity: With a capacity of 1000 watts, this PSU is capable of supporting the power needs of the Cisco 4450 Series Integrated Services Routers, even under heavy load. This ensures that the network can handle high volumes of data transmission without the risk of power-related performance degradation. - Compatibility: Engineered specifically for the Cisco 4450 Series Integrated Services Routers, this PSU offers a guaranteed compatibility and performance reliability that third-party alternatives may not provide. In terms of operational efficiency, the Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC is designed to support the energy demands of complex network operations while maintaining high efficiency. This not only helps in reducing operational costs by minimizing power wastage but also contributes to a lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the networking equipment. Furthermore, the reliability of the Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC is a key factor in its design. It incorporates features aimed at extending the lifespan of the power supply and the equipment it supports. This includes overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, and short circuit protection, which safeguard the network equipment from power-related damages. In summary, the Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC is an essential component for businesses that rely on Cisco 4450 Series Integrated Services Routers for their network infrastructure. Its high capacity, compatibility, and focus on efficiency and reliability make it a valuable investment for ensuring uninterrupted network service and performance.


Item Number Cisco PWR-4450-1000W-AC
Power Type Alternating Current (AC)
Design Built-In
Power Output 1000 Watts

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